IEEE VLSI 2013 Titles


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IEEE VLSI 2013 Titles

  1. 1. IGENUINE CAREER DEVELOPMENT HEAD OFFICE IGENUINE SOFT SOLUTIONS PVT LTD #153, II Floor, Karuneegar Street, Adambakkam, Chennai - 600088. Landmark: Near To St.Thomas Mount Railway Station, Opposite To IOB Bank. Telephone: 044-43102616. Mobile: +91-8754427155/8754427209 Enquiry:contact@igenuinesoft.Com, Branch Office- Coimbatore Branch Office-Tirchy iGenuine Soft Solutions Pvt Ltd iGenuine Soft Solutions Pvt Ltd #23 1st Floor,Thiruvenkadam Street, #6-E,Rishivanam,Puthur, Vadakoavi, Near Bishop Heber College, Coimbatore- 641002. Vayalur Road,Tennur,Trichy-620017. Mobile No: 8344140708 Phone: 0431-4012700 Phone Mobile No:8220555869,82250555879 : 0422-4374053
  2. 2. VLSI TITLES 2013 S.No 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. Very Large Scale Integration Titles Error Detection In Majority Logic Decoding Of Euclidean Geometry Low Density Parity Check (Eg-Ldpc) Codes Glitch-Free Nand-Based Digitally Controlled Delay-Lines Multivoltage Aware Resistive Open Fault Model Time-Based All-Digital Technique For Analog Built-In Self-Test Eliminating Synchronization Latency Using Sequenced Latching Analysis And Design Of A Low-Voltage Low-Power Double-Tail Comparator Static Power Reduction Using Variation-Tolerant And Reconfigurable Multi-Mode Power Switches Gate Mapping Automation For Asynchronous Null Convention Logic Circuits Low-Power Digital Signal Processor Architecture For Wireless Sensor Nodes Smart Reliable Network-On-Chip Split-Sar Adcs: Improved Linearity With Power And Speed Optimization A High Speed Low Power Cam With A Parity Bit And Power-Gated Ml Sensing Rats: Restoration-Aware Trace Signal Selection For PostSilicon Validation Low-Resolution Dac-Driven Linearity Testing Of Higher Resolution Adcs Using Polynomial Fitting Measurements A Low-Complexity Turbo Decoder Architecture For Energy-Efficient Wireless Sensor Networks Active Filter-Based Hybrid On-Chip Dc–Dc Converter For Point-Of-Load Voltage Regulation Broadside And Skewed-Load Tests Under Primary Input Constraints Built-In Generation Of Functional Broadside Tests Using A Fixed Hardware Structure C-Based Complex Event Processing On Reconfigurable Hardware Robust Hybrid Memristor-CMOS Memory: Modeling And Design Power-Planning-Aware Soft Error Hardening Via Selective Voltage Assignment Spur-Reduction Frequency Synthesizer Exploiting Randomly Selected Pfd Year 2013 Conference/ Transactions Transactions 2013 2013 2013 Transactions Transactions Transactions 2013 Transactions 2013 Transactions 2013 Transactions 2013 Transactions 2013 Transactions 2013 2013 Transactions Transactions 2013 Transactions 2013 Transactions 2013 Transactions 2013 Transactions 2013 Transactions 2013 Transactions 2013 Transactions 2013 Transactions 2013 Transactions 2013 Transactions 2013 Transactions
  3. 3. 23. The Lut-Sr Family Of Uniform Random Number Generators For FPGA Architectures 24. Test Patterns Of Multiple Sic Vectors: Theory And Application In Bist Schemes 25. Design And Analysis Of Dual-Mode Digital-Control Step-Up Switched-Capacitor Power Converter With Pulse-Skipping And Numerically Controlled OscillatorBased Frequency Modulation 2013 Transactions 2013 Transactions 2013 Transactions
  4. 4. CONTACT US Head Office – Chennai iGenuine Soft Solutions Pvt Ltd., #153, II Floor,Karuneegar Street,Adambakkam, Chennai-600 088, Landmark: Near To St.Thomas mount railway Station opposite to IOB Bank Phone: 044-43102616 Mobile: 08754427208, 08754427209 Web: Branch Office – Coimbatore Branch Office – Trichy iGenuine Soft Solutions Pvt Ltd., iGenuine Soft Solutions Pvt Ltd., #23,1st Floor,Thiruvenkadam Street,Vadakovai, No: 6-E, Rishivanam, Puthur, Coimbatore-641002. Near Bishop Heber College, Phone: 0422-4374053 Vayalur Road, Tennur,Trichy-620017. Mobile: 8344140708 Phone: 0431-4012700 Mobile : 8220555869, 8220555879