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Camel safari in jaisalmer


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Camel safari in jaisalmer

  1. 1. Camel Safari in JaisalmerJourney through shimmering glory of desert
  2. 2. Jaisalmer :-The City of gold dust.In the far west of Rajasthan lies the Thar desert.Set amidst endless rocks and sand is the golden city of Jaisalmer, oncestopover for the caravanserais, which travelled from China to the MiddleEast along the Silk Route.This golden citadel with its many turrets is where your desert safari begins inthe Thar desert. The name Jaisalmer evokes utter magic and vibrancy of thedesert. It’s straight out of an Arabian Nights fable. The hostile terrain notwithstanding the warmth and colour of people issimply overwhelming. One of the main draws is the daunting 12th centuryJaisalmer Fort. The beautiful havelis which were built by wealthy merchantsof Jaisalmer are yet another interesting aspect of the desert city
  3. 3. Camel SafariOne of the best possible waysto discover the magical land ofRajasthan is by riding on theback of a camel. Camel Safariis considered one of the mostmagical way to explore thejaisalmer ,sand dunes toexperience uniqueatmosphere, beauty and totalsilence of the desert, CamelSafari is one of the uniqueway to explore small villagesin Rajasthan.
  4. 4. Camel Safaris at the top of this shipof the desert is most exciting andsoft adventure. Riding a camel isnot easy as people consider. It isneither a great test for endurance.It is a great experience to exploreThe Thar – a vibrantly, living,desert, very colorful andhospitable..Travel on a camel’s backamidst the wind-swept, sand farms,see the men with rings in their earsand their feet in gaily embroideredshoes, women in bright ‘ghagras’and colorful ‘cholis’ and quenchyour thirst with red and sweetwatermelons
  5. 5. • Wow! Indeed an experience to linger throughout your life. The rolling landscape of the sand and shrub covered area is breathtakingly beautiful and the range of flora and fauna surprisingly large for a desert area.
  6. 6. EntertainmentAn unforgettable evening awaits you whenyou return to our camp on camel, yourroute lit by starlight. Relax on comfortableIndian style beds named "charpais",maybe with a chilled glass of beer. Thecamp is lit with oil lamps and in the wintermonths a bonfire will add to theatmosphere. While relaxing, dinner will beserved, accompanied by music from theManganiyar musicians. Dancers will give aperformance like you have never seenbefore. With the ever increasing rhythm ofthe drums, they pirouette faster and fasteraround the bonfire, finishing in a climaxwhich has to be seen to be believed. Thesedancers are famous all over the region andare often requested to dance at RoyalWeddings.
  7. 7. Accomodation• Stay in the camp, out in a tent or sleep in the dunes under the stars. Enjoy the romance and the mystery of such a night. Skies unlike any in the west, their brightness only accentuated by the total darkness of your surroundings. If you are looking for more comfort, return to Jaisalmer for your overnight stay. We have accommodation to suit all tastes and all budgets - from a clean simple guesthouse to five star luxury. We also offer unique programmes in and around Luxury Tents In Sand dunes of Jaisalmer
  8. 8. PriceFor Budget Traveler:- US$ 80-120 per dayFor Luxury Traveler:- Starting from US$ 200 per dayInclusion:-Railway Station /Airport TransfersBreakfast and DinnerCamel safariCultural evening and Gala Dinner
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  10. 10. ContactSARAL HOLIDAYS making your traveling easy.61,Mahaveer colonyBedla Road ,UdaipurRajasthanINDIAMobile no.+917597523732E-Mail : sonia.singh@saralholidays.comWeb: