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The Bra Sense Personal Fit

The Bra Sense personal fit

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The Bra Sense Personal Fit

  1. 1. Sara O’Regan Tel: 01530 274840 [email_address]
  2. 2. Think about designs and your proportions Clothes are designed according to shoulder, bust, waist and hip size. Tops are tailored to fit on the shoulders The fullest part of a top is where the fullest point of the bust should sit. If the bra isn’t fitting you correctly, tops will not sit correctly. Tops then become narrower at the waist And wider for the hips!
  3. 3. What a bra does for you A bra should lift the fullest point of the bust back into the centre of the breast form. This ensures the bust, hips, waist and body length are perfectly matched to garment designs.