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Multiple project designs, from printed materials, logo & branding design, kiosk, and photography.

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Design Projects

  1. 1. Sara Schmidt | portfolio samples 479.263.1213 Interactive Kiosk Fast Lane Entertainment, Rogers AR
  2. 2. Sara Schmidt | portfolio samples 479.263.1213 Intercompany Newsletter for Green Committee Assembled Products Corporation, Rogers AR
  3. 3. Sara Schmidt | portfolio samples 479.263.1213 Newsletter Warren Group, Green Bay WI
  4. 4. Sara Schmidt | portfolio samples 479.263.1213 Retail Items - Paper Pad Covers Pacon Corporation, Appleton WI
  5. 5. Sara Schmidt | portfolio samples 479.263.1213 Sales Sheet for Retail Papers Pacon Corporation, Appleton WI
  6. 6. Sara Schmidt | portfolio samples 479.263.1213 Product Catalog for Commercial Equipment Clarke, Springdale AR
  7. 7. Sara Schmidt | portfolio samples 479.263.1213 Tribal Catalog Wisconsin Department of Tourism
  8. 8. Sara Schmidt | portfolio samples 479.263.1213 Identity Pieces Brookfield Assisted Living Centers, Multiple AR locations
  9. 9. Sara Schmidt | portfolio samples 479.263.1213 T he United Way Foundat ion o f No r t h we st A rk ansas now and forever . board members S. Richard Levin, Chair Jane Gearhart, Vice-Chair Kim Peters, Treasurer Lynn Donald Carver, Secretary Carrie Eggart Jim Fisher Denise Garner Monroe Harrison Bill Jaycox Hannah Lee Tom Schallhorn Sue Van Bebber Memorial contributions made in honor of loved ones are placed in the United Way Foundation Endowment Fund. This allows the gift to provide support long into the future. We believe you will find a memorial gift given to the United Way to be a wonderful, continuing gift to your community. For more information, please call: Donna Hamilton at (479) 750-1221 (479) 263-1213 the foundation The United Way Found ation provides on-go to the United Way ing support of Northwest Arkan endowment fund establi sas through an shed in 1990. building The goal of the Found ation is to be able to costs of the United underwrite all Way Campaign so to the United Way that every dollar given can go directly to the by its partnering agenci programs provided es, thereby benefiting NWA region. the entire This endowment fund grows primarily throug for a stronger giving by the genero us citizens of our region is a great way to maxim ize charitable gifts h planned . Planned giving future. from area donors. ways to give By making a gift to the United Way Found United Way donation that benefi ts the entire comm ation, you make a partnering agen Whether an outrig ht gift, Pooled Incom unity. The United Way of cie s Remainder Annuity e Trust, Charitable Northwest Arkansas Trust, Charitable Gift Washington, and Madis now serves the counti Deferred Charitable Annuity, or a on in Arkansas as well es of Benton, Gift, you will be makin Southern Missouri. as McDonald Count the quality of life for g a difference in y in many NWA familie s. There are 75 partne We encourage you ring agencies facilita to explore all of the through more than ting services and care advantages available personal and financ 106 programs. Your to these counties through giving. Be ial contributions to the sure to consult with Fund helps make these Annual Campaign your tax or legal adviso services possible. rs prior to utilizing strategies. We think any of the above you’ll find that giving With your contribution to the United to the United Way Way Foundation is the ongoing work of Foundation, you are one of the most effecti the United Way of supporting ways you can suppor ve and gratifying Northwest Arkansas t your Northwest Arkan making a real impac and sas community. t on the lives of many. The United Way Found ation receives and admin The United Way Found gifts of cash, proper isters ation ty, stock, or real estate. gift can be made now Your of Northwest Arkan or through your will sas or trust. Attn: Donna Hamil ton 4055 S. Old Missou ri Rd. Giving Brochure Springdale, AR 72764 (479) 750-1221 ww w.u nite dwa United Way Foundation, Springdale AR ynw a.o rg
  10. 10. Sara Schmidt | portfolio samples 479.263.1213 Brochure for Property Company Martin Development, Green Bay WI
  11. 11. Sara Schmidt | portfolio samples 479.263.1213 CAUTION CAUTION CAUTIONUTION CA CAUTION CAUTION DON’T BE FOOLED By vague promises and cute pictures. If Your Child Needs To... Then You Want... catch up in school and stop struggling the best results! improve attention or reading skills the quickest results! excel in school and get scholarship the longest lasting results! and career opportunities the best value for your money! perform better in sports, music, or college testing Yo ur C ho ices all of the above ppen… to Make it Ha Professional cognitive skills (brain) training READING & MATH TUTORING for permanent gains in PROGRAMS intelligence and attention. Good for temporary Academically oriented to Improves work in all difficulty with particular specific subjects. subjects and also subjects or topics. sports performance. Use their own workbooks. Typically use school Typically get two year gains textbooks. Recommend a or greater in three months... one-year program for even summer programs can Results vary widely. a two-year gain. make a huge difference. Call Now! and receive a more detailed sional Assessment. on a Profes comparison of these options. Discount pecial Ad for a S This tion Men LearningRx Combats Summer Slump! Get started now with our challenging and interesting programs… Bentonville/Rogers (479)715-6870 NOT like schoolwork! Make next school year GREAT! Fayetteville/Springdale (479)695-1234
  12. 12. Sara Schmidt | portfolio samples 479.263.1213 English 4 Celebrating 15 Stylish Years
  13. 13. Sara Schmidt | portfolio samples 479.263.1213
  14. 14. Sara Schmidt | portfolio samples 479.263.1213 c o m e . d is c o v e r. w e a r. see. feel. love laurèl. see. feel. love laurèl. april 19-20 • 10-5pm laurèl fall 2011 collection trunk show a laurèl representative will be present Trunkshow Invitation By Request, Fayetteville AR
  15. 15. Sara Schmidt | portfolio samples 479.263.1213 Photography On Site Photo Shoot in Branson MO
  16. 16. Sara Schmidt | portfolio samples 479.263.1213 Photography On Site Photo Shoot in Branson MO