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#waywire overview - beta product release April 16, 2013


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#waywire overview - beta product release April 16, 2013. for more information about #waywire email

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#waywire overview - beta product release April 16, 2013

  1. 1. The Power of Context
  2. 2. Yes, it really is all about videoFast becoming themedia of choice…… and a democratizing force
  3. 3. YouTube is a phenomenal database… so why can’t we find what we’re looking for?We gave up after 10 pages…
  4. 4. Why do YouTube & Vimeo limit our options?… we want to build collections of videos fromanywhere on the Web
  5. 5. #waywire believes in two thingschoice & control
  6. 6. You chooseSo easy to organize andrework your wires.Define what matters to you.Pull videos fromanywhere on the Web.Play a single videoor an entire wire.
  7. 7. You keep controlArrange videos into topic wires.Choose your featured video.Choose your preview image.Share individual videosor entire collections …with one friend oran entire social network.
  8. 8. And that is good for advertisersAlways the right context.An implied invitationto showcase yourbrand’s voice.
  9. 9. Were building a network around theimmersive power of video(September 2012) (April 2013)Full Release(tbd)Content Context Community 
  10. 10. A few wires we’re lovingCory doing interestingthings with intro videosContext lets us showcasespecial content
  11. 11. Users are already surprising usThe Pinterest demo issurprisingly activeVideo professionals alsohousing their own portfolios
  12. 12. Our initial content collaborators
  13. 13. Opportunities for advertisers Branded content(and entire wires) Pre- and post-rolls Premium content
  14. 14. We’re actively soliciting feedback