Social Media for the Older Generation


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Christian Slideshow presentation on the chasm the new methodology in communication creates between generations and what to do about it.

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Social Media for the Older Generation

  1. 1. PRAYER
  2. 2. GOALS Demystify generational communication breakdowns created by SoMe  Have a productive conversation that answers & poses questions.  Give HOPE not HYPE  Walk away with practical TOOLS and resources to win.
  3. 3. THE NON-GOALS To comprehensively examine every aspect of the Social Media To teach you everything you need to know about Social Media To create a platform by which to complain about the shift in Communication (resistance).
  4. 4. QUESTION? Are there are supernatural aspects of relationship that can only be exchanged in personal encounters(3D) that cannot possibly be conveyed virtually (2D)? What is the importance of live vs. virtual? Do you not know that you are Gods temple and that Gods Spirit dwells in you? (1 Corinthians 3:16 ESV)
  5. 5. I. COMMUNICATION Transferring a message from oneplace to another via a myriad of vehicles.
  6. 6. COMMUNICATION The two most important types of communication are between man and God and between human beings. Communication is more than just our ability to talk, but also to listen. Language & Images Prayer & Worship God Ma Ma MaBody, NaturWord, HolySpirit, The n n ne, etc.The Ma God Ma Ma n n n
  7. 7. COMMUNICATION  There is a unique shift in the way humanity communicates that has taken place in front of our eyes. This shift in Communication has the potential to tremendously broaden the chasm between the generations.The older generation finds themselves in danger of being all but cut offfrom communication with the younger generation if they are unable tofamiliarize themselves with the new vehicles. This is certainly an ax of the enemy used to sever the deposit of wisdom found only theexperienced as a result of a significant span of time walked through with Christ.
  8. 8. LIES There is no communicational hope for reaching the next generation. You have nothing to contribute to the next generation. You’ll never be able to figure out SoMe. The Millennial generation is in charge of everything. You have to abandon your ways of building relationships. You will be forced to adhere to whatever the next generation dictates. Your ideas are irrelevant. Your wisdom is not needed or wanted. The Internet is the Millennial generation’s project. Your lack of understanding creates a giant chasm between you and those you mentor.
  9. 9. TRUTH There is communicational hope for reaching the next generation. You have so much to contribute to the next generation. You, with God’s help are able to figure out SoMe. The Millennial generation is not in charge of everything. You do not have to abandon your ways of building relationships. You will not be forced to adhere to whatever the next generation dictates. Your ideas are very relevant. Your wisdom is very needed and wanted. The Internet is YOUR project. Your lack of understanding creates a unique opportunity to connect and be mentored by those you mentor.
  13. 13. VEHICLES OF OLD NEWWord of mouth Text, SoMe, Status updatesSunday School Church onlineHandwritten letters EmailsPhotographs Pics (exchanged online & via MMS smart phones)Television/Radio Hulu, podcasts, satellite radio, Pandora, streamingNewspaper WebsitesMagazines E-zines, BlogsDrive in Theatre You-tube, Netflix, VimeoHome Phone Smart Phone
  14. 14. WAYS OF OLD The older generation values relationship in a different format. Much Longer attentions Spans. Meditation – long periods of time spent resting in a thought. Long conversations about one topic. Information does not need to be introduced in concise, summarized or spoon fed increments. Event-centered relationships. Story Telling Unhurried Formalities in communication & salutations Some are offended by some aspects of technology – finds them irreverent. (Bible on the cell phone) Did not have a platform by which to speak to hundreds or thousands of people every day.
  15. 15. FROM EARS TO EYES A large percentage of messages that were previously delivered through “sound” vehicles are now carried in “sight” vehicles. So many of the messages exchanged everyday happen through looking at fonts as opposed to listening to sounds. The sound vehicles were of the human voice and even if not in person…were personal. Fonts have completely eliminated the personal aspects previously contained in the vehicle. Tweets Texts Instant Messages and Status Updates
  16. 16. QUESTION?What are the consequencesof not hearing the sound of the human voice?
  17. 17. NEW COMMUNICATIONSpoon-Fed Generation TWEETS Information enters the mind of the modern STATUS BLOGS UPDATEStween or young adult in bite-sized increments. MIND OF THE YOUNGER GENERATION
  18. 18. QUESTION?Are there are valuable aspects ofhumanity and interpersonal relations that are being abandoned with the advent of the virtual world?
  19. 19. THE HUMAN VOICE HASPSYCHOLOGICAL BENEFITS A University of Wisconsin–Madison experiment studied a group of girlsbetween 7-12 while listening to their mother’s voice on the phone, receiving anembrace from their mother and watching a neutral video of their mother.Researcher Leslie Seltzer observed the most notable, lasting and marked decline intheir levels of the stress hormone cortisol and a noticeable increase in their levels ofoxytocin in the group who heard the voice of their mothers on the phone.
  20. 20. RULES THAT HAVE CHANGED 3D vs 2D Vehicles used to deliver messages (old vs new) Personal Interaction (old vs new) Responses (old vs new) Attention Spans (old vs new) Language (old vs new) What else?
  21. 21. RULES THAT HAVE NOT CHANGED God  Malachi 3:6 "For I am the LORD, I do not change; Therefore you are not consumed, O sons of Jacob. The Messages Influence  Hebrews 13:8 Jesus Christ is the same The Truth yesterday, today, and forever. The Need for theexchange of wisdom from  James 1:17 Every good gift and every perfect gift isone generation to the next. from above, and comes down from the Father of What else? lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning.
  22. 22. III. SoMe ETIQUETTEW hat are the r ules if any?
  23. 23. Etiquette & Philosophy Herein lies a major problem. SoMe hasn’t e v e n l e a r n e d t o wa l k a n d y e t i t i s a l r e a d y the most far-reaching, inf luential, mass - communication infant in histor y.Ta l k a b o u t a n a w k w a r d l y i n t e n s e g r o w t h e x p l o s i o n ! Ever yone has a dif fer ent philosophy on SoMe. W h a t i s t h e p u r p o s e o f t h e Fa c e b o o k p a g e ? Ther e seem to be no rules or established etiquette.
  24. 24. If you were standing on a platfor m infront of these2,345 ( i n s e r t # o f F B f r i e n d s ) people,would you say that?
  25. 25. SOME BASIC GUIDELINES Always resolve conflict in person. Avoid posting embarrassing or inappropriate photos of yourself or others. Keep the content and message POSITIVE or neutral! Never insult, name-call or argue online. Just resist the urge to join arguments. Don’t talk trash online. Reply to invitations. Try to limit controversial topics to live encounters. Don’t “like” your own status. Don’t tag people without permission
  27. 27. RULE #1 Be creative & contribute! YOU are designing this new social media metropolis TOO.(If it hasn’t been done, then we can’t do it.)
  28. 28. INTRODUCE NEW ELEMENTS OF RELATIONSHIP BUILDING Forge a pathway beginning with Social Media that leads to a personal encounter. Communicate through SoMe regularly with those you are mentoring. Write on your protégées wall, regularly. Comment on photos, blogs and statuses (Join the conversation). “Share” your information and ideas! (I can not stress this enough). Send friend requests and “follow” your disciples. Upload often. Most importantly – Continue to practice all of the aspects of the relationship building model of your generation, just incorporate the social media in creative ways.
  30. 30. Be willing The only thingstanding in our way is unwillingness.
  31. 31. Seek out a SoMe mentor from the millennial g eneration men·tor/ˈmenˈtôr /Noun: An adviser.Verb: To advise or train (someone).Synonyms: adviser - preceptor - monitor - counselor - tutorMany young women/men would consider it a privilege to have access to you & meet with you weekly and answer you questions, train you in Social Media. Just ask, pray and God will send you a mentor.
  32. 32. ESSENTIAL THINGS TO LEARNHow to subscribe to a blog (RSS feeds)How to create an event on FacebookHow to “share” articles, photos, events, websites, videos etc. on SoMeHow to use a smart phone or ipad.How to create and share a blog for yourselfHow to use GoogleHow to Tweet from your smart phone.How to download apps on your smart phone.How to use Scribd and SlideshareUnderstand the difference between a “page” and an “account” on FBHow to create a “note” on FacebookHow to use a social media management dashboard such as Hootsuite.How to create and use QR Codes (Quick Response Codes)
  34. 34. Gossip Challenge Read the Bible in a Year
  35. 35. SLIDESHARE I uploaded this entirepresentation in seconds
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