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8. Search Marketing - Dan Richardson Not Just SEO - Screen Pages Ecommerce Forum May 2017


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SEO and search marketing hints and tips

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8. Search Marketing - Dan Richardson Not Just SEO - Screen Pages Ecommerce Forum May 2017

  1. 1. SEARCH MARKETING Dan Richardson – Not Just SEO – May 2017
  2. 2. 10+ Years Digital Experience Dell, Nokia 5 Years Solo ABOUT 3 ½ years Various clients Paid & Organic Search Migrations/Projects SCREEN PAGES @notjustseouk CONNECT
  3. 3. SEARCH MARKETING FOR 2017 3 We live in a multi-device world, where mobile is rapidly taking over as a means of searching, browsing and buying. It’s our jobs as Marketers to present the most relevant content to customers in a fast and relevant manner. Here’s some ideas on how to achieve this.
  4. 4. THE WISH LIST 4 • Speed • Secure – HTTPS • Google Updates • Local SEO • Schema/Rich Snippets • AMP • Adwords – Quality Score • Adwords – NEW Customisers • Attribution • Data Studio
  5. 5. ORGANIC
  6. 6. PAGE SPEED – MAKE IT FAST 6 Faster sites not only rank better, they convert better IT’S ALL ABOUT SPEED “Deliver and render the above the fold content in under one second” GOOGLE DEVELOPERS Keep an eye on them, but don’t sacrifice quality IMAGES Source: page-speed-new-industry-benchmarks.html
  7. 7. HTTPS – PLAN FOR 7 It matters for: • Ranking factor • Trust • Future proofing • Lots of Google messages BENEFITS Google beginning now (with Chrome V56) to mark pages as ‘not secure’ WARNINGS Easy to get this wrong, so don’t just jump in – consider as part of any M2 migration/upgrade PLAN CAREFULLY Checklist: How-to-Migrate-an-Ecommerce-Site-to-HTTPs
  8. 8. PENGUIN 4.0 & GOOGLE UPDATES 8 Quicker updates but ‘offending’ pages still need recrawling REAL TIME 2 in last 3 months, smaller ones often – keep on top of these! (Think Mobile first too) RECENT UPDATES Organic Landing Pages in GA. Disavow clearly bad links. CHECK For anything link or penalty related, follow: @kerboo - @Marie_Haynes - @PaulDavidMadden
  9. 9. LOCAL SEO 9 1 Take advantage of mobile search increases. Screenshot shows prominence IMPROVED VISIBILITY 2 Use Moz tool at: - lots of dupes and errors out there CHECK OWN LISTING 3 Use sites such as BrightLocal or Whitespark to manage citations (links or mentions) at scale. Few $ each BUILD CITATIONS 4 NOT ONLY FOR ‘LOCALS’ Some of the links carry high DA and trust. Helps form the glue between you as a business and how Google interprets you
  10. 10. SCHEMA & RICH SNIPPETS 10 Boosted: • Rich Snippets • Events • Reviews • Products (gold stars) SERP Visibility Read more on Schema: schema-101/ Use
  11. 11. Guardian – AMP STUDY 11 Fast, cut down pages: • Mobile Only • Open Project • Perfect for blogs • Coming to products What is AMP?
  12. 12. Guardian – AMP 2 12
  13. 13. PAID
  14. 14. ADWORDS 14 To get the most out of Adwords, you need to show the right Ad leading to the best page that satisfies the search intent regardless of device, location or time IT’S ALL ABOUT RELEVANCE Hugely important as determines how much you pay or even appear. QUALITY SCORE Biggest component of QS, bit of a vicious circle. You need impressions and clicks – relevant ones. (TIP: Use Brand terms) CLICK THROUGH RATE
  15. 15. ADWORDS EXTENSIONS 15 MESSAGE SMS straight from Ad copy REVIEWS Integrate for orange stars CALLOUTS Sell your brand CALLS Click to call from mobile LOCATIONS Show your stores/offices SITELINKS Click to deeper pages STRUCTURED SNIPPETS Show brands and services EXTENSIONS INCREASE CTR CTR BOOSTS QS HIGHER QS = LOWER CPCs TIP: Disable Automated Extensions
  16. 16. IMPACT OF QUALITY SCORE 16 • Relevance of kw to Ad copy and Landing Page • Keep keywords to a theme • Pause/move low performing QS kws • Keep close eye on new campaigns • Use broad(er) match to get impressions in • Use –ves wisely • QS no bearing on Display Network campaigns • Use bid modifiers for mobile/location/time • ..but watch out as these roll up New Tool: Tenscores (Optmyzr cool too)
  17. 17. NEW – AD CUSTOMISERS 17 • Use countdown Ads for Sales/Time Offerings • 12% CR improvement on recent use • Creates sense of urgency • Allow space for ‘minutes’ not just ‘days’ • Use IF for mobile calls to action • Use IF Audience for remarketing lists differences • Combine IF and Countdown! • Needs ‘normal’ Ad to run in same Adgroup
  19. 19. ATTRIBUTION 19 Is different between Adwords (first click) and Analytics (last click) COUNT Show touchpoints, people often convert after ‘x’ visits – not just 1! MUTLI-CHANNEL FUNNELS Credit respective channels and understand strength of each ASSISTED CONVERSIONS Read More: deeper-look-at-conversion-paths-in-google-analytics/187115/
  20. 20. GOOGLE DATA STUDIO 20 Running 2 stores? Pull all data into one document MULTIPLE SOURCES Slick interface, easy to build and manipulate, add branding and message boxes. Share quickly GET CREATIVE Read More: data-studio-for-ecommerce.html
  21. 21. Bonus - @methode 21
  22. 22. WRAPPING UP 22 HTTPS AMP & Schema TOMORROWTODAY SPEED Adwords Innovations QUALITY Links Content Site ONGOING Attribution & Reporting