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SSOW Asia Brochure

  1. 1. SPThe one with the buy side… Bo ok B CI E & IRD AL & Pay SA b OF EA VE ef F RL *S ee $8 ore ER Y ba ck pa ge 0 3fo rt er 0 S 0t m sa GD h J 14th h Asian ! une nd co nd tio i ns . Where the Shared Services and Sourcing World Shapes its Future Keep Me for Reference - I Contain: • World Class and Asian Benchmarking Metrics • Speaker Yearbook & Metrics 5 - 8 September, 2011 • SSON’s Global Events Calendar 2011-12 Marina Bay Sands, Singapore Evolving from Conference to Community... 500+ VOICES / 1 SSO Week“SSO Week is a market-leading event, where I can come face-to-face with shared services leaders and service providers who are actively pushing the Shared Services & outsourcing industry to the next level. I consider it essential networking for both myself and my local country teams in APAC, in terms of keeping abreast of the latest industry thinking and innovations” - Irina Chernousenko, Director Shared Services Transformation, Bottling Investments, S.A. COCA-COLA SERVICES N.V.Roll out Global Business Services • Architect a Global Governance Structure • Harnessthe Cloud • Implement Hybrid Service Delivery • Achieve Greater Back-office Agility• Leverage Business Services as a Vehicle for Talent • Optimise Productivity & Innovationthrough Centres of Excellence • Deliver Cost Profit Optimisation and Operational Excellence For more details about getting involved or to request the attendee list contact us at +65 6722 9388 or
  2. 2. Dalian BeijingCONTENTS APAC ACTIVITY HUB BPO & SSC Delivery Centre Hubs across the Region Suzhou ShanghaiIntroduction toSSOW Asia 2011 2 Chengdu GurgaonMeet the Speakers:Who’s who on your Mumbai2011 agenda 3 -5 Manila Bangalore ChennaiRegional Metrics Cebu& Benchmarks: PenangTear out and keep Kuala Lumpurfor future reference 6 Singapore g pYour agenda for What does operating an effective Shared Services strategy really mean to your business in 2011?the Week 7-12 Is it about…  Moving your SSO from being seen as a pure-play cost-centre to becoming aSSON Events Calendar value-adding revenue generator?& SSO Pro 13  Achieving actual business outcomes through a refocus on end-result metrics and benefits realisation?  Landscaping a workforce delivery plan for the next 10 years to combat the demographic talent shift?G6 and SSON 2011  Stabilising, borrowing less, gaining agility and becoming more attractive to shareholders in anExcellence Awards 14 increasingly competitive market? Ask any CFO/CIO/CPO/COO across Asia-Pacific today what this actually means to theirSponsors & Exhibitors 15 business... and they’ll tell you it’s all of the above, plus a lot more. Whatever your SSO’s major driver for 2011, you can be certain the impact will play a significant role in the future of your business, and that all eyes are now on your next move. We understand that for many of you, this is just business-as-usual. For over 60% of SSON members in APAC, you’re not exactly “new” to the practice of delivering lower costs and better services, whilst managing all manner of feedback and scrutiny (and possibly even some resistance!) from the business units. That’s why this agenda focuses only on what IS new for you in 2011. Where are the real innovations being seen and tried inside SSOs today? And what new pressures are you reacting to and resolving insideThe Shared Services & your delivery centres across APAC, that you weren’t 12 months ago? Here’s just a snippet of what you toldOutsourcing Network us is happening to you right now:  all about the Hybrid – Yes, mixed-sourcing models have existed for some time, but 2011 has seen a  It’s(SSON) is the largest MAJOR increase in uptake of captive-to-hybrid activity. Why? For some it’s leveraging further scaleand most established and cost-savings, but for others it’s all about lowering risk and focussing on value creation. resh eyes on process re-design – Any way you cut it, smarter processes give you more working  Fcommunity of shared capital. As mature SSOs you know that better cash flow can often be of more benefit to the business than even cost reduction. As a result, Global process ownership, real end-to-end analysis, Lean andservices and outsourcing Six Sigma methodologies are firmly back in the spotlight.professionals worldwide, evisiting the promise – As an established SSO, you may well be asking yourself if you’ve actually  R achieved what you set out to do 3-4 years ago? And we take a closer look at how to get back onwith over 40,000 members. track if not.  lobal talent mobility and the great workforce shift – It’s happening. The West is ageing rapidly and  companies are adapting their recruitment strategies around the newly qualified labour markets expected to rise up across AsiaPac. SSOs are playing a major role as vehicles for talent – have you begun your 10 year mapping plan?  lobal governance is back in vogue – With more new GBS structures being created in 2010/2011  GEngage with SSON: than ever before, the question most of you are now asking is how to create a framework that harmonises processes, policies and technologies across multiple regions. Look out for the colour - coded sessions for all delivery models. We have designed the agenda to clearly indicate (via a simple colour scheme) which sessions are most apt for different types of delivery models: Captive, Outsourced, Hybrid and Applies to All. Want to meet other organisations who are primarily outsourcing their functions, or looking to find out more about how to make a hybrid model work for your organisation? Just join the relevant sessions to meet other like-minded individuals, who are operating in a similar way to your organisation. The colour scheme is outlined below: Captive Outsourced Hybrid Applies to Centres All models Sarah Ye Asian Programme Director SSON2
  3. 3. Meet the 2011 Speakers.... Here’s a snapshot of some of the 50+ Speakers in the agenda. To read the full lineup, visit Ken Madrid Edward Hall B Suryanarayanan Group CFO & CEO Asia-Pacific VP & CFO Japan Group CFO & Finance DirectorMost improved metric: Profitably growing the Global SSO snapshot: SSC Established: 2006Crown Group from 15 countries to 55. • 1 centre in Costa Rica serving Americas and CHQ Functions Delivered in SS or through2011 prediction: As corporate earnings growth in Michigan, USA (about 200 people), and one Outsourcing: O2C, P2P, Accounting, Treasury,slows, companies will refocus on cutting costs. centre in Krakow, Poland serving all of Europe Audit, Compliance (about 120 people) which went live Spring 20 11 Markets served by SSC or Outsourcing partner: • Final site selection for Asia being made in May USA, Canada, Brazil, UK, South Africa, Dubai, 2011, either KL or Dalian. Hiring in June 2011 Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Singapore (target of about 150 people). ERP and tools used in SSC: SS kicked-off with Favourite quote: “Even if you are on the right diverse legacy system. Currently using Microsoft NAV. track, you will get run over if you just sit there.” - Will Rogers Most improved metric in SSO: Productivity, across all aspects. Our sales, cash-flow tripled without any increase in SSO headcount. David Keen, CEO DEUTSCHE KNOWLEDGE KP Lau Kristina Beckendorf SERVICES Managing Director Managing DirectorDKS snapshot: Global hub for DB’s Finance Most improved metrics: Reducing non-standard Dates SSC Established: 2001function’s production activities, its information processes by 60% Number of centres: 6technology supporting Finance and for workflow Proudest accomplishment: Strong record indevelopment. It is also a key location for the bank’s Functions Delivered in SS: Transactional, transition and onboarding of new companies rules-based, knowledge-based as well specialisedglobal operations activities. 2011 focus / priority: Focus on Leadership, voice-based processes.Time in SS Operation: 5 Years Operational Excellence and Branding. Geographic remit: GlobalNumber of Centres: Two. Manila and MumbaiGeographic Remit: Deutsche Bank operates in74 countries across the globe, 65 of which aresupported by DKS.ERP Tools: Various versions of SAP R3, SAP BW,Essbase, COGNOS, Oracle PeopleSoft. Sandeep Dhar Sanjay Patel Mohammed Zwayne CEO - Hindustan Global Service Senior Director, Shared Business Director, Shared Services, Global Centre Services, Asia Pacific/Japan Finance Services, Asia PacificDates SSC Established: Centre went live in May Dates SS or Outsourcing Established: 2007 Date SS established: 20082004 Markets served by SSC: 14 markets in the region Functions delivered in SS: Invoice-to-Pay, Invoice-Centre Snapshot: Global services arm for Tesco from 3 centres in Singapore, China and Japan to-Cash, Record-to-Report, T&E Auditworldwide with 4500 employees. Tesco is the first Services offered by the SBS centres: Number of centres: 2 (China & Manila).major international retailer to have a fully ownedsupport centre in India. The centre has grown from • Enterprise Portal & Support Services500 employees initially to over 4500 employees • HR Servicesnow. • Transactional Services – Procure-to-pay, Order-to-Functions Delivered in SS: IT, Business, Financial Cash, Record-to-Reportand Commercial aspects • Managed Services – Travel, Card & Meeting Services • Master Data Management & Analytics 2011 focus / priority: Outsourcing and process simplification. 3 +65 6722 9388
  4. 4. Vijay Chandrakant Doshi India Country Finance Leader; Scott Celley Aditya Kohli VP, Management information Group Head Technology Group Head of HR Service Shell Service Management Delivery Career History: Set up the Royal Deutsche Shell Services provided: Technology service desk, Current responsibility: Managing HR operations Finance operation in Chennai from inception in security administration, remote desktop support, across the globe for over 90,000 employees in 2007 and currently has 1400 FTE. and application monitoring services to all Standard 70+ countries. Functions Delivered in SS: A range of services Chartered Bank locations globally Focus of the role: Develop a comprehensive HR including complex Business Intelligence, Number of Centres: Two captive centres in operational strategy which improves effectiveness Management Information and Strategic Analysis. Malaysia and India. and efficiency of the overall HR function. The role also focuses on HR Risk, Financials, Compliance and Transformation. Martin Appel Michael Zouroudis Liviano Lacchia Head of APAC HR Services VP, Shared Services VP HR Recruitment Metrics and statistics on SSO: Payroll accuracy Dates SS or Outsourcing Established: 2002 Most Improved Metrics: across 7 countries in Asia consistently above 99%. Functions Delivered in SS or through • Recruited 8,000 staff within 14 months for Galaxy Biggest priority for 2011: Increasing the value Outsourcing: Finance, HR, Supply Chain Macau – latest resort opening May 15th 2011 by add scope of HR services by building capacity Management developing & leading talent attraction strategies through productivity Number of centres: 1 (Sydney, Australia) • Reduced cost of hire HKD2,500 per head, saving Pearl of wisdom: There’s ALWAYS a better way. Markets served by SSC: Australia and New over HKD20 million across the GEG in 2010. Caledonia ERP and tools used in SSC: SAP. Mark Philip C. Galutera Indranil Bhattacharyya Managing Director for Accounting Controller, Intel Philippine Operations DSM G.V. Prasad Malaysia Shared Services MANILA (AN AFFILIATE OF EVP, International Insurance SBU Center (MSSC) WHITE & CASE) Snapshot of AXA Business Services: Established Dates SS or Outsourcing Established: 2003 Dates SS Established: July of 2007 in 1997, it is the Global Shared Services Centre of Functions Delivered in SS or through Functions Delivered in SS or through the AXA Group Outsourced function: Accounts Payable, Outsourcing: Global Shared Services centre of Pearl of wisdom of SSC: Keep doing continuous Fixed Assets, General Ledger, Entity and Interco White & Case “Health Checks” with your customers and do not Accounting, Financial Reporting Markets served by SSC: Finance, Information rely purely on performance on Operational SLAs Technology, Human Resources, Knowledge Markets served (Geography): EMEA, IJKK, APAC. Management, Marketing, and Legal Support, for to determine the satisfaction your clients have in doing work with you. the entire firm-wide network across the globe. Saowalux Prasertwattanakul Alison Dyer Jerry Lim Ph.D.Business Excellence Director, CBS East Strategy, IT Controller, Corporate Shared Director, GFS Centre Service Biggest achievement: PTP, RTR, OTC are Proudest Accomplishment: Setting up and Proudest career achievement: Successfully set currently handled by GFS and there are more developing a GSK global IT Centre in Malaysia up and managed a Corporate COE Hub in a low expansion plans to migrate Finance Planning cost centre. 2011 Priority: Development of the strategy for and Analysis functions from each regional and implementing core business services for GSK in Most improved metrics: Cost reduction of Corporate to GFS to handle them in one 40%. Reduction of manual process by 50% India, China and APAC. global process. Biggest Priority in 2011: World Class COE Hub / Continuous Improvement/Expand the model beyond Asia in 2011. Michael K.M. Leung Elaine Kunkle Senior Vice President & Chief Keizo Ishikawa General Manager Information Officer CFO Dates SS Established: 2004 in Manila for Asia Career History: Over 30 years of local and Most improved metric: Due to the restrictive Pacific Finance. North America added in 2007; international experience in information technology labour laws in Japan, it was a huge achievement Bratislava SSC began in 2006 for Europe Current Responsibility: Managing Bank’s IT for Dow Corning to replace headcount by five Functions Delivered in SS or through functions in its entirety, and heads up operations and also outsource reporting functions in 2005 Outsourcing: Within SSC - Finance, planning, product support and corporate services Biggest global priority for 2011: Allocate team’s task Purchasing, Human Resources, IT (Governance), departments of the Bank. allocation ratio from 60/40 to 70/30, where 60/70 UA Outsourced - IT. represents strategic decision-making support, by outsourcing routine tasks to an external outsourced party.4
  5. 5. Scott Fortmann Angie Lim John Teo Managing Director, HR Asia CFO CFO PacificMost improved metric: Improved cost of Finance Priority for 2011: Extract some real value by Current role: Responsible for all HR functionsas % of Revenue by 0.9% over last 3 years further streamlining backroom operations. outside the U.S., including AsiaBiggest global priority in 2011: Continue to Current ERP Platform: SAP ECC 6.0. Biggest priority for 2011: Transitioning Intel tostreamline processes and more use of automation a computing solutions companytools to reap greater efficiencyProudest achievement: Finance cost saved of Proudest accomplishment: Growing the~$700K per year for supporting Australian clients capability of Asia HR teams to enable businessout of low cost country. results. Alan Dawson M K Liew Director, Infrastructure and Anupam Kashiv Director - HR & General Affairs Service Architecture Director BPO CoE IndiaMost Improved Metric: Deployed Cloud Biggest Focus 2011: Delivering value to the Career History: Over 19 years of experienceComputing HRIS within 3 months of implementation Singapore Health services through improvements in the areas of manufacturing, supply chain,using local in-country service provider in record sharing and management. logistics, BPO, etc.Goal for 2011: Besides Singapore, deployment to Cloud Perception: Often over hyped and overIndonesia and Thailand sold. Cloud adoption needs to be driven byProud Achievement: Convinced management to business requirements.implement Cloud computing. Shrikant Krishan Managing Director, Global Cheah Kok Hoong Chief Administrative Officer, Ashit Mehra CIO Investments Business Associated Director, SCS,GBSCareer history: 20 years of experience across Current responsibilities: Current responsibility: Leads Informationtechnology, business strategy, industry development • Implementing strategic initiatives for the Global Technology for Sales, Research & Developmentand services globalisation including policy and Supply Chain, runs the newly established Investments business straddling the four Regionsdevelopment for various large regional conglomerates outsourced shared service for Customer Service. - Asia Pacific, EMEA, North America, & LatinCurrent responsibility: Group Chief Information AmericaOfficer (CIO) of The Sunway Group, the Director ofSunway Shared Services Centre as well as the Chief • Ongoing analysis and monitoring of FinancialsExecutive Officer (CEO) of Sunway E-Systems Asia. within the business. Scott J. Preston VP, Integrated Planning Gopalan Natarajan Abhilasha Hans & Shared Services, Global CFO, Global Supply Chain Chief Service Officer, Supply Chain Management Customer Shared ServicesFocus for 2011: Deliver an Improved Service Current Role: Leading the supply chain finance Current role: Responsible for leading centrallyExperience at a Lower Cost team for the Asia AMET region, working closely outsourced operations across all Mobility,Proudest Career Achievement: Moving from with the supply team in the region. Telemedia and DTH to drive growth andthe 16th most profitable region to 2nd in one business synergies.year. Regardless of your role, the P&L is theultimate scorecard. Narayan Ram Anand Shankaran Senior General Manager & Chief People Officer Head, Global Offshore Centre Hugo Walkinshaw ALTIUM for IT and Process PrincipalMy Priority for 2011: Relocate Altium’s corporate Career History: Over 20 years experience, 2011 focus / priority: How to use Sharedheadquarters to China and establish a scalable primarily in IT and Technology outsourcing. Services as a catalyst for broader functionalWorld-Class R&D facility in Shanghai. Career Highlights: Playing a vital role in defining transformation, particularly in developing businessProud Achievement: Transforming Altium’s IS offshoring strategy & maintaining IS leadership partner capability and as a source of overall talentbusiness from a Sydney localised R&D facility through technology and process innovation within into the supporting functions in the a global player in Electronics Design and the Sony Group of Companies.Automation. 5
  6. 6. SSON are delighted to share with you some of the latest World Class and Asian metrics and benchmarking data, made available to us by our partners at The Hackett Group and Proservartner.Metrics & Benchmarking Data Provided By: Regional Asia-Pacific Metrics Procure-to-Pay Order-to-Cash Record-to-Report • Lowering P2P process costs by 40% • Averaging 35 DSO driven by payment • Achieving less than a 4-day period-end • Producing greater than 19,000 invoice terms with suppliers closing transactions per FTE per annum • Boosting cash flow by 20% with • Averaging 2-day per month to reconcile/ • Slashing costs per invoice to $2.90 working capital improvements close the intercompany accounts • Achieving 95% first time match rate • Averaging 1.6 days delinquent on • Hitting a 40% or more reduction in customer improvements audit fees • Hitting 96.5% payment on time • Achieving 95% account reconciliation • Achieving over 50% of key controls • Reduce end to end PO processing time rate automated and less than 1% operating to less than 5 minutes with deficiencies • Slashing dispute resolution cycle time • Reducing total payment cycle time to by 50% • 42% of record-to-report FTEs in shared less than 9 days services • Achieving 99% and above EDI penetration • Reduce PO processing costs by up to via electronic invoicing • Averaging 650 accounts per chart of 40% accounts • Achieving an 80% yield in end-to-end • Cut vendor invoicing processing time by cash application process 50% Overall Finance HR & Development of People • Achieving a total Finance cost of 0.3% • Empower employees to answer more as a percentage of revenue than 80% of their own HR questions • Enabling a finance span of control of 9 • Reduce Finance attrition to 10% • 40% of overall finance function FTEs in • 0.333 separate instances of financial shared services applications per separate finance • 0.333 separate instances of financial function applications per separate finance • Utilising 100% of allocated finance function training days Data Provided By: World Class Metrics The Hackett Group Procurement The Hackett Group Finance The Hackett Group HR Benchmark - 2011 Benchmark - 2011 Benchmark – 2011 Metric Description WC 2011 Metric Description WC 2011 Metric Description WC 2011 Cost as % of spend 0.604% Total FN cost as percent of 0.627% Cost per employee $1,612 revenue FTEs per $B spend - Over all 46.71 FTEs per Billion Of Revenue 44.81 Procurement ROI 12.70 What percent of the time 59% is the analytical focus on proactive decision-making and planning rather than historical reporting?6
  7. 7. Pre-conference Workshops & Site Tour 5th & 6th Sept, 2011 Pre-conference Site Tour Monday, 5th Sept, 2011 • 9:30 am - 12:30 pm Site Tour A: Merck Shared Business Services, Asia Pacific/Japan (Singapore) - Transport Included Centre Intro: Integrated Helpdesk, Travel, Meeting & Card, Employee Expense Management (T&E). Shared Business Services at Merck is a family of global, multifunctional services All functional areas of the organisation work together to deliver business-focused focused on the total service experience. The Regional Hub for SBS in Asia Pacific/ solutions for the Asia Pacific/Japan market Japan is based in Singapore with branches in China and Japan. The centres Site Tour Facilitators: were established in 2008 and have grown over the years by adding new service Sanjay Patel, Executive Director, AP & Japan Regional Services - MERCK offerings. Services offered by the SBS centres in the region include Procure-to-Pay, Rob Ash, Director, Singapore Shared Services - MERCK Order-to-Cash, Record-to-Report, Master Data Management, HR Shared Services, Tham Yuet Ling, Director, Singapore Shared Services - MERCK Pre-conference Workshops Tuesday, 6th Sept, 2011 • 8:30 – 10:30 am (Please Choose One)Workshop A: P2P Focus: Workshop B: Performance Measurement & Customer Services:Vertical integration: Structuring global process standardisation 360 degree customer review: A proven approach to drive customerand ownership to drive end-to-end achievements satisfaction.Intel’s Global Accounting and Financial Services function has recently been QUESTION: When was the last time you conducted a 360 degree survey on yourawarded with the Intel Quality Award, an internal award the company customers and what were the results?gives to organisations that have consistently put into action the values of The workshop offer an excellent platform to benchmark against DSM on techniquesDiscipline, Quality, Results Orientation, Customer Orientation, Risk Taking and they used to achieve high customer satisfaction, an incredibly low attrition rate andGreat Place to Work. Find out from this workshop on how the Intel Malaysia a high efficiency ratingShared Services Centre is steering towards end-to-end process excellence. 1. Attrition rate was at 0% in its first year and remains at 1.25% for the 2010• Driving Business Process Optimisation performance year.• Enhancing innovation through continuous Business Process Improvement 2. DSM Utilisation rate is at an average efficiency rating of 87% for the firm.• Demonstrating the benefits of standardisation and developing effective metrics Mark Philip C. Galutera, Managing Director for Philippine Operations - DSM• Confronting challenges and looking into the next phase of evolution MANILA (An affiliate of White & Case)Battacharyya Indranil, Accounting Controller, Intel Malaysia Shared Service Workshop D: Starting your Journey:Centre (MSSC) - INTEL TECHNOLOGY SDN BHD Shared Services 101 - What to know before you start: How to pre-plan for Shared Service migration and strategy designWorkshop C: Change management: As Shared Services has expanded and matured, the opportunities and options forConducting effective change management - A Big Bang Approach: practitioners have also greatly increased. What should it look like? What should youERP and Shared Services Realisation do to continually achieve service excellence and meet the continual changes andThis session will provide lessons on how effective use of change management expectations of your stakeholders?tools allowed a large multi-national company in the region to successfully roll This interactive workshop has been designed to take both complete beginners andout a standard ERP platform coupled with Shared Services realisation in under those who are in their first three years of implementing Shared Services and will looka year. Topics covered will include: at key decision points and critical success factors for all SSO’s:• Overview of Change, Communication & Training (CCT) Approach • Introduction to the Shared Service concept and the initial business case• Change Management Plan • Obtaining buy-in for the Shared Services value proposition• Stakeholder Management • Realistic performance expectations, in the first three years of implementation ementation• Communication Approach & Plans • Developing a tailored implementation roadmap• Change Impact Assessment 0-3 Yea rs• Organisation Alignment • Selecting the right technology Book T ? • Shared Services model design (after implementation) his!• Role Mapping • SLA design, negotiation and governance model; Key Performance Indicators e Indicators dicators• Training & Performance Support • Pricing Model for recharging costs back to your business partners• Business Readiness • Attracting the right people for your SSOSanjay Patel, Senior Director Shared Business Services, Asia Pacific/Japan - • Developing core areas to ensure continual success by being able to manage andMERCK successfully implement change • Adding new services to your SSO: first things first Michael Zouroudis, VP Shared Services - ABB AUSTRALIA 2nd Session of Pre-conference Workshops Tuesday, 6th Sept, 2011 • 10:45 – 12:45 am (Please Choose One)Workshop E: Shared Services for SME: Workshop F: Expansion & Value Creation:Utilising Cloud Computing to roll out Shared Services for a small- Pushing the geographic boundaries and mastering cross-borderscale operation operationsFor smaller companies with less IT budget, Cloud represents a really interesting • Enhancing technology platformsalternative to leveraging IT scale at lower costs. Having just adopted the Cloud • Facilitating process migrationcomputing for the Human Resources function, the workshop leader Meow Koon • Mastering local legislation and overcoming challengeswill share with you their journey of using Cloud applications. This solution has Elaine Kunkle, General Manager Henkel Asia Pacific Shared Services Centre - HENKELbeen deployed in ITOCHU Singapore and Indonesia and they eventually planto roll it out eventually to other countries in Asia. The project took about three Becoming an intelligent enterprise: Capitalising the business intelligencemonths to deploy, from contract signing to the actual ‘GO LIVE’. aspect of service delivery to support better business decisions Moving beyond transactional process based services. Motorola corporate SharedLiew Meow Koon, Human Resource and General Affairs Division Director - Service centre provides knowledge-based services such as treasury, corporate tax,ITOCHU SINGAPORE budgetary planning and so on. In the session Jerry will share the secret behindWorkshop G: Synergy between SSO and Business Partners: Motorola’s recipe for successDesigning the most effective retained organisation in the Jerry Lim, Controller, Corporate Shared Service - MOTOROLA SOLUTIONScontext of Shared Services and Outsourcing Workshop H: Outsourcing Focus: Win/Win Governance:• Critical success factors for an effective organisational design in the Creating a sustainable governance model in outsourcing with a strong context of Shared Services or Outsourcing engagement relationships• Establishing the governance layer• A top-down design approach in the retained organisation Simon Wray, Director, Group Offshoring Business Development - UBS• Measuring and monitoring the outcome Finding a way to do it better: Evolving approaches to engagingAnand Shankaran, Chief People Officer - ALTIUM LTD outsourcing partners and moving towards CoE Abhilasha Hans, Chief Service Officer, Customer Shared Services - BHARTI AIRTEL 7 +65 6722 9388
  8. 8. Agenda 2011Day One Main Conference Tuesday 6th Sept, 20111:00 Registration 4.45 Networking & Refreshment Break2.00 Welcome Remarks: Sarah Ye, Asia Programme Director, SSON 5.15 Flex and tone: Achieving greater back-office agility through operating a hybrid service delivery model2.10 Chairman’s Opening: Hugo Walkinshaw, Principal, DELOITTE As the delivery of back-office services matures, the trend for evolving into2.20 Where are we at? Global trends across the Shared Services & a hybrid model has been gaining critical momentum across Asia, as a Outsourcing industry in 2011 method to reduce cost, and gain capacity and capability benefits. Though • Shifting geography & demographic pattern in the SSON community both captive and outsourced operations can co-exist in driving process • Latest adoption trends in technology implementations optimisation and agility, there are combined approaches to delivery in regards to value creation and risk management. • Multi-functional vs. single-functional shift & process evolution • The evolution of the hybrid “new normal’ Emma Beaumont, Global Head of Events, SSON • The ever-developing hybrid service delivery model2.45 Global mobility & talent tectonics: What the shifting workforce • Building the business case for change demographic really means for the SSO landscape in Asia Sakuntala Rao, Vice President – F&A Practice, IBM 2020 is less than a decade away, and the future business world will Ashit Mehra, Asia GBS RPCS Associate Director, P&G be markedly different from that of today. A radical alteration in global workforce populations is already underway. The West is ageing and new 5:45 Embracing services delivery mechanisms as a vehicle for talent: emerging markets have contributed to a significant increase in the need for Driving leadership across your business companies to mobilise and source talent from all around the world. How Your people remain the ultimate weapon to sustaining competitive is this translated into the agenda for the top executives in the region? advantage and value for your business partners. As centres are What does it mean for SSO strategies over the next 3, 5, or 10 years? becoming increasingly recognised as the “people and knowledge hub” • New demographics are shaping a change in recruitment behaviour of the business, talent management strategies throughout functions • Skills-based value propositions are appearing in emerging locations are now increasingly driven from the SSO. How can you best leverage • Surged interest in creating a more diverse, virtual workforce this new positioning inside your business to achieve results? What approaches you are taking to RIGHT-FIT talent and how are you retaining Jeff Russell, Director of Research Operations, Duke Offshoring Research and motivating employees? This session will assess what are the best Network, THE FUQUA SCHOOL OF BUSINESS approaches out there and how they can be applied in your business: • Talent sourcing and flow3:25 Architecting a global governance structure in the wake of economic recovery: How to remain stable in a volatile world! • Talent retention and motivation: Managing back out into the business It’s not about running faster; it’s about changing how you run! Globally, • Tailored training to boost productivity and add value to business and LIVE-INTERVIEW ON THE STAGE Shared Services has evolved significantly over the last decade, and employee needs has matured beyond the pioneer phase to enter the ‘consolidation & • Knowledge retention and transfer re-engineering’ phase. Transforming SSC into Global Business Services • Leadership programme for mid level management model with refined Global Governance Structure and simplified • Pipeline development: Using the centre as the first stop for internal Global Processes Standardisation have been put on the spot to fully recruitment release the value of SSC. As companies expand their operations and Michael Zouroudis, VP, Shared Services, ABB AUSTRALIA subsequent shared services footprint in terms of geography and services the governance model, and processes, must adapt to the changing Sanjay Patel, Executive Director, AP & Japan Regional Services, MERCK environment and new competitive realities. The session will share with Sakuntala Rao, Vice President – F&A Practice, IBM you what a successful GBS governance structure looks like, which key 6.30 Welcome Reception elements are to be re-engineered and what are the key milestones to be emphasised to optimise the existing SSC portfolio. Anirvan Sen, Global OBO Project and Strategy Leader, GE GLOBAL BUSINESS SERVICES4.05 Brand New Structured Networking: Evolving From Conference to Community: Step One Chief Networking Officer (CNO) Doug Spence will facilitate the networking element of the SSOW. Witness revolutionary tactics and exercises designed to get the entire crowd interacting. Networking Exercise One: Real Relationships Based on People Styles“Asia Shared Services and Outsourcing Week “This event was my first directis an event that we all look forward to, an exposure to SSCs and BPO and itexciting experience where you both learn was most certainly very eye opening,from and enjoy meeting with your peers” jam-packed with loads of useful info”- Angelo Dennis Matutina, Senior Vice President, - Annabelle Tan, Project Manager, Fuji Xerox Asia PacificUnion Bank of Philippines8
  9. 9. Day Two Main Conference Wednesday, 7th Sept, 20118.45 Chairman’s Remarks: Hugo Walkinshaw, Principal, DELOITTE Everyone seems to be talking about the cloud in the SSC & BPO world. But what is it? Is it presenting us with game-changing business opportunities?9:00 Making your investment go further: Smart tech tips for savvy Or will it be as disruptive an element during the next five years, as labour shoppers maximising ROI by leveraging existing technology arbitrage was during the past five? For some Cloud is just the answer Many organisations invest huge amounts in the initial outlay of their service they were looking for to combat increasing IT investment costs; for others delivery models through the purchase of technology to streamline decision- security and compliance are still a real concern. Come join this live and making and automate processes. However, when thinking about moving to interactive industry debate. Explore the realities of embarking on the Cloud the next phase of growth, the obvious choice is usually to supplement existing journey and what benefits and risks you need to be aware of, moving technology with new and improved solutions. But what about developing forward. techniques to stretch the capabilities of the systems that you already have? Michael Leung, CIO, CHINA CONSTRUCTION BANK9.30 Inside the mind of a CFO: How should Finance Transformation be Cheah Kok Hoong, CIO, SUNWAY HOLDINGS approached to enhance overall business performance? Alan Dawson, Director, Infrastructure and Service Architecture, • Redefining the CFO’s role in 2011: The trends towards business MOH HOLDINGS partnering and how this is affecting the board-room agenda • What role and impact does FT play in a volatile economic period? 12.00 Taking care of business: How designing and maintaining cultural harmony pays dividends inside simple and complex delivery models • Delivering local compliance across a global business As Winner of the SSON’s 2011 Personal Contribution to the Industry award • How are you transforming your Finance operations to boost the bottom-line for Australia, Asheesh Mehra isn’t one to under-estimate the powerful impact • How much topline influence do you see your Finance operations having? that strong leadership and a robust cultural environment has on winning Moderator: Hugo Walkinshaw, Principal, DELOITTE results. Taking care of people increases productivity - full stop. Infosys get Panelists: Keizo Ishikawa, CFO, DOW CORNING TORAY JAPAN that entirely - it’s a mantra for their business and Asheesh will moderate this Edward Hall, Corporate VP & CFO, AMWAY JAPAN dynamic discussion between practitioners from different delivery models (captive, hybrid and outsourced) to get to the bottom of what differences, Angie Lim, CFO, JONES LANG LASALLE if any, they each are taking in their approach to leadership and culture. Malcolm Smith, CFO, FONTERRA SINGAPORE Asheesh Mehra, Head of BPO, Asia Pacific, Japan and Middle East, B Suryanarayanan, Group CFO & Finance Director, MINDTRAC INFOSYS SINGAPORE 12.30 Luncheon10.10 Re-engineering back-office work processes to fuel growth - Implementing strategic & innovative documentation outsourcing for 1.30 G6 VISIONARIES 2011: GLOBAL SOURCING greater cost reduction and efficiency improvements THINK TANK (ASIA CHAPTER) Kameyama Yoshinori, Director, Global Account & Managed Services Six is the new eight! Identifying who to listen to has just become easier - Division, CANON ASIA PACIFIC learn what your chosen thought leaders from the sell side have to say as 6 pioneering sourcing strategists shape a common industry agenda.10.40 Network Exercises with SSON’s Chief Networking Officer: Step Two 2:30 Stream Sessions Begin11.00 Networking & Refreshment Break Captive: YELLOW Hybrid: BLUE11.20 Connecting to the Cloud: How much do the numbers stack up Outsourced: PINK Applies to All models: GREY against the perceived risk? ADVANCING, VALUE CREATION AND PLANNING & LAUNCHING STREAMLINING & SCOPE EXPANSION INNOVATION2:40 What’s worked and what hasn’t - Defining Sizing up the hybrid approach: Optimising PANEL DISCUSSION: a best-fit sourcing model with a thorough how shared services & outsourcing can work Delivering upstream value through Shared comparison of various operating models together in your service delivery model Services to support better business decisions Across various functions, today’s managers are • Key considerations for first-stage BPO migration • NEXT GENERATION - GBS, Hybrid, Process confronted with a sometimes overwhelming array • Transitioning from pure captive to hybrid Ownership, Operational Excellence of choices for how to get things done. Whether • Developing metrics and governance structure • Incorporating technology to gain optimum captive or with an external partner, onshore or results: Cost, ROI and potential? • Achieving operational excellence offshore, there are choices available for every firm, • Beyond transaction - Acting as both business all of them operationally feasible. So how does a Liow Zen Pin, General Manager, IBM Global Process Services, Greater China, IBM operator and business analyst company craft a strategy for obtaining the services Murali Subrahmanyam, Managing Director & that it needs? Which decision factors should it weight more heavily? Does every region the firm Chief Administrative Officer, NOMURA SERVICES operates in need to follow the same strategy? Kristina Beckendorf, Managing Director, In this presentation, several operating model MAERSK GLOBAL SHARED SERVICES options will be discussed with a focus on key David Keen, CEO, DEUTSCHE KNOWLEDGE considerations for different functional areas and SERVICES the company as a whole. Edward Hall, Corporate VP & CFO, AMWAY JAPAN3.20 Lift & shift or shift & lift? Developing a solid Developing an effective talent acquisition Driving better business partnering: transformation strategy and ensuring sound and retention strategy Understanding what’s expected from you and change management before going for Shared How can HR provide the SSO with the appropriate how to deliver it Services or outsourcing processes, actions, and training to enhance • Adjusting the operating model in line with In achieving the transition to an outsourced or employee motivation and ability to retain key business growth SS centre, two broadly distinct transition models personnel during times of change and skill shortage? • Evaluate the ability of your centre to engage “lift & shift” or “shift & lift” can be identified. Ongoing change, business growth, adding new support from various business stakeholders Whichever model your organisation chooses, services to your SSO, and the continual raising the transition would only fail without adequate of deliverables from your stakeholders has made processes and sufficient investment in people and it imperative to have a highly motivated and technology. experienced team, in order to ensure ongoing success. As we are all currently experiencing a skill shortage, your own key performers are becoming prime targets from your competitors. CONTINUED 9 +65 6722 9388
  10. 10. Day Two continued... STREAMLINING & SCOPE EXPANSION ADVANCING, VALUE CREATION AND PLANNING & LAUNCHING CONTINUED CONTINUED INNOVATION CONTINUED3.20 With decades of experience in outsourcing firms, What can you do to strengthen your “people • Ensuring delivery quality and excellent customer consulting services and captive SS, Mohammed strategy”: services will share what could be the best approach to • Attract and retain good performers, though Kristina Beckendorf, Managing Director, rationalise the two transition models, and most talent acquisition strategy MAERSK GLOBAL SHARED SERVICES critically, what defines adequate preparation • Measuring employee motivation beforehand. • Driving, building and nurturing core Mohammed Zwayne, Director, Shared Services, competencies of employees Global Finance Services, Asia Pacific, JOHNSON • Developing cross-skills and establishing the right & JOHNSON career path strategies • Remuneration and benefits to fit a successful team Michael Zouroudis, VP, Shared Services , ABB AUSTRALIA4:00 Tech Demo Drive + Networking Break - Your chance to win thousands of dollars in CASH! How Does this Work? Based on the feedback from previous years that you didn’t get enough the next booth. Hand in your Test Drive Card to an SSON staff member of an opportunity to quickly and effectively asses all the solutions by 12pm on 8 September to enter the Lucky Draw. Remember, in available in the exhibit hall. This is your chance to evaluate what’s new in order to be eligible for the Cash Prize Lucky Draw, you must visit all the the market. designated booths and get your card completely stamped. It’s also your chance to win cold, hard cash… so pick up a Test Drive 5:00 Stream Sessions Continue Card from the registration table, grab a coffee and start visiting the designated booths in the hall. After discovering more about the latest solutions at that booth, get your card stamped and then move on to HR TRANSFORMATION FINANCE TRANSFORMATION IT TRANSFORMATION5.00 Panel Discussion: Panel Discussion: Cloud Computing: Are you ready for it? – Chief People Officer Spotlight: Executing a Lights out in Finance operations: Creating Planning and deploying BEST-FIT architecture successful board-driven HR transformation Finance transformation strategy and to leverage cloud-based IT solutions and linking the C-Suite’s demand for a overcoming the challenges facing CFOs Alan Dawson, Director, Infrastructure and Service Strategic HR “partner” • Determining the best strategy for your finance Architecture, MOH HOLDINGS The session will discuss how the HR role has transformation been evolving against the increasing emphasis on • Streamlining process in a small-medium scale business-driven HR transformation. And how to environment overcome challenges to build up a business case Suryanarayanan Balasubramanian, Group Chief for this kind of transformation plan, and link HR Financial Officer, MINDTRAC SINGAPORE with demands from the C-Suite. John Teo, CFO, SINGAPORE POOLS Sreekanth AK, Former SVP, Global HR Operations & HR Business Partner, CA TECHNOLOGIES Scott Fortmann, Managing Director, HR ASIA PACIFIC – INTEL MID-MARKET Anand Shankaran, Chief People Officer, ALTIUM SPECIAL FOCUS LTD5:40 Closer to the business partners – Supporting Developing CoE to accelerate the delivery Panel Discussion: front-line business through Centre of strategy and optimise delivery performance Deploying a robust IT Service delivery model Excellence • The bill for skills? Smart partnering with to support the changing needs of business • What does having a Centre of Excellence mean outsourcing partners • Developing an explicit alignment of business and for your business? • Achieving delivery excellence through CoE IT strategy • Aligning strategic business objectives with the programs • Budgeting and funding an IT transformation CoE • Developing a change management framework program • Realising the full potential of HR services to accelerate the delivery strategy and scaling up • In-house, outsourcing or hybrid: Architecting a through CoE outsourcing remit best-fit model Martin Appel, Head of APAC HR Services, BANK Anupam Kashiv, Director BPO CoE India, KRAFT Scott Celley, Group Head Technology Service OF AMERICA MERRILL LYNCH FOODS Management, STANDARD CHARTERED BANK Alison Dyer, Director, CBS East Strategy, IT Centre, GLAXOSMITHKLINE6.20 SSON Excellence Awards Celebration Here Are the Brand New “Excellence In” Categories for the 2011 SSON Shared Services & Outsourcing Excellence Awards Awards While our mission stays the same, to honour, recognise and promote • Excellence in Customer Service both captive and outsourced SSOs that demonstrate winning practices, • Excellence in Culture Creation we want to make it easier for you to enter. Everyone is encouraged • Excellence in People and Communications to apply regardless of age, size, shape and model. Introducing the • Excellence in Value Creation “Excellence In” Series: SSON have crafted 5 new categories around the • Excellence in Improvement & Innovation core competencies of shared services and outsourcing. We are no longer asking you to claim your delivery centre/s as “best,” but rather enter • Personal Contribution to the Industry into the category in which you excel beyond the normal. The ceremony For more information or to apply for one or more of these categories, will begin in the main plenary room. Our judging faculty will recognize please email each of the shortlisted candidates for their achievements “in excellence” 7.00 Networking BBQ followed by the announcement of our 2011 award winners. This ceremony is followed by an evening BBQ for all attendees. Following the announcement of the 2011 award winners, there will be an evening BBQ for all attendees of SSOW.10
  11. 11. Day Three Main Conference Thursday, 8th Sept 20118.45 Chairman’s Remarks 9.40 My life as a CXO: Creating synergy, driving value and looking Hugo Walkinshaw, Principal, DELOITTE beyond C-SUITE INSIGHTS If you’re an inspirational individual at the top of your game, there’s9.00 Revisiting the promise: A new dimension of operational nowhere better to be than in this visionary session to learn how these excellence in risk reduction, flexibility, strategic alignment, cost leaders are winning in this volatile economy and the solutions they are efficiency and greater scalability - Have I delivered what I set out using to drive business agility. to achieve? CEO & CFO: Ken Madrid: CEO Asia Pacific & Group CFO worldwide, Much has been said about the benefits and the role of shared services in CROWN WORLDWIDE the transition of back-end office agility, but, have the benefits expected from the transformation been realised? Despite the initial driver in CFO: Colin Sampson, SVP & CFO, SAP implementing SSO, being strategic or tactical, a 360 degree full-range CEO: David Keen, CEO, DEUTSCHE KNOWLEDGE SERVICES health-check is needed before you move up to the next step. Take a CAO: Shrikant Krishan, Managing Director, Global Chief step-back, and let’s talk about operational excellence – a new dimension Administrative Officer, Investments Business , CITI PRIVATE BANK of value proposition. COO: Raghuram Muthukrishnan, Chief Operating Officer -- IES Vijay Chandrakant Doshi, India Country Finance Leader; VP, Asia Pacific, DEUTSCHE BANK AG Management information Shell, SHELL BUSINESS SERVICE CENTRE 10.20 Networking Exercise with SSON’s Chief Networking Officer: Sandeep Dhar, CEO, Hindustan Global Service Centre, TESCO Step Three 10.40 Networking & Refreshment Break 11:10 Stream Sessions Begin HR TRANSFORMATION FINANCE TRANSFORMATION MULTI-FUNCTIONAL APPROACH11:10 Double-E effect! Operating an efficient & Finance & Supply Chain Integration Part One Multi-tower delivery: Expanding the scope effective HR services under a globalised Procurement outsourcing – Enabling your of your delivery and ensuring Operational service model Supply Chain to stay ahead of the game Excellence It’s not just about achieving efficiency but about Procurement is increasingly considered as a • Designing the BEST-FIT governance & delivery achieving a perfect combination of “Efficiency strategic capability to outperform competitors. model in your multi-functional centre & Effectiveness” – how does an HR operation The current economy has presented opportunities • It’s about people again: Integrated talent create an ecosystem to deliver to business in a for procurement leaders to reduce costs while solutions in multi-functional centre faster & better structured manner? Managing a improving efficiencies and moving beyond the KP Lau, Managing Director, Shared Services AP, 90,000 headcount globally, Standard Chartered function’s traditional boundaries. One of the BASF Bank HR has rolled out a strong global service ready-made solutions is procurement outsourcing. model which drives services to be a more The challenges of ensuring an effective responsive to front-line business and to be a real procurement outsourcing management plan lies HR Business Partner. in the readiness and preparation of outsource Aditya Kohli, Group Head of HR Service Delivery, process. STANDARD CHARTERED BANK Gopalan Natarajan, CFO, Global Supply Chain Management, UNILEVER11:50 Creating a competitive recruitment Centre of Finance & Supply Chain Integration Part Two Managing the global footprint - Ensuring Excellence with lowered cost and improved Leveraging integrated planning across sustainability, productivity and cost efficiency the Supply Chain in a Shared Services optimisation of your multi-functional centre Often, when a new HR Director comes to the environment AXA has an annual survey to check the satisfaction organisation, the recruitment process is always • Closing the gap between supply chain & finance of the AXA entities that have offshored work to the first item on the list to bring new ideas and through centralised operation AXA BS. The survey covers aspects linked not only improvements. Liviano from Galaxy will share • Developing end-to-end processes to ensure to SLA performance, but also the value added, with you how he has created and developed a streamlined operations impact on costs, communication, and resilience successful recruitment CoE at Galaxy. This is what • Boosting working capital release through in teams etc. The same survey resulted in scores he will cover: integrated planning going up by 7% points in 2010 compared to 2009 Recruiting 8,000 staff within 14 months by to move to 85%. G.V, an SSON fellow, will share Scott J. Preston, VP, Integrated Planning & Shared developing and leading talent attraction with you the key critical elements of manning Services, Global Supply Chain, INTERNATIONAL a global captive BPO centre India facing the strategies (our latest resort opened May 15th, FLAVORS & FRAGRANCES 2011) challenges of increasing cost; worsening attrition Liviano Lacchia, VP HR Recruitment, GALAXY rates and fierce external competition. ENTERTAINMENT GROUP G.V Prasad, E.V.P, SUB, AXA BUSINESS SERVICES12:30 When disaster strikes: Designing a solid business continuity plan 1.10 Gala lunch & big prize give away: Thousands of dollars worth of that delivers when it counts most prizes (NOTE: You have to be in the room to win) Regardless of whether you are a starter or a mature player, there are 2.10 Conference Close always risks, especially when there are significant changes such as delivery restructure, cross-border operation expansion, new-services migration, and so on. This session gives an exclusive insight into what happened after a disaster recovery strategy had to be executed. Murali Subrahmanyam, Managing Director & Chief Administrative Officer, NOMURA SERVICES Kristina Beckendorf, Managing Director, MAERSK GLOBAL SHARED SERVICES 11 +65 6722 9388
  12. 12. Post-conference Workshops 8th Sept, 2011 Post-conference Workshops Thursday, 8th Sept, 2011 • 2:00 – 4:00 (Choose from A - B) Workshop A: Process Excellence: Workshop B: HR: Process Excellence – Instilling Six Sigma DNA into Shared Business Synergy between People, Process and Technology: Transforming Services HR delivery and enhancing strategic value This session aims to share how Six Sigma tools and methodology are used to Achieveing greater efficiency through: instil continuous process improvement culture in MSD/Merck Shared Business • Implementing consistent data management practices Services. Areas covered will include: • Gaining Global Service Centre support • Strategic objectives and strong sponsorship • Establishing globalised & localised processes • How to make learning Six Sigma methodology and tools more engaging • Building a Global Talent Management System • Build high performance team that focus on service excellence • Enhancing the usability of Self Services functionality • Road to Simplification : Kaizens and Yellow Belt – small improvements, big • Achieving cost savings impact • Rolling out structured governance • Rewards and Recognition. • Increased HR measurement Amanda Low, Director SBS- Service Management Asia Pacific & Japan Regional Services, MSD Exploring key HR delivery models: Driving continuous improvement by applying process excellence • HR outsourcing – Seagate’s approach • CoE • Understanding why improvement is necessary • HRIS & optimised delivery model • Elaborating on keys to customer focus Sreekanth AK, Former SVP, Global HR Operations & HR Business Partner, • Assessing, reviewing and restructuring the approach CA TECHNOLOGIES • Process improvement as a key enable to maximise greater strategic value • Sustaining process excellence Saowalux Prasertwattanakul, Ph.D., Business Excellence Director, GFS, SEAGATE TECHNOLOGY Private Engagement Suites Available: Throughout The Whole Conference (For Solution Providers) Book one of our engagement suites for a couple of hours to really demonstrate the value of your solutions. With a guarantee of absolute privacy away from the main exhibition hall, you can direct visitors into a reserved space which you can customise with the required materials (including branding, hardware and software) to enjoy a more relaxed conversation in a more comfortable environment.Q&A with...In May 2011, SSON’s online editor, caught up with one of event speakers.Excerpts are below. Visit the event website “Download Centre” at www.ssweekasia.comfor the full, unedited version. Q&A with Cheah Kok Hoong, CIO, the leap to Cloud solutions, companies can take advantage of the opportunity to re-architect their IT strategy: many IT professionals have Sunway Group historically lived by the doctrine “if it’s not broken don’t fix it”, but with Cloud computing sector expected to the introduction of Cloud, IT now has the opportunity to dramatically hit $42 billion by 2012 change the cost profile of older application and move them onto a platform that’s more scalable.SSON: When it comes to planning and deploying BEST-FIT SSON: Security is a much talked about issue with Cloud computing.architecture to leverage Cloud based IT solutions, what are some In your opinion, what are some of the Cloud computing challengesof the challenges that are commonly faced? for corporations and how can this be easily overcome?CKH: Despite the benefits of Cloud computing, moving to the Cloud can CKH: If done correctly, yes. In fact, Cloud computing offers a level ofbe difficult. Organisations need to be conscious of a number of issues physical and electronic security that an on-site server or a locked fileand of the unique requirements for each deployment for each Cloud cabinet can’t begin to approach. Because they can operate with largedeployment model. Each type of Cloud deployment has its own unique economies of scale, data centres can be surprisingly affordable, offeringadvantages and best-fit use cases. The Cloud model introduces significant even smaller accounting firms a level of security for beyond what theynew ways for IT to cope with the exposure growth of information, rising could achieve on their own. But all data centre are not created equal, soexpectations for reducing capital and operational costs, and increasing it’s important to be sure that the one you choose can adequately protectbusiness agility. your data.SSON: How would you go about overcoming these issues and SSON: Given that the industry changes so rapidly, how do youwhat advice would you give companies who are planning to make expect the Cloud to play a prominent role for firms in 18 months?the leap to Cloud? CKH: Outsourcing IT services to a “Cloud” has become a big business,CKH: Moving to the Cloud is both a business and technical decision. and will reach $42B by 2012, according to IDC. By using CloudSmall and midsized companies are making the leap into the Cloud in computing, organisations are able to tap cost savings over traditionaldroves, and it’s not just to cut costs. And the majority of those companies self-hosting of infrastructure and software, enhance system performance,rely on solution providers to make their Cloud plans a reality, creating and increase the agility in delivering their products and services to theirmajor opportunities for solution providers. When planning to make own customers.12