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Guia de estudio


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Published in: Education
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Guia de estudio

  1. 1. ESCUELA SECUNDARIA DIURNA No. 135 TURNO MATUTINO CICLO ESCOLAR 2015 – 2016 1eros. GUIA DE ESTUDIO ASIGNATURA: SEGUNDA LENGUA INGLÉS NOMBRE DEL ALUMNO:_______________________________________________GDO. Y GPO:________ N.L.:________ I. CHOOSE THE CORRECT ANSWER TO COMPLETE THE CONVERSATION. A: Excuse me, 1) ___________________________? B: Yes, 2)________________________________? A: I wantto buy a DVD B: 3) _____________________________________? A: I’mlookingforthe Harry Pottermovie. B: You can findit inthe 4)_____________________________. A: 5) _________________________. II. COMMUNITYSERVICES. Write the correct communityservicesunder the pictures. 6)_______________ 7)__________________ 8)____________________ 9) ______________________ 10) _________________ 11) ___________________ 12) __________________ 13) ______________________ 14) ______________ 15) _______________________ III. CHOOSE THE CORRECT OPTION 16) SEC. “URSS, FUNDACIONAZTECA , TEPEYAC are _________________ a) LIBRARIES 17) DEP. 18 MARZO, SPORT CITY, DEP. MIGUELALEMAN are ___________ b) supermarkets 18) MEXICO, JOSE VASCONCELOS,OCTAVIOPAZ are __________________ c) SPORT CENTERS 19) CRI CRI, MESTIZAJE, CHAPULTEPEC are____________________ d) PLAYGROUND 20) SAMS,AURRERA, SUPERAMA are ______________________________ e) SCHOOLS Pharmacy sports center library school playground Supermarket post office mall hospital restaurant a) In the fantasy section b) What kindof movie wouldyoulike? c) Thank you d) Can youhelpme? e) What can I do for you?