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  1. 1. When we arrived at the airport Joe picked me up an we went to his house. His parents were friendly and I felt very well. I went to bed early because I was tired.
  2. 2. I got up at half past six very tired because I slept five hours. I had to get up early because it took one hour and a half to school. That day we went to Bristol. In Bristol we visited the aquarium and I like it. I took a lot of photos because it was very interesting. It had many kinds of fish. Then, we went to a museum. We visited the museum loosely and I liked the old vehicles´ part. At the end of the morning we had free time to visit Bristol. I went with Tzvetan. We ate and we walk through Bristol. In the afternoon we went to bowling. It was very funny. Then, we went to Joe ´s house and we had dinner. We ate beans with bacon and sausages. After dinner I went to bed because I was very tired.
  3. 3. On Sturday I slept. I got up at eleven o´clock and I had for breakst a hamburger with bacon and egg. In the morning we went to the forest to walked Joe´s dogs. It was very cold. We return home and we ate a soup of chicken, onion and carrots. Then, we went to the rugby stadium and we watched a Gloucester´s match. It was more boring that football but I liked it. When the match finished we return home and we had dinner. We ate with two friends of Joe and one of them was spanish. His father played in F.C.B. After that, Joe and me watched Jackass and then I went to sleep. It was a very fun day!
  4. 4. On Sunday I got up late. I had breakfast eggs and bacon. In the morning we went to Bristol to mall. I bought presents for my family and Joe bought me a t-shirt of Arsenal. Then we return home and we had lunch. In the afternoon we wachted a film and we played to play station. We had roast beef for dinner. It was very good.
  5. 5. London! One of my favourite cities. First, we hopped on the London Eye. We saw all London. Then we walked and we watched the Big Ben, Westminster, Trafalgar Square, etc. But one of the things I very liked was Saint James Park. Was beautiful. It had a lot of animals. I had never seen so many squirrels. At the end of the afternoon we had free time. We seek shops and we bought a lot of things. I really liked London.! When I got home I had dinner and I went to sleep. It was the best day.
  6. 6. That day we went to Oxford. It was very cold, but I loved it. First we took a tour on a bus and we saw all important buildings. There were very nice. Then we had free time. I had lunch with Tzvetan and we bought some some things. We went to a sweet shop. There were a lot of things. Later, we went with a guide who was explaining things about college . It was interesting. We return to Gloucester at five o´clock. When I got home I watched TV wiht Joe and we had dinner. I went to bed early.
  7. 7. First we stay at the school to hear a talk on Philippines typhoon. It was very big. Then we went to city council of Gloucester. Mayor was very nice. He told us about Gloucester. Then he left us get some clothes that he had. He gave us something to eat. Later, we formed groups and we went to the cathedral with a map that we had. While going to the cathedral we were eating and going to shops. We return to Gloucester and we paly play station with Joe. We had dinner early and we went to bed.
  8. 8. On Thursday we went to Bath. We visited the Roman Baths. It was interesting and nice. Then we had free time for visit the town. In the afternoon we went to airport to take the plane to return home.