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  1. 1. sarah chew sue mei
  2. 2. educating rita WILLY RUSSELL
  3. 3. holes LOUIS SACHAR
  4. 4. outside MARIAH CAREY
  5. 5. the concept of belonging
  6. 6. ER HOLES OUTSIDE Alienation in classes , between classes & a loss of identity Belonging to a team , friendship & acceptance Isolation in between ethnic groups & not being able to fit in BELONGING
  7. 7. ER HOLES OUTSIDE “… slightly out of step .” “ without a sense of belonging to touch” “ I should have had a baby by now; everyone expects it.” “ Do you understand that?” X-Ray: Hey, yo, new kid . “ standing on your own -- blind and unguided ” “… somewhere on the outside ” Mr. Pendanski: They all have their little nicknames . PHASE 1: ALIENATION FOLDED ARMS INTIMIDATION
  8. 8. PHASE 2 ER HOLES OUTSIDE “ Sometimes I hate them (working class),” “ Barf Bag slept here,” DISPLACEMENT LOSS OF IDENTITY “ Do you know Yeats ?” “ The wine lodge ?”
  9. 9. PHASE 3 - ACCEPTANCE ER HOLES OUTSIDE “ I’m educated . I know what clothes to wear, what wine to buy…I can do without you .” Hose: Nobody messes with the Caveman . Nobody. “ But I had a choice . I chose, me . Stanley: So I'm Caveman ? Zero: Better than Barf Bag . ARM AROUND SHOULDER SHOWS ACCEPTANCE
  10. 10. techniques used
  11. 11. ER HOLES “ Y’ know Frank, Frank Ness , Elliot’s brother.” “ What?” “ Once upon a time, there was a magical place where it never rained . The end .” “ She left me for the good of literature .” HUMOUR
  12. 12. techniques used in EDUCATING RITA
  13. 13. LANGUAGE USED/SLANG “… stupid bleedin’ handle on the door,” “ D’ y’ need the money?,” “ Criticism is never subjective…should not be confused with partisan interpretation,” RITA – local dialect FRANK – formal language
  14. 14. techniques used in HOLES
  15. 15. Vertical vectors suggest POWER of the landscape over the boys CAMERA ANGLE LOW ANGLE SHOT
  16. 16. “ Don’t give up, never give up, we won’t stop giving all we’ve got ” MUSIC The music breathes a sense of hope into this seemingly impossible situation .
  17. 17. The flashback technique is used in HOLES to relate the story and to improve the continuity of the film. FLASHBACK “ There was a town, too.”
  18. 18. techniques used in OUTSIDE
  19. 19. characteristics of SOUL MUSIC The soul genre allows the singer to express the struggles and hardships she faces. [sound clip] The falsetto emphasizes heightened emotions. “ Into a world divided …” “ Oh, and God knows That you’re standing on your own –”
  20. 20. REPETITION “… and you’ll always be Somewhere on the outside You’ll always be Somewhere on the outside .” “ And it’s hard And it’s hard And it’s hard” To emphasize the isolation she experiences.
  21. 21. METAPHOR “… without a sense of belonging to touch ,” INVERSION “ But in your heart – uncertainty forever lies,”
  22. 22. underlying assumptions & lessons learnt
  23. 23. One should behave altruistically and reach a compromise by thinking in terms of majority . ASSUMPTION 1
  24. 24. HOLES a) Group D members had nicknames . “ They all have their little nicknames .” b) They respected their group leader, X-Ray . “ Look, man, if you ever find anything, give it to me , you understand?” c) All of them wore an orange suit uniform. “ Hey, X , when you moving me up ?” ASSUMPTION 1
  25. 25. One should behave altruistically and reach a compromise by thinking in terms of majority to be accepted and belong to a group. LESSON LEARNT 1
  26. 26. “… And it’s hard to be understood as you are,” Highlights the consequences of standing alone “… somewhat out of place everywhere,” “… uncertainty forever lies,” OUTSIDE “ You’ll always be somewhere on the outside ,” “… blind and unguided ,” ASSUMPTION 1
  27. 27. One should be aware of the consequences of standing alone and should readily face the challenges courageously . LESSON LEARNT 1
  28. 28. “ Found a better song to sing have you? No – you’ve found a different song , that’s all… shrill and hollow and tuneless .” Reminds us that no class is better than the other “ Have you come all this way for so very, very little ?” EDUCATING RITA Unless we fully immerse ourselves in it “ I know what clothes to wear, what wine to buy, what plays to see, what papers and books to read,” “ But I had a choice . I chose, me .” ASSUMPTION 1
  29. 29. In an effort to achieve complete assimilation into a certain class, one should still maintain one’s own personality . LESSON LEARNT 1
  30. 30. HOLES Fate has the power to determine events. “ That’s destiny,” ASSUMPTION “ I just have this weird feeling…everything’s cool. You got the same feeling ?” 2
  31. 31. Although most outcomes can be determined by our actions , a small few can only be orchestrated by a higher power – DESTINY . LESSON LEARNT 2
  32. 32. “ Life is such a rich and frantic whirl ,” Education cannot safeguard against depression EDUCATING RITA ASSUMPTION “… a woman who possesses an M.A. is not above common jealousy ,” “… tryin’ to kill herself,” 2
  33. 33. We should keep in touch with our inner self and emotions . LESSON LEARNT 2
  34. 34. the end sarahchewsuemei 09