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  • A virtual briefcase…
  • What do you want your portfolio to say about you??? This is a reflection of YOU!You CAN judge a book by it’s cover – and yours will be judged… overall look and layout of your portfolio will be noticedTo begin…Decide what you want it to look like & what you will includeShould be attractive, well organized & relevant to the job you are seekingIt will serve as a reflection of who you are and highlight your skills & accomplishments
  • Outside the Box Job Searching - E-Folio

    1. 1. “The important thing isnt where you are, but where youre going.”
    2. 2. … in order to know where you are going, you need toknow where you came from…
    3. 3.  Accomplishments, traits, experience, knowl edge & skills
    4. 4. WAIT!Before we Jump in….
    5. 5.  It enables you to link your qualifications with the needs of an employer or industry They get you into the habit of documenting your accomplishments and help chart professional growth You will be far better prepared to talk about yourself during an interview or a performance review Provides evidence Helps you get a job offer
    6. 6.  Job seekers who used portfolios reported receiving more job offers with starting salaries typically 30 percent higher than those who did not Survey conducted by a university career services with 100 school districts reported that the use of a career portfolio "significantly" influenced the hiring of 75 percent of those who used portfolios
    7. 7.  It enables you to get more information to the employer prior to an interview You are easily “searchable” You create impressions from the start – positive ones!  Tech Savvy  Organized  Creative Allows for more creativity to shine through Another avenue to market yourself You have something to “reference” during your interview Easy to update It’s free!
    8. 8.  A sophisticated online career scrapbook Living showcase of your education, career and personal achievements Let’s check it out again…
    9. 9.  Welcome/Home Employment History  Resume  Education  Contact Info
    10. 10.  Philosophy  Professional memberships Skills  Internships Certifications/Licenses  Work samples References  Volunteer Activities Presentations  Letters of recommendation Honors & Awards  Quotes/Photos
    11. 11.  Share the link love! – Cover Letter – Resume – Linkedin – Facebook – Business Card
    12. 12.  Decide what you want to say… Complete a traditional portfolio first Purchase a flash drive and… Create a folder with… – Files – Pictures – Wording
    13. 13. www.efoliomn.com