4. Include memorabilia


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4. Include memorabilia

  2. 2. Like most museums and amusement parks, Disney leads you past his shops with different goodies, reproductions, cards, etc after each attraction. www.disneylandparis.com Walt Disney shop
  3. 3. Last year I participated in the Real Berlin Marathon. After 42km each runner received a green plastic bracelet from Adidas, that you could engrave with your personal best time in one Adidas shop in Berlin. Don’t have to tell you how eager each of the more than 65.000 runners were to do so and how long we were willing to wait (surrounded by great Adidas runner gear) for our personal bracelet. www.adidad.com Adidas
  4. 4. Nike created the NikeTown chain of stores with the goal of building its brand and supporting sales of Nike products in other general retail outlets. NikeTowns are rich in such experiential elements as exhibits that chronicle the evolution of the company's shoe design, a usable half-court basketball floor, and dramatic video clips of star athletes like Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods. www.nike.com Nike Town
  5. 5. Get emerged in Indian cuisine and atmosphere, and get home with a nice orchid after a delicious dinner. www.laportedesindes.com La porte des Indes
  6. 6. Young families with children are Delhaize’s main target group. Not only by reducing prices for some very selected products like diapers or baby food, but also by savings campaigns like Pixar, Smurfs or marbles they target young families. Children even put their parents and grandparents under pressure to shop at Delhaize. www.delhaize.be Delhaize
  7. 7. E-shop for baby and childrens wear and toys. Nice products. Quick delivery. And nicely wrapped. Because each article that you buy is a present, even if it is for own consumption. www.kleinezebra.com De kleine zebra
  8. 8. If you have ever been to a Night of the Proms concert, you will know that all visitors get a small light at the entrance. During the romantic songs these lights turn the concert arena into a see of small lights. www.notp.com Night of the Proms
  9. 9. Since 2005 AmuseeVous makes it possible for festival-goers to visit more than 48 museums in the Benelux for free during the summer, just by showing their festival-wristband. www.amuseevous.be AmuseeVous
  10. 10. Thought M&M is only about those delicious chocolate candies. Well wrong, go to New York and visit the M&M shop. The New York City store is within a 2,200 m 2 , three-level glass box, on Times Square. It includes a 15 m-wide, two-story-high, "wall of chocolate", made up of 72 continuous candy-filled tubes. World in Times Square is New York City's largest candy store, and offers merchandise such as themed clothing, dishware, watches, and piggy banks. www.mymms.com M&M shop
  11. 11. One of my favorite bags. Got it for free last year… “This fantastic exclusive edition maxibag is yours for free with a purchase over a minimum amount of 99€, in Spain.” www.desigual.com Desigual