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Chang and the Bamboo Flute - Vocabulary


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Chang and the Bamboo Flute - Vocabulary

  1. 1. “Chang and the Bamboo Flute”THEME 1LESSON 3
  2. 2. priedIf you have______something off, youhave forced it awayfrom a surface.
  3. 3. desperately • Wanting something ________ means wanting it so much that youll do almost anything to get it.
  4. 4. sneeredIf you _________at •someone, youshowed with yourwords and expressionthat you had littlerespect for thatperson.
  5. 5. indignantly • When you say something ______, you show irritation because you feel you have been insulted or treated unfairly.
  6. 6. urgently •If you ______ tellsomeone to dosomething, it isimportant it be doneright away.
  7. 7. grudgingly • you say something If ________, you say it without really wanting to.