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Google Apps for Work


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Google Apps is a cloud-based productivity suite that helps you and your team connect and get work done from anywhere on any device.

It’s distinctive advantages are:
+ Very low risk thanks to the cloud architecture with guaranteed 99.9+% uptime and complete data redundancy
+ Lower cost compared to on-premise configuration
+ High scalability that makes it easy to grow your business
+ Efficient collaboration tools that allow your employees to work together in real time

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Google Apps for Work

  1. 1. Google confidential | Do not distribute
  2. 2. Google confidential | Do not distribute Low risk Robust and secure Cloud solution with 99.9+% uptime Save your time Quick migration and easy adoption of Google Apps Grow your business Highly scalable solution. You get what you pay for! Change how you work Efficient collaboration will get your business to the next level Save your money Can you afford maintaining your own infrastructure?
  3. 3. Google confidential | Do not distributeGoogle confidential | Do not distribute Low risk and simplicity Traditional model vs Cloud ?? Cloud model - High complexity - Multiple platforms and OS’s - Risks and costs associated with patching, storage, connectivity Legacy model Extra risk, cost and complexity
  4. 4. Google confidential | Do not distribute 80% of IT professionals consider laptops the most significant security risk 70% of data breaches are caused by confidential information contained on a missing USB drive 1 in 10 laptops is stolen within its lifetime (3 years) Security risks in an on-premise environment Source: Ponemon Institute, 2013
  5. 5. Google confidential | Do not distribute 500% Enterprise cloud user growth over the next 4 years Source: Gartner May 2013 Google confidential | Do not distribute
  6. 6. Google confidential | Do not distribute Process - Reduced end-point vulnerability - Automatic patching - ISO/IEC 27001:2005, Safe Harbor, FISMA, SSAE 16, ISAE 3402 certifications, HIPAA compliance People - 24x7 security - World’s leading experts in data protection - Global audits and background checks - Strict internal security policies Technology - Proven 99.9% uptime - High reliability and redundancy - Obfuscated data structure for increased data protection Why Google Cloud is secure
  7. 7. Google confidential | Do not distributeGoogle confidential | Do not distribute 99.9% Availability guarantee Source: Google, 2013
  8. 8. Google confidential | Do not distribute Quick data migration - LDAP and SSO support, native AD interoperability, - Migration from MS Exchange and Lotus Notes using native tools - IMAP migration (Novell, Cyrus, Dovecot, Zimbra, Gmail, Courier, SunMail) using native tools Centralized administration - Single administration console for managing users, security policies, services and devices - Multiple API’s to simplify administrative tasks - Built-in reporting and audit features Efficient controls Easy migration and administration Easy adoption - Intuitive interface - Familiarity with Gmail, Calendar and Google Drive - Training resources - 24 x 7 support High scalability - No need to maintain complex infrastructure - Easy to add and remove services and users whenever needed - Flexible and transparent payment options
  9. 9. Google confidential | Do not distribute "Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success" Henry Ford
  10. 10. Google confidential | Do not distributeGoogle confidential | Do not distribute 53% of employees are using their own technology for work purposes Source: Forrester, 2012
  11. 11. Google confidential | Do not distribute 90% of the Fortune 500 will have implemented an Enterprise social network by the end of 2013 Source: Deloitte - Tibbr, June 2013 Google confidential | Do not distribute
  12. 12. Google confidential | Do not distribute "Google Apps will allow our employees to focus on what matters most - saving patients' lives." Why Google Apps? o  We were impressed with the outstanding service and rapid innovation of Google Apps o  We wanted a single product for our 90,000 employees to work better together, from anywhere Benefits o  Our employees are spread across 140 countries but with Google Apps we feel closer together o  We can focus on our business instead of dealing with deployments since adding new users is so easy o  We are removing communication barriers for our employees and that is really helping them work from anywhere Dr. Alan Hippe, CFO & CIO, the Roche Group
  13. 13. Google confidential | Do not distribute Why Google Apps? o  Over the course of eight years, Brady had acquired 30 companies, expanding its workforce to more than 6,000 employees in 40 countries around the world. We needed an affordable IT environment that could grow as fast we were growing and help our global teams work together. Benefits o  The platform has saved workers hours a week if not more, and only one person touches certain information, guaranteeing better accuracy o  As companies come onboard, executives can easily connect them with their peers and bring them up to speed on corporate knowledge via Google Apps. o  Our jobs went from constraining and limiting people’s usage to making sure everyone uses these tools as effectively as possible o  We can add new users at 1/4 the cost of our old model "Our overall time to business value has been dramatically improved thanks to Google Apps." Luke Leonhard, Manager of User Experience, Brady Corp
  14. 14. Google confidential | Do not distribute "I believe Google Apps will help us achieve our objectives faster, more efficiently and with greater success." Why Google Apps? o  With 35,000 employees and over 20 manufacturing and design locations worldwide, someone is always working somewhere. We needed a platform that could help us work across time-zones and languages to be more productive Benefits o  We can meet spontaneously using Google+ Hangouts or draft our team strategy simultaneously in a Google doc o  Because we’re no longer tied to different time zones or other people’s schedules, we can work together where we want, when we want o  We’re accomplishing more together and faster than before Mary Gendron, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Celestica
  15. 15. Google confidential | Do not distribute "No matter what happens in the field, we never lose anything because it's in the cloud. " Why Google Apps? o  Users can be demanding and push the envelope in terms of technology. We were really looking for a cloud solution & Google had the best price performance value. Benefits o  Google Apps has given us the guaranteed uptime we need. o  It's important to find things fast - Google Docs and Google Sites have really helped us work more collaboratively and more efficiently. o  We can do what we want, when and where we want. It's seamless, it's fast, it's functional. Mark Thiessen, Photographer, National Geographic
  16. 16. Google confidential | Do not distribute "Google Apps enables us to bring our store experience right in front of the customer so that the customer experience can be best in class." Why Google Apps? o  Before Google Apps, it wasn’t easy to share important materials like store promotion schedules, store layouts, or PR updates quickly and efficiently. We needed to find new ways to differentiate ourselves. We had to look at where we could have the biggest impact and enable people to bring the experience in front of the customer. Benefits o  We have a Google form on our site to get feedback directly from our customers o  We are able to track in-store promotions and inventory across stores easily and in real time using Google spreadsheets o  From the corporate office to 44 stores, we are constantly communicating via Google Docs about new products, how to set up their entry, to better inform our studio salespeople John Edelman, CEO, Design Within Reach
  17. 17. Google confidential | Do not distribute "The new employees coming into our company expect more from technology. They wondered why we hadn't moved sooner." Why Google Apps? o  We like Google's approach to continuous improvement. We get new functions on an ongoing basis without the cost & delays of major releases o  Features such as Google+ Hangouts and Gmail translation really help a global company like Ahold operating in multiple time zones and languages Benefits o  The new collaboration environment is supporting global teams working on implementing our new business strategy o  As a grocery retailer, it's easier for us to provide Google Apps to our stores; they use it as part of their team workflow processes Christine Atkins, CIO, Ahold
  18. 18. Google confidential | Do not distribute Why Google Apps? o  With so many offices around the world, we knew the only way to keep our brand fresh and our business agile was to move to the cloud. Benefits o  Our global teams are able to connect through Gmail’s video chat feature to meet “face to face” about upcoming projects, designs and merchandise. o  With Google Apps, we were able to interview job candidates via video chat and work with regional managers on important policies and resources that needed to be in place for new regional offices. I was elated to discover that what normally takes significant travel time and costs could be done right from my desk. "Being able to work together easily across offices not only brings the team closer together, it also saves significant time and cost." Ronen Lapitod, SVP of IT, Perry Ellis International
  19. 19. Google confidential | Do not distribute "Google Apps allows us access using any device, any time, anywhere, and that's what news is." Why Google Apps? o  Email and calendar have evolved from nice-to-have tools to mission-critical business applications o  Our goal was to bring multiple IT divisions together and have them start working more collaboratively Benefits o  We track the on-time start of our presses and product flow through Google spreadsheets and retool our processes to be more efficient o  We save 10% of a our time a week just by using spreadsheets for our financial reports o  We know our data is stored safely in the cloud and accessible from anywhere on any device Michael O'Brien, VP of IT, Journal Communications
  20. 20. Google confidential | Do not distribute "Spyder products embody a passion for performance and speed - two of the same reasons we use Google Apps." Why Google Apps? o  Speed and innovation is key to everything Spyder is about - we are making decisions at a moments notice and Google has allowed us to have a faster way of getting our job done. Benefits o  Whether we are at a photoshoot or on top of a mountain, we can pick up and move with Google Apps from any device o  We have manufacturers around the world and we use Google Talk and Hangouts to communicate with them instantly from anywhere o  We all work on the same thing frequently, and Google Apps allow us to work together, on track, and up to date Laura Wisner, Director of Marketing, Spyder
  21. 21. Google confidential | Do not distribute "Being able to work together easily across offices not only brings the team closer together, it also saves significant time and cost." Why Google Apps? o  As the organization grew, collaboration capability lagged behind. Te inability to work in shared documents was taking up time. o  On Microsoft® Office, which did not meet the our collaboration needs, we ended up with 15 different versions of a document Benefits o  With Google Drive and Google Docs, multiple team members could work on content, and you could actually see it evolve in a very short period of time from a concept to a script for a TV commercial, all in the same shared document,” o  By using Google Hangouts for staff meetings, hour-long meetings now take just 30 minutes. Jim Nielsen, Manager of Enterprise Technology, Architecture and Planning, Shaw Industries
  22. 22. Google confidential | Do not distribute "Google Apps is built for team collaboration, which makes so many business processes much easier." Why Google Apps? o  We were missing flexibility, access and speed. o  Our calendars couldn’t accept Microsoft® Outlook invites, basic file sharing didn’t work across platforms, & employees couldn’t communicate efficiently due to the sluggishness of overloaded Groupwise email and the limited mobile access. Benefits o  Google Apps saved us at least 20% over GroupWise & about 30% over Office 365. o  The pricing is simple. It’s easy to see how much value you get for $50 a year. o  You always have the latest features instead of being stuck with a specific version. o  Moving to Google Apps has been a great experience with a lot of solid business and technology benefits. Ezri Silver, SVP Operations, Jordache
  23. 23. Google confidential | Do not distribute "Google's price point enables our IT team to reduce costs and minimize or eliminate capital investment - a true win for our enterprise and our users." Why Google Apps? o  We had 12 siloed email systems, including multiple versions of Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes o  As part of our "One MWV initiative", we needed a way for our users in 34 countries to collaborate as one team Benefits o  Gmale provides a single email platform while Google Docs and video chat allow for real-time collaboration o  More than 200 user-created Google Sites make it easy to share information o  Productivity has increased by more than 30 minutes per user per day thanks to powerful search capability and organization features o  Moving to Google has given us the ability to ride the wave of collaboration and technology features that would be difficult to duplicate in any other product Mel Shaffer, VP of Global Service Delivery, MWV
  24. 24. Google confidential | Do not distribute "The benefits are greater than simple cost savings. They include better customer service, streamlined business processes, and increased flexibility." Why Google Apps? o  We were looking to reduce overall IT spending while improving service levels o  We needed a viable alternative to Microsoft Exchange 2003 - one that was enterprise-ready and with a lower TCO Benefits o  We migrated 15,000 users from Exchange to Apps in less than one week o  Our employees are more productive with email access and collaborative tools available anytime and anywhere Tony Aug, Vice President of Enterprise Apps, Sanmina - SCI
  25. 25. Google confidential | Do not distribute "Our employees are happy because Google Apps is easy to use and accessible from any computer or mobile device." Why Google Apps? o  Our 3,000 employees relied on Novell Groupwise for email and calendar services which didn't integrate with other applications easily o  We needed easier access to email on the road and outside the office across 30 offices and plants o  If a server went down, business would stp and we didn't want to worry about that Benefits o  The TCO is far less with Google Apps and we've made a return on investment in just one year o  Our IT team can focus on strategic projects rather than server maintenance o  Our employees have so much more flexibility now that all of their information is on the web Brian Hobbs, IT Director, Hunter Douglas
  26. 26. Google confidential | Do not distribute