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Redundancy schemes for deduplicated cloud storage systems


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Final Review presentation of Bachelors of Engineering Project

Published in: Technology
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Redundancy schemes for deduplicated cloud storage systems

  1. 1. Comparison of Redundancy Schemes for Deduplicated cloud storage system Ravishankar .R.S Sarang .A. Vikneshwar .E. Guide : Prabavathy .B. Asst. Professor Department of CSE
  2. 2. Objectives • Implementation of prototype for reliability aware algorithm for deduplicated cloud storage system. • Implementation of prototype for Reed- Solomon algorithm for deduplicated cloud storage system. • Experimental evaluation of redundancy schemes and choosing the optimised redundancy scheme for cloud storage system.
  3. 3. Reliable Aware Deduplicated Storage System (RADS) Design • In order to implement the objectives, we are implementing RADS which consists of :- • Modules :- 1. Cloud Storage system 2. Reliability Aware Algorithm 3. Reed Solomon Algorithm 4. Performance measures
  4. 4. Reliability Aware Architecture Diagram
  5. 5. Reed Solomon Architecture Diagram
  6. 6. Results
  7. 7. References [1] Zhou Zhengda and Zhou Jingli , A Novel Data Redundancy Scheme for De-duplication Storage System , Knowledge Acquisition and Modeling(KAM), Third International Symposium, October 20-21, 2010. [2] J.S.Plank, A Tutorial on Reed-Solomon Coding for Fault- Tolerance in RAID-like Systems, Software Practice and Experience, February 19, 1999. [3] Hsiao-Ying Lin and Wen-Guey Tzeng,A Secure Erasure Code- based Cloud Storage System with Secure Data Forwarding, IEEE Transactions On Parallel and Distributed Systems, October 06, 2011. [4] Youngjin Nam, Guanlin Lu and David H.C.Du, Relibility-Aware Deduplication Storage: Assuring Chunk Reliability and Chunk Loss Severity, IEEE, 2011
  8. 8. Thank You