The Techno-Toddler


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The Techno-Toddler

  1. 1. "Small children and digital technology, in their very different ways…Thomashave a tendency to knock us slower-witted adults off ourfeet with amazement."PhotobyWayanVota,Flickr
  2. 2. "Young children -even infants - arespending more oftheir time with digitaltechnology; andparents are bothfascinated andworried by thisdevelopment"BarbaraMcMahonPhoto by AlecCouros
  3. 3. “The reality is thattechnology is part of ourlives -- and this is every bitas true for children”- Tony FavoritoPhoto by Scott & Elaine Van DerChijs,Flickr
  4. 4. ”Anytime a new technology comes and we feel like it‟s about to be ubiquitous,we get nervous about what it‟s going to do to the morals of our young children”Hanna Rosin (Interviewed by RaySuarez)Photo by Jason Cosper, Flickr
  5. 5. “We live in a screen age, and to say to a kid, „I‟d love for you to look at a book but I hate it whenyou look at a screen is just bizarre. It reflects our own prejudices and comfort zone. It‟s nothingbut fear of change, of being left out.” - Hanna RosinPhoto by Surlygirl, Flickr
  6. 6. "Children under five years old have an uncanny knack of knowing how tomaster new technology”- Philippa RoxbyPhotobyLeonidMamchenkov,Flickr
  7. 7. “From smart phones to tabletcomputers and game consoles,it is not unusual to see toddlersintuitively swiping screens andconfidently pressing buttons”- Philippa RoxbyPhoto by Richard Leeming,Flickr
  8. 8. …but toddlers are very curious and savvy… children aregoing to be exposed to all sorts of things”-Philippa RoxbySource: Philippa Roxby, Does Technology Hinder or Help Toddlers‟ Learning?“We can get a terrible panicabout [exposingthem to technology]…Photo by Jerald Jackson, Flickr
  9. 9. "Psychologist Dr.Aric Sigman...calculates thatchildren borntoday will havespent a full yearglued toscreens by thetime they reachthe age of seven."Photo by Tara,PhilippaRoxby
  10. 10. "The first generation of toddlers that played with iPhones is noteven out of elementary school yet...We are fumbling through thisnew world, and nobody knows what the long-term implicationsare" MatHonanPhoto by Dustin Askins,Flickr
  11. 11. "The technology may be too young to show educationalbenefits backed by research, but...parent experiences and expertreviews show that well-designed applications -- thosethat put children in control -- can engage kids and encouragelearning"KiMae HeussnerPhotobyAlecCouros,Flickr
  12. 12. Thomas JonesPhotobyLentini,Flickr
  13. 13. "If parents use their devices as distractionto calm upset children, those children areless likely to learn how to calmthemselves and to control their ownbehaviour"Dr. PatriciaNan AndersonPhoto by
  14. 14. "Moms and Dads mustmodel reasonable useof screen-devices... bothparents and childrenmust spend most oftheir time carrying onconversations, engagedin play, and taking timejust to think. The falsebusy-ness screen-devices promoteshouldnt become ahabit for anyone"Dr. Patricia Nan AndersonPhoto by Dick Jenson, Flickr
  15. 15. “The main concern isthat parents are notalways good rolemodels. ...Often theyare so pluggedinto their devicethat it becomes abarrier tocommunication withtheir child"Philippa RoxbyPhoto by RD the Milkman, Flickr
  16. 16. "A child will see how rapt her parents are by a mobile phoneor computer screen, and imitate their behaviour: these thingsare clearly interesting, because Mum and Dad cant keepaway from them."Thomas JonesPhoto by Paul Riismandel,Flickr
  17. 17. "From the beginning, parents need to be aware thatwhen your child sees you on your device, they will wantthat too"CatherinePearsonPhoto by Jayne Vidheecharoen,Flickr
  18. 18. "Childrens lives are filled with media at younger and younger ages, and we need to takeadvantage of what these technologies have to offer.”Hanna RosinPhoto by JoeShlabotnik
  19. 19. "Something about tapping the screen,about getting feedback and beingcorrected in real time, is itself instructive, andenables the toddlers to absorbinformation accurately, regardless of its source".- Hanna RosinPhoto by Superkimbo, Flickr
  20. 20. "The interactive nature of physicallytouching a screen that responds tothat touch, both visually and throughsound, is a step forward that opensmany doors. The simplicity of suchtools means that they can be used bytoddlers and small children, givingthem rapid access to the kind oftechnology that will go onto dominatetheir lives"Alisha WebbPhoto by Andrew Forgrave,Flickr
  21. 21. "Today, the world is a faster more dynamic place with ever changingadvancements in technology and the way we see the world. It isessential that children are able to keep speed with these changes if theyare going to be properly prepared to enter into the real world"Alisha WebbPhoto by Marian Lescientist
  22. 22. "...breathe more easily parents, your toddler is justdoing what comes naturally and interacting with theworld"Philippa RoxbyPhoto by KaraMonroe
  23. 23. ”We just need toaccept that youngchildren can dointeresting thingswith thistechnology"Hanna Rosin(Interviewed by Ray Suarez)Photo by Alec Couros
  24. 24. Photo by Jared Earle, FlickrThomas Jones, Techno-Toddlers: A is for McMahon, The Toddlers Who Live in a Touch Screen Favorito, Toddlers, Technology and the Well-Rounded Toy Rosin (Interviewed by Ray Suarez), Generation of Tech-Savvy Toddlers Go For Tablets Rosin, The Touch Screen Generationwww.moodle.queensu.caPhilippa Roxby, Does Technology Hinder or Help Toddlers‟ Learning? Honan, The Terrible Truth About Toddlers and Touch Mae Heussner, How Young is Too Young for iPhones? Patricia Nan Anderson, Toddlers and Technology: Is Your iPad Bad For Your Baby? Pearson, Is a 4-Year-Old Girl Really Addicted to Her iPad? Webb, Early Childhood Education: How Technology Benefits