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uv transilluminator| uv transilluminator price india|xitij instrument pvt ltd


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UV transilluminator is a standard piece of equipment used in life science laboratories for visualization of target DNAs and proteins. For more details contact on 9422311257 .xitij instrument is the best company in pune and india.

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uv transilluminator| uv transilluminator price india|xitij instrument pvt ltd

  1. 1. xitij Pvt.Ltd
  2. 2.  Xitij Instruments Pvt. Ltd. is able to offer a wide range of Laboratory Instruments that is supplied to diverse parts of the country. In our range, we offer Laboratory Equipments Laboratory Chemicals, Laboratory Instruments, Biotech Equipment, Audio Visual Equipment and many others. xitij Pvt.Ltd
  3. 3.  Surveying-Instrument  Lab-Equipment  Biotech Equipment  Lab-Microscope  Laboratory  Measuring Instrument  Audio Visual Equipment  Tissue-Culture-Plastic  Geographical Apparatus  Handheld-GPS  Laboratory-Incubator xitij Pvt.Ltd
  4. 4.  gel documentation system  Agarose Gel Unit  Horizontal immersed Gel Electrophoresis Unit  Rapid midi dual wet blot  Rapid Mini Wet Blot  uv transilluminator  UV Transilluminator VIVID  DSC_0138 xitij Pvt.Ltd
  5. 5.  All UV transilluminators are equipped with a UV blocking cover, adjustable to different angles for access to the work surface. All ORANGE transilluminators carry a One year warranty. Technical Specifications  Longwave UV - 365nm :  Bacterial Identi cation * Specimen Staining * Gel Electrophoresis * Chlorination * Fluorochemistry * Pesticide Analysis * Fluorescence  Photography * Titration Processes * TLC * Nucleic Acid Visualization xitij Pvt.Ltd
  6. 6. uv transilluminator xitij Pvt.Ltd
  7. 7.  XITIJ INSTRUMENTS PRIVATE LIMITED  Email id:  Helpline Numbers (9AM to 6PM):  Phone Numbers : 9422311257 xitij Pvt.Ltd
  8. 8. xitij Pvt.Ltd