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5 cool places to visit in summer


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great places to visit in India in summer to escape the scorching heat of plain and enjoy with family

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5 cool places to visit in summer

  1. 1. Shillong:Scotland Of East The shillong mainly is a wet land ,base to “Cherrapunji” known as the “ rainest place on planet earth..home to number of lakes and waterfalls .Umiam aka Bara pani ( 18km before Shillong) with boating facility is a great place to hang out..The horse shoe shaped Ward lake is right in the middle of town..Speard eagle falls looks like a eaglee with its wings spread out near the polo ground,beadon and Bishop falls,are the twin falls near to city.Elephant falls , on the outskirts of shillong With other sightseeing Option Like shillong peak near to airforce base is a exciting way to have a bird eye view of city and country side at a height of 6433 ft Do not give a miss to enjoy the exotic “ pineapples” and straberries in shillong availble at country side to your way to cherrapunjee and in local market..
  2. 2. Gangtok: call of the hills Base for excursions to places such as Rumtek and Tsomgo Lake..Gangtok is a capital city of sikkim..The land of Rugged mountains, deep valleys and dense forests consort with raging rivers, lakes and waterfalls .In a evening after a rainy day you may find cloud floating outside to your hote window As soon as you leave bagdogra for sikkim you will find gorging River teesta on your left side with eateries selling hot peeping “ momos” Gangtok offers much to do.there are many sightseeing spots like Ganesh tok, hanuman Tok and tashi view point but to truly enjoy the town , walk a lot.Take a walk from the main Bazzar to the ridge, stoll on the ridge itself or walk up from there towards Enchey monestery..
  3. 3. Dalhousie: The Tibbatian Air wesits name to Lord Dalhousie…Governor Genral of punjab ( 1849-56) attracted by the cool climate to establish a sanitorium here for the many British. And therefor boost of colonianl culture along with the Tibatian air with handful of Tibatans and thus leaving it a amalgamtion of himalayan –euro aura.. The dalhousie town is spread over a series of hills with winding roads connecting the two points, the chowks…Forest tracks snake around the hillside Coonecting gandhi and subash chowk passing beneath overhanging pines and rock painted with bold bright Tibetan buffhist image of Tara,Guru Rinpoche and sakyamuni and short Tibetan pryers From dalhousie.. day excursion thorough Forset of Khajjiar and chamba make a relaxed visit to some fascinating temples ..
  4. 4. Nainitaal:The Lake Retrat talo main taal nainital.. a famous Hindi pharse might revel the pleasure of being in Nainital..Famous for its naini lakes nainital boosts with boating and yachting..A great option to indulge in soft sports with great ease…like any other hill station naiital offers great places to walks.The walk fromTiffin top to land’s end to stales makes your day Other places to visit in Nainital are nainital zoo,eco cave gardens, snow view, China peak & Tiffin top Enough to make a great holiday
  5. 5. Srinagar:The Paradise’s Garden What Other Then word “ Paradise” can describe srinagar perfectly? Home to no. of garden on full bloom in summer makes a great summer destination.The vinatge Honymoon destination in 70’s Bollywood he vast Dal lake is, of course, Srinagar’s emblematic feature, and its deep waters carry the most popular of Srinagar’s attractions: houseboats and shikaras. Many visitors are content to spend a great part of their holiday aboard these waterborne hotels. On the shores of the Dal are the great Mughal Gardens, glimpses into an earthly heaven of many-hued flowers, carpets of grass and playful fountains. On the two great hills that overlook the city and the lake – Hari Parbat (Kohi-e-Maran) and Shankracharaya (Takht-e-Sulaiman) are reminders of the city’s eclectic past
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