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Avis - Rent A Car


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Business model of Avis, their marketing strategies and recommendation

Published in: Marketing, Business, Automotive
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Avis - Rent A Car

  1. 1. Presented by Sarang Banubakde Parth Nagar Varun Balakrishnan Geetika Mahajan Saurabh Mhase Avinash.V
  2. 2. Warren Avis 1946 Corporate office in the UK 1960 Zeda Car Rental & Tours Introduction of ‘Wizard’ 1967 1970 1970-1990 Glen Van Heerden 1999 Entry into India Barloworld limited 2005 Zipcar 2013 Largest licensee outside USA HISTORY 1980s
  3. 3. Transporta tion Car Rental AVIS Access,Assist Venture into Tourism TOTAL PRODUCT CONCEPT
  4. 4. Highly attractive Moderately Attractive Low Attractiveness Hotels Localites Travelers Events Business Segmentation Table
  5. 5. High number of Services Offered Low number of Services offered High Geographical presence Low Geographical Presence Avis India Car rental India Clear car rental Orix India IndiaRentACar Positioning Map
  6. 6. Subsidiaries • AVIS Rent a Car is a subsidiary of Avis Budget Group • Budget Truck rental • Zipcar • Payless Car Rental
  7. 7. AVIS Chauffeur Drive Luxury Cars Point 2 Point Re-fueling services Truck Rental Coach Charters Mini leaseSelf drive Avis Assist Avis Access Avis e-Toll Fleet Accident Manageme nt Car Mall - Used Car Sales Product & Services
  8. 8. Place : • Highest Geographical Presence in the world • Wide range of inventory : Avis purchases on average 21,000 cars per year • Accessible at Airports, Hotels and the world wide web
  9. 9. Promotion : • Traditional Advertising and Slogans • Avis Derby – Participation in high-profile event sponsorships 1. Nedbank Golf Challenge 2. Women’s World Cup of Golf 3. SA Tennis Open • CSR Programmes – ‘Avis Cares’,Recycling of water • Joint Ventures with British Airways,Lufthansa,Jet Airways,Radisson,Oberoi Hotels,SBI and American Express • Avis Loyalty Programme – ‘Avis First’
  10. 10. Pricing Strategies: • Dynamic 1. Hourly and Daily 2. Weekly and Monthly 3. e-Toll • Discounts and special packages • Favored pricing for the customers for ventures Avis is associated with
  11. 11. Recent Developments • Acquired Zipcar in January,2013. • Opened two new Avis locations in Goa and Amritsar • Buys the sixth largest car rental ‘Payless Car Rental’ for $50 million cash
  12. 12. Strategies to Improve growth in India • Adopt Mainstream Strategy • Improve on their advertising • Geographical penetration in other cities • Venture into the tourism sector
  13. 13. Thank You