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Markerly Suite of Next-Generation Publisher Tools


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  • Hi Laura! We are able to track how many visits are brought back to the site. So, if someone tweets a link to your domain, we will tell you how many click backs that tweet brought, as well as how many tweets brought by sharing through our social tool has brought. Any other questions, please email me - happy to help and further clarify for you!
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  • Hi Sarah,

    Just to make sure I'm on the same page as you, it would be really helpful if you would define the terms 'click back' and 'back clicks' with examples. I think I get it, but to make sure I'm informing my colleagues correctly please confirm in as basic speak as possible.

    Thank you
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Markerly Suite of Next-Generation Publisher Tools

  1. 1. Next-Generation Publisher Tools Next-Generation Publisher Tools
  2. 2. Copy & Paste Analytics 82% of sharing is done by copy & paste Actionable analytics on what readers are copying and pasting
  3. 3. Micro-content Sharing Allows readers to share specific pieces of text or photos from your site Increase in page views up to 10%
  4. 4. Micro-commenting Readers can comment directly on photos Share photo comments across all social networks
  5. 5. Micro-analytics See what sentences are being copy & pasted/shared Understand how your readers are actually consuming your content
  6. 6. Copy & Paste Heat Maps These screenshots are from the same article. Markerly clearly shows you what readers are engaging with.
  7. 7. Most Valuable Tweets See how many click backs your most popular supporters are bringing you Engage your most popular tweeters directly from Markerly’s dashboard
  8. 8. Recommended Articles Markerly recommends of-interest articles for your readers Increase page views with recommended articles based not only on tags, but on the text readers are engaging with
  9. 9. Pete Cashmore, Mashable, CEO“For instance, if I see a quote I like, Id like to share thatto my Twitter account. Or if I see an image within anarticle, I sometimes want to share just that picture tomy Pinterest page. Sometimes I want to share just thevideo embedded in a news story, not the news storyitself. Thats why my prediction for 2013 is the rise of"microcontent sharing".
  10. 10. Anthony Ha, TechCrunch Reporter “(At least, that’s true for me — tweeting provocative or interesting quotes from articles is one of my main modes on Twitter.) Markerly makes that process easier.”