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Fuel cell


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Fuel cell

  1. 1. GROUP 5
  2. 2. Definition of fuel cells
  3. 3. Types of fuel cells
  4. 4. DESIGN
  5. 5. 1. •Cathode 2. •anode 3. •eletrolyte
  6. 6. FUEL CELL TYPE EFFICIENCY APPLICATIONS ADVANTAGES Polymer electrolyte membrance(PEM) 24-32% •Backup power •Portable power •Distributed generation •Transporation •Specially vehicles •Solid •Electrolyte reduce corrosion •Low temperature •Quick start-up Phosphoric acid (PAFC) 40% •Military •Space •Low cost components •Cathode reaction fast in alkaline electrolyte, leads to high performance Molten carbonate(MCFC) 45-50% •Electric utility •Distributed •generation •High efficiency •Fuel flexibily Solid oxide(SOFC) 60% •Auxillary power •Electric utility •Distribution •High efficiency •Fuel flexibily •Can use a variety COMPARISON OF FUEL CELL
  7. 7. Efficiency of fuel cell
  9. 9. Advantages of fuel cell 1. It has very high conversion efficiencies as high as70 percent. 2. Fuel cells can be installed near the use point, thus reducing electrical transmission requirements and accompanying losses. 3.They have few mechanical components: hence, they operated fairly quietly and require little attention and less maintenance. 4.Atmospheric pollution is small. 5.There is no requirement for large volumes of cooling water. 6.As fuel cell do not make noise, they can be readily accepted in resdential areas. 7.The fuel cell takes little time to go in to operation. 8. The space requirements for fuel cell power plant is considerably less.
  10. 10. Disadvantages of fuel cell 1.Fuel cell are costly. 2.Low service life.
  11. 11. Application of fuel cell 1.Fuel cells can be effectively used for load leveling. 2.Fuel cells are also suited for dispersed generation. 3.To meet the demand of isolated sites as construction sites, military camps and small village communities. 4.Emergency /auxiliary supply to critical loads such as hospitals etc. 5.Fuel cells can also be used as a mobile power in shuttle spacecrafts. 6.Fuel cells are also proposed as power source for propulsion of electric vehicles. 7. Fuel cells can be used to power portable electronic device.