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  1. 1. Your Key to Global Executive Sourcing www.Ozeaka.com A subsidiary of Westport Intl Ozeaka
  2. 2. Your Key to Global Executive Sourcing About Us Ozeaka is a client driven research firm dedicated to name generation and sourcing top talent. We are a subsidiary of Westport Intl, a retained search firm headquartered in Cleveland, OH.  We partner with external research firms from around the globe to bring our clients the expertise they need. <ul><li>Ozeaka is not meant to replace contingency or retained search methodologies. </li></ul><ul><li>We are a research firm dedicated to one part of the search process. </li></ul><ul><li>Ozeaka is meant to supplement our client's internal recruiting department and process. </li></ul>Ozeaka
  3. 3. Ozeaka Your Key to Global Executive Sourcing Expertise In today’s business world, the need for top talent is on the rise.  Finding the resources to fuel these recruiting efforts can be quite a struggle.  At Ozeaka we understand the difficulty in finding the right candidate.  Industry expertise, education, international exposure, succession capability, and diversity are just a few metrics which may be a driving force in your next hire.  At Ozeaka we surface the names and contact modalities of those industry professionals who fulfill your most pressing needs.
  4. 4. Difficult Locations: Are you struggling to attract talent to a specific location? Are you unable to pay for relocation on a hard to fill position? Do you need to find a local candidate? Let us help you to target professionals who would be interested in your opportunity and geography. We will comb the local market and strategically spiral outward.  We can target local college alumni who may be interested in returning home.  Ozeaka will provide you the names and numbers of executives who would be both interested and qualified for your position. Industry Expertise: Are you looking to make a strategic hire and expand product offerings?  Have you recently lost an industry leader? Do you need to find an executive with a specific background or skill set? Let us help you.  Give us a target and we will perform.  Provide us with the industry or companies you wish to hire from. We will research those industries and organizations and return to you the names and numbers of experts you will want to talk to. Ozeaka Your Key to Global Executive Sourcing
  5. 5. Diversity Outreach: Are you struggling with diversifying your workforce? Do you have a plan in place to reach out to minorities? Let Ozeaka help you get your numbers where they belong.  We are members of several diversity boards and have a strong network for surfacing minority candidates. We will target alumni from historically black colleges and universities and bring you a list of executives who fulfill your position requirements and diversity needs.   International Exposure: Do you have a position overseas you need help in filling? Do you lack the resources and language capabilities to find these executives? Ozeaka partners with external research firms from around the globe to help you find the talent you need. Regardless of location, let us provide you with the names and numbers you need to hit the ground running.   Ozeaka Your Key to Global Executive Sourcing
  6. 6. Product Offerings In today’s recruiting world job boards have become an industry standard for research and recruiting. What do you do when the post and pray method fails? Let us provide that answer.  Ozeaka Your Key to Global Executive Sourcing Name Generation: Provide us the position title and industry or organizations you wish to target. We will provide you with the names, titles, numbers, and possible emails of the executives you have requested.
  7. 7. Sourcing: Ozeaka will conduct name generation as described above. We will also take this research and design and implement a contact recruiting strategy. Based on today’s professional methods of contact and communication, we can design a tiered recruiting approach which utilizes cold calls, email, and possible micro site development. Recruiting Blocks: Hire Ozeaka as a dedicated external sourcing firm to supplement your internal recruiting and sourcing approaches. By buying blocks of time you have the flexibility to turn our research and contact management services on or off.  You can apply these services to your most critical position or project.  If you have been in corporate staffing, you know things can change week by week and day by day.  By purchasing blocks of time you have a resource to turn on to at a moment’s notice. Ozeaka Your Key to Global Executive Sourcing
  8. 8. Contact Us For more information or to discuss opportunities for how Ozeaka can partner with your company please contact: Sara Kosmer 864.271.8874 [email_address] Ozeaka Your Key to Global Executive Sourcing