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Cross Channel Mojo


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Cross Channel Mojo is a mobile marketing system.

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Cross Channel Mojo

  1. 1. Mobile Business In a Box- Plug & Play
  2. 2. Mobile Business In a Box- Plug & PlayThere are 2 parts to this package:(1) A guide for establishingyourself in the mobile business.The videos in this part covers -starting into the mobilebusiness, contactingprospects, and practical salestips/ideas.
  3. 3. Mobile Business In a Box- Plug & PlayImmigration Photography Restaurant Spa Motel Lawyer
  4. 4. Mobile Business In a Box- Plug & Play (2) Building mobile optimized websites using 5 templates included in the package. In the videos, it covers each template in detail on how to personalize and customize the contents.
  5. 5. Mobile Business In a Box- Plug & PlayEach element of the template such astext, image, hyperlink, etc. isexplained in a lesson likemanner, which teaches how tocustomize according to your liking.The videos are clear, easy to followwith detailed step by stepinstructions.
  6. 6. Mobile Business In a Box- Plug & Play The templates have all different styles for different niches and the learning experience allows you to be creative in your designs.
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