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About BCR Associates ebrochure


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If your business is struggling with rising costs and/or lack of resources to manage them, we can help. And you may like to know that our offering is unique in the cost reduction sector as we pass all savings* back to the customer - something our competitors don’t.

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About BCR Associates ebrochure

  1. 1. BCR Associates ...saving businesses time and money on essential spend
  2. 2. About us: Since 2005, we have been working with UK businesses to help improve their profitablity by cutting overspend on essential services. Our clients regard us as an extension of their management team and our 90% client retention rate is testiment to the relationships that we have built with them over the years. If your business is struggling with rising costs and/or lack of resources to manage them, we can help. And you may like to know that our offering is unique in the cost reduction sector as we pass all savings* back to the customer - something our competitors don’t. Why Use BCR Associates? No cost, no obligation cost review of your essential spend Release precious hidden profits back into your business Average saving 27% 9 out of 10 customers stay with us year after year Over £6m savings for clients to date Client keeps 100% savings* We are completely independent and impartial to get you the best deal Access to best tariffs, not always available on the open market Expert advice Free full account management Never forget a renewal date Free up your valuable time to get on with front line duties We only appoint reputable suppliers Content: Page: Electricity ............................... 3 Gas......................................... 4 Telecoms................................ 5 Staff........................................ 6 Insurance............................... 7 Credit Insurance 8 Water...................................... 9 Finance................................... 10 Rateable Values...................... 11 Vehicles.................................. 12 Sustainable Business.............. 13 Working With Introducers....... 14 Case Studies........................... 15 Sectors Covered..................... 16 Contact Details..................... 17 * exc water and rates 2
  3. 3. Electricity UK business energy prices are predicted to continue to rise in the coming decades, resulting in the need for evermore efficient purchasing of supplies. We offer advice, procurement services and account management on all aspects of your electricity supply: New and existing half hourly meters Meter Operator Agreements (MOPs) Tendering processes Getting the best deal for your electricity supply will depend on the size, industry type, consumption and location of your business. We act on your behalf to get you the best possible prices for your company. We handle all of the tendering, negotiations and paperwork for you so that you never need to worry about missing a renewal date. Contract negotiation New contract set-up Contract renewals Green electricity KVA ratings CCL tax CRC registration and compliance Energy infrastructure projects £60K saving “I have been extremely impressed with BCR Associates’ professionalism and delighted with the savings achieved. Their attention to detail and doggedness in obtaining the credits from suppliers deserves special recognition. Their knowledge of the different services they cover, ongoing advice and assistance in a multitude of areas is unsurpassed. Knowing that we have a free consultancy service on call when the need arises is a great comfort.” Nick Peczek, Estates Manager Evans Cycles Ltd. We don’t charge for our cost reviews, there is no commission to pay and ALL savings are passed on in full* 3
  4. 4. Gas A good understanding of the complex business gas market is essential when purchasing gas supply contracts. 9 out of 10 companies save money through our cost reduction reviews Whether your business is a large or small consumer of gas, our complimentary gas cost reduction review will highlight any potential savings for your correct tariff. Once the best rates have been sourced, your account manager will manage all aspects of switching your contracts, leaving you to get on with running your business. We offer advice, procurement and account management on all aspects of your gas supply: New and existing meters Fixed price contracts Flexible price contracts “Take-or-pay” clauses Auctions for interruptible supply status AQ readings New contract set-ups Tendering processes Contract negotiations Termination traps Contract renewals LPG procurement Infrastructure projects £24K REDUCTION FROM CURRENT SUPPLIER “Recently we appointed BCR Associates to assist with the procurement and management of our utilities. The number of sites and various utility contracts and tariffs linked to these had led to a number of billing and operational issues. These matters were passed to BCR Associates and we were delighted in their extremely prompt and efficient response – a response that has resolved long standing invoicing problems, reductions in costs and an excellent renegotiation of a rolled-over contract. Savings to date have included a £21,000 (40%) saving on electricity and a £3,000 (21%) saving on gas. I anticipate a long term and positive relationship with BCR Associates and have no hesitation in recommending them.” Wayne Gale, Estates Manager Hospicare 4
  5. 5. Telecoms The telecoms market is competitive and unlike energy, wholesale prices have fallen. We can provide quotes on all types of telecoms solutions, for all business users. All we need is a copy of your bills. Value added business services – all your business needs from conferencing solutions to web security Green telecoms – “green minutes” and solutions from carbon neutral providers We can help with: Calls and line rental - a business quality service with excellent customer service Data networks - high speed lines and networks for flexible management of voice and data traffic Mobile voice and data - efficient and simple to use business services on the move Broadband - high performance connectivity to suit your business IP telephony - add power to your next generation of call handling with new generation IP telephony Fraud Prevention - protecting your telecoms systems and data Inbound numbers and call handling - high performance connectivity to suit your business requirements, including emergency routing 44% reduction “On behalf of Digita and Thomson Reuters, I am pleased to endorse the service provided by your company. We found it to be thorough, comprehensive and the result was significant with savings in both energy and telecoms charges.” Andrew Flanagan, Director of Finance and Operations Digita Ltd. (Thomson Reuters) Non-itemised bills make it difficult to compare offer-with-offer. In fact, if you don’t know exactly how your telecoms costs break down, the chances are you are paying too much 5
  6. 6. Staff Could you use a free 15 minute consultation with a HR professional? For smaller companies the responsibility of the HR function often falls on the director/owner and it can be difficult to keep abreast of changing HR legislation. If your business is not large enough to require full time HR staff, BCR Associates can provide you with access, as the need arises, to an experienced HR professional. Our initial free 15-30 minute telephone meeting is your chance to talk about any concerns you have and receive advice on any changes/actions that you need to undertake. Or… the consultation could give you peace of mind that your HR function is fully compliant. FREE HR SEMINARS We regularly host HR seminars across the UK. These meetings provide “everything you need to know about HR in 3 hours...” and will give you peace of mind on how to protect your business. Learn how to put the right discipline and grievance procedures in place Understand the financial implications of noncompliance Ensure you are meeting your contractual terms and conditions Learn how to avoid costly tribunals and claims Benefit from better absence management Understand your Health and Safety responsibilties To find out when our next HR seminar is in your area call 0800 048 2928. Areas covered: Absenteeism, contracts of employment, data protection, discipline and grievance, discrimination, dismissal, staff handbook, recruitment, pay and benefits, performance assessment, holidays and hours, foreign workers, redundancy, health and safety. 80% of UK businesses do not have proper processes in place to protect against grievances and tribunals Simple steps can ensure your business does not face expensive payouts through non-compliance with changing HR/H&S legislation 6
  7. 7. General Insurance Insurance premiums are based on two factors; the history and risk of your sector and the history and risk of your company. There is little you can do about your sector, though there are steps you can take to ensure your premiums are as low as they can be in a rising market. Our insurance experts will advise you on the most appropriate cover for your business and on how you can reduce your premiums through ensuring compliance across H&S, staff, documentation, systems etc. 56% off BCR Associates recently achieved a £27,000 reduction on the insurance policy of a Staffordshire based abrasives manufacturer. The new policy also included key cover across areas such as Directors’ and Officers’ liability against which the business had previously been exposed. All we need is your renewal date and we will do the rest. Sectors covered: manufacturing wholesale engineering schools construction healthcare restaurants/take-aways property charities shops pubs and clubs hotels/guest houses care homes surgeries (doctors/vets) vehicles transportation marine offices Employees Private medical insurance Group accident Payroll insurance Key man Fidelity Buildings/Premises Buildings Machinery Plant Stock Office equipment Contingency Business Employers’ liability Professional liability Credit insurance Legal expenses Contracts Landlord Directors’ and Officers’ liability Specialist Schemes Cleaning contractors Courier and haulage insurance Insurance for the religious community Client Contact Vehicles Fleet Telecoms Public liability Goods in transit Performance bonds Alternative risk transfer (ART) Professional Indemnity Private Client Insurance Specialist insurance for high net worth clients Business Cost Reduction Associates Ltd is an Introducer Appointed Representative of Inspire Risk Management Ltd which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Business Cost Reduction Associates Ltd. is licenced for credit brokerage under licence number 0648481 7
  8. 8. Credit Insurance A company’s debt book is usually one of their biggest assets, so why wouldn’t you protect it? We all know customers pay late, enter insolvency or go bankrupt. Any SME (or larger) company that raises in invoice on credit terms potentially has a need for credit insurance. What is credit insurance? In a nutshell, it is protection against B2B customers failing to pay their trade credit agreement with your business. SPEAK TO US IF YOUR BUSINESS: has B2B clients to whom you have extended invoiced credit has a credit control function struggling to collect late payments has written off debt caused by clients going into insolvency or bankruptcy uses invoice financing is an SME or larger is an exporter i.e. dependent on overseas political and economic risks How does it work? After setting up your policy you and the insurer work together to establish a credit limit on your customers and moving forwards you report any accounts overdue or causing concern. What are the other benefits? Businesses protect their tangible assets such as property and plant, but often neglect to cover their receivables which can represent 40% of their current assets Raising finance or securing an overdraft - as a company’s biggest asset is usually its book debt, credit insurance can enhance the financier’s view of the security offered to them Protects against the Domino Effect – one large insolvency can take a number of suppliers and suppliers’ suppliers with it Helps grow sales by targeting the financial stronger customers The best monitoring system you can have due to the way credit insurers work, the timely reporting of overdues allows them to react quickly to adverse situations Takes the pressure off the sales team to replace the lost business straight away as a 5% profit margin and a £10,000 bad debt means sales increase of £200,000 just to stand still Some policies include global debt collection thus freeing up your credit control team and saving the expense of engaging a collection agency How much will it cost? This will depend on the risk exposure of your debt book and also according to the turnover that you wish to insure. Costs are based on a percentage of this, though when calculated against potential loss, credit insurance makes good business sense. What level of cover is provided? Usually the level of indemnity is 90% with a first loss starting from £500 whichever is the greater would apply, however, we do try to tailor a policy to meet your individual needs . Your FREE quote will include: No obligation or cost Free review of your top 10 clients All paperwork handled for you Quick turnaround of quote Business Cost Reduction Associates Ltd is an Introducer Appointed Representative of Inspire Risk Management Ltd which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Business Cost Reduction Associates Ltd. is licenced for credit brokerage under licence number 0648481 8
  9. 9. Water Our water audit can help you reduce your company’s water footprint, without affecting business efficiencies. So you can substantially reduce your bills whilst at the same time helping the environment. Plus, our water audit can look for up to 6 years’ worth of rebates – money that your company could be entitled to. We can also offer your business cost saving advice on the following: Automated meter readings Rainwater harvesting Greywater recycling ECA tax relief for water recycling equipment Trade effluent consents Bore hole feasibility How the water audit works: Step 1: carried out remotely to assess potential savings Historical usage is reviewed to ensure correct meterage/charges are valid for your supply Comparisons with your industry average are carried out to highlight any anomalies Step 2: carried out once potential savings are identified £19K rebate Our recent water audit of a mid- sized hotel complex in the South West identified over £19,000 in rebates, mainly due to incorrect tariffs over the previous 6 years. An engineer site visit to identify leaks. Any problems are fixed quickly and efficiently by civil works engineers Step 3: following the results of step 1 and 2 Your BCR Associates account manager will provide you with relevant proposals to increase your water sustainable future. Any rebates will be given at this stage One in three companies reviewed by us achieve a 10-45% savings on their annual water expenditure 9
  10. 10. Finance Whether your business is looking to raise finance to support growth or if you have found it difficult to get help elsewhere, we can assist. We have relationships with traditional banks and additional alternative finance providers through our extensive supply chain network of VCs, business angels and private investors. Our finance services: Foreign Exchange - exporting/receiving foreign currency, hedging strategies, overseas investment, online payment system Finance leasing Operating finance Asset based finance Venture capital Invoice discounting Factoring Tax efficient borrowing Electronic card payment services reCENT DEALS A social housing landlord in Bristol, with £14.2m AIB debt used BCR Associates to arrange a refinance package with RBS/LTSB down to £10m, incorporating a pension fund lending scheme. An overall £4.2m debt forgiveness over a 5-month process was achieved. An independent hotel operator in London with a loan of £1.9m with LTSB approached BCR Associates. We introduced the owner to AIB who offered a refinance deal of £1.56m i.e. an overall £34K debt forgiveness over a 2-month process. A limited company in Bristol employed BCR Associates to arrange back to back refinance through a private investor to move £455K with AIB down to £365K. We also negotiated for the client to remain in situ for a 12-month rent free period. Overall result was a £90K debt forgiveness over a 3-month process. Exclusive investor packages are available such as top up finance (mezzanine) on development debt. Through our relationships with traditional banks, private investors, VCs and business angels we can look for the right funding to suit your needs. Still using your bank for your FX? Here are some example savings which you could make from our competitive currency rates*: Currency transacted Example savings £100,000 £250,000 £500,000 £1,000,000 £2,000 to £3,000 £5,000 to £7,500 £10,000 to £15,000 £20,000 to £30,000 * Currency transacted in GBP and example savings are p.a. Business Cost Reduction Associates Ltd. is licenced for credit brokerage under licence number 0648481. 10
  11. 11. Rateable Values We work with companies to review and reclaim overspend on business rates. How does it work? The Valuations Office Agency (VoA) rate list came into effect on 1st April 2010 and will be re-issued every 5 years for all commercial properties in the UK. These ratings valuations determine how much your business will pay for the next 5 years, however calculations are often incorrect as they can be based on “drive-by” and out-of-date information, rather than on actual surveys taken of your premises. This can mean that you are placed on the wrong scale. Pursuing an appeal can yield significant savings and rebates, whether you are a small privately owned business or a multi-national and there are many different grounds for appeal. We can help with the following: Business rate appeal Business rate management Empty property rates Business rate relief Business rate audit Business rate mitigation For companies on the wrong scale, this can mean overpaying by thousands of pounds - money which would be better used elsewhere in the business. We can assess if you are eligible for a ratings reassessment or a rebate at appeal. We provide advice on all types of property including: retail, factory outlets, offices, hotels, warehousing and the motor trade 11
  12. 12. Vehicles Still weighing up leasing versus buying? In most cases, it makes sense for a company to lease vehicles rather than invest in outright purchases - mainly to protect against capital depreciation. Leasing also offers other benefits such as claiming back a portion of VAT, direct delivery of vehicles to your door and inclusion of road tax and maintenance. Our consultants have extensive experience in securing complete vehicle solutions to meet your needs and can also source finance if required. Our services cover: Vehicle supply Leasing finance Flexible leasing terms Contract hire Contract purchase Personal leasing 50% VAT reclaims on monthly rentals Road fund licences Mileage contracts Insurance policies MOTs Warranties and maintenance Roadside assistance Delivery and collection Low emission vehicles Why use us? Free, no-obligation easy comparison Fully managed service without any fees Expert advice Dedicated named account manager All tendering, negotiation and paperwork dealt with by us No requirement too complex or large Dependable, nationwide leasing services for all types of vehicles. Call us to find out more 12
  13. 13. Sustainable Business “I can’t afford to go green” It’s a common misunderstanding that it costs more to make your business sustainable. And if your business is in, or deals with, the public sector you can’t afford not to have a demonstrable sustainability policy which outlines your corporate social responsibilty. Simple steps such as switching to carbon neutral service providers can ensure there is no net contribution to your supply chain footprint. Our green advice and services cover: Energy Green energy – sustainable renewables Reducing carbon emissions – tips for reducing your emissions/consumption with no or low cost actions Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECAs) – 100% tax relief on investment in energy efficient equipment Water Reducing your water footprint Water saving technologies Water recycling technologies Saving money through water efficiencies Printing Mobile technology – access data wherever, reducing the need to print Solid ink technology - reducing printing costs by 62% compared with laser printers Reduced consumable wastage White glove technology – no messy cartridges Banking/Insurance Proven sustainability credentials of panel banks All types of cover from green insurance providers Vehicles Leasing hybrid, electric and low emission vehicles Telecoms Carbon neutral telecoms providers Low green call rates and line rentals “Green minutes” with net-zero carbon footprints “In a survey of over 500 small business decision makers, three quarters of respondents say they are taking at least one measure to make their office greener” UK YouGov survey, 2010 13
  14. 14. Working With Introducers Embedded Added Value For Your Clients. Why work with BCR Associates? Enhance the value of your client services BCR Associates have developed strong relationships with accountants, IFAs, banks, solicitors and other professional advisors across the UK to enhance the value of their client services and to offset client fees. Increase your competitive edge at no extra cost Help clients to boost their profitability through cutting overspend Enable your clients to focus on their core skills of running their business In short our key objective is to help save businesses time and money and remove the time and hassle of having to deal with masses of paperwork, remembering multiple renewal dates and negotiating with various suppliers. By working with us, you can extend this service to your clients and set yourself apart from your competitors. All cash realised by your customers is extra profits and provides choice and options, whether for their business itself or for director/partner remuneration and/or investment. We can work in three main ways with introducers and are happy to discuss the options available. To find out more get in touch with us. “I refer clients to BCR Associates for a couple of reasons. Firstly, they give a very good service and have managed to find some good cost savings. Secondly, it helps with my customer care. I believe people do business with people and any opportunity to put two people together where they may benefit is very important. I’ve only received good feedback from clients who have used the services of BCR Associates and I believe that reflects well on my firm.” Nigel Hardy, Partner Baker Tilly 14
  15. 15. Case Studies Housing Association This client had 50 gas meters across their portfolio and was struggling with the cost and admin burden of their utilities. They had just missed terminating on their electricity supplies, however we were able to reduce their gas expenditure by £27,679 (27.74%). Additionally we arranged for consolidated billing with one end date, contact point and direct debit payment and have diarised their electricity contracts review at the next renewal. National Car Rental Company Electricity/ Gas Telecoms Our client had been managing their telecoms bills directly with BT over a period of years and had never taken the time to review their contracts. Their telecoms usage included fixed landlines rentals and calls, VOIP, mobiles and NGN intelligent number routing which BCR Associates were able to put out to tender and achieve savings of £83,000 over a 24-month period. The new contracts also featured increased service levels from one of the UK’s leading B2B telecoms providers. Farming/Distribution An arable farm/food distribution company contaced us to review their spiralling energy costs and to work towards a low carbon future. BCR Associates cost review reduced energy costs by £10,415 p.a. and we advised the client on anaerobic digestion. We also identified considerable telecoms overspend and unsuitable tariffs and were able to reduce this cost by £34,230 (62%) p.a. Their new telecoms supplier is now carbon neutral, supporting their efforts to go “green”. Boutique Ladies Fashion Shop Our client had been with the same insurer since opening her shop 10 years previously and didn’t see the need to look for alternative quotes. As she had never reviewed her policy she had no idea to what extent she was covered when we contacted her. Our insurance expert identified she was not covered for “business interruption” which was about to become important due to the planned road development outside her shop front over the coming months. By switching insurers this cover was put in place giving her peace of mind and overall savings of 37%. Business Rates A large manufacturing client had recently bought out another firm and as a result was left with empty property which they wanted to sell off. In order to mitigate their rates liablity during this period, we implemented the practice of “intermittent occupation”, whereby the premises were occupied for a term of at least 43 days and then vacated again, triggering a 6-month 100% rates relief period. This cycle was repeated until a buyer was found for the unwanted premises, saving the client over £23,000 over 13 months. This can also be used for offices, where a 3-month relief period is achieved. HR / Health & Safety Energy/ Telecoms/ Sustainability Insurance Business Rates HR/H&S A client approached us after attending one of our regular HR seminars as they were concerned about their lack of social media policy. They had noticed growing online and smart phone usage by their staff during working hours, which was having negative effect on productivity. Our HR experts not only worked with them to introduce a “social media at work policy” but also identified other areas in the business which needed to be addressed such as keeping staff files up to date and publishing their full set of policies for employees to refer to. 15
  16. 16. Sectors Covered Leisure/Hospitality Restaurants, cafes, hotels, sports clubs/grounds/halls, leisure clubs, tourist attractions, pubs, caterers, associations. Manufacturing Industrial engineering, food, beverages/brewing, consumer products, high tech, automotive, chemical, textiles, printing, cosmetics, pharmaceutical. Professional Services Accountants, IFAs, banks, law firms, investment companies, architects, estate/land agents, insurance brokers, business consultants. Education Nurseries, primary schools, secondary schools, academies, colleges, universities, private schools. Media/Technology Publishers, graphic/web designers, radio and TV broadcasters, IT support service providers. Retail/Wholesale Shops, shopping centres, Business Improvement Districts (BIDs). Charities/Not-For-Profit Shops, community centres, residential. Transportation Public and private sector. Care Homes/Residential Care Public and private sector. Agricultural/Forestry/Fisheries Farms, co-operatives, associations. Churches/Religious Organisations/Community Groups Healthcare Dentists/doctors/hospitals (public and private sector). Construction/Property Small independants to large nationals. Distribution Fleet, warehousing, storage, freight. 16
  17. 17. If you would like a no-cost, no-obligation review of any of your running costs, or if you would like to discuss how we can help your business to save time and hassle on essential services, please get in touch: BCR Associates T: 0844 824 3838 E: W: Business Cost Reduction Associates Limited. Registered and postal office: Darwin House, Southernhay Gardens, Exeter EX1 1NP. Company registration: 5537190. © 2013 BCR Associates