Finding work at forty plus


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  • Impossible times video
  • The grass is not always greener on the other side… (as in this case, for the younger job seekers). They are saying the same things! I can’t find work… they tell me I don’t have enough experience, I’m too young…
  • She is 91!
  • I’m guessing…You want some ideasYou need toolsYou want tipsRight? Great! That is what we are here to do today! What we are NOT here to do today… commiserate about “age discrimination” or what is “wrong” with the world today… Why? Because it doesn’t help!! A word here about the phrase "age discrimination." All too often, when you send out a resume, and it doesn't get you an interview and seems to disappear into some black hole; or after interviewing, when you haven't gotten the job offer; it's natural to feel frustrated. This becomes a problem only when frustration turns into anger. It's all too easy to blame it all on "age discrimination." Sure, it does exist. But the easy way out is to view "age discrimination" as the cause of all of your frustrations. It's important to distinguish between real "age discrimination", which, believe it or not, is rare, and other facts, which can be dealt with and triumphed over. An example of this is salary -- if you're very experienced, and asking for more than the prospective employer can, or wants to pay, you probably won't get the job. If it's obvious that you only want the job as a stepping-stone to another job, you won't get the offer. If you feel uncomfortable having a younger boss, the person who may be interviewing you, someone else will be chosen. If your technical knowledge is out-of-date, if you don't know the basics of some of the programs like Word, or Excel, or Powerpoint, and they're required for the job, you won't be chosen. None of these are "age discrimination" issues. All can be dealt with.
  • Go out of your way to stress your commitment to keeping your skills current and remaining up-to-date with the latest technical advances in your field. Also, you will need to PROVE that you are doing something to keep skills current.There is no way around this -- lacking technical proficiency is today's ultimate deal breaker. Therefore, if you need to brush up on your skills, do so. You don't want to lose out on a great position when a little training could make all the difference.
  • You become a weird person with no reaction to life but a fake smile and a bunch of motivational quotes spewing from your mouthYou realize where you are at and decide to find solutions to problems, answers to questions and relief from emotional stresses – and if that is what you decide… that is what will happen for you. Until we can let go of some of the “yes, but” or negative thinking… we won’t be able to move forward. If you focus on solutions, they do appear!
  • Finding work at forty plus

    1. 1. Sarah Rach-Sovich
    2. 2. Which are you? Excellent Good Average Old Dog
    3. 3. It’s all about perspective… Foundational Tips, tricks, tools, techniques… All useless! Unless….
    4. 4. Age isn’t an issue for… Obama – 51 Romney – 65
    5. 5. How old is her attitude?
    6. 6. Is this why you came today?
    7. 7. Barriers/Myths Appearance of complacency (loss of drive) Lack of skills  Especially computer Not willing to change or learn Resumes/Cover Letters  Don’t have one, out of date Not knowing what you have to offer Hesitancy to “toot your own horn” Allowing others to get you down Letting yourself have a bad attitude Looking at problems, not solutions
    8. 8. Solution Storming!
    9. 9. SOLUTIONS: Appearance of complacency (loss of drive) Commitment to keeping your skills current Deal-breaker… A little training can make a BIG difference Meetings & conferences Research, read & talk to people Training – in person or online Appearance
    10. 10. SOLUTIONS: Lack of skills (especially computer) Free Online Trainings handout Learn & practice Gain computer skills  Learn Microsoft Office  Email – Have one & use it  Get on LinkedIn & Facebook
    11. 11. SOLUTIONS:Not willing to change or learn
    12. 12. SOLUTIONS: Resumes/Cover Letters (don’t have one, out of date) Create one – or many Times New Roman font Don’t use the same format as everyone else It’s not an autobiography Functional or combination resume formats Leave off dates Cover letter key points
    13. 13. SOLUTIONS: Not knowing what you have to offer Complete a skills inventory –
    14. 14. SOLUTIONS:Hesitancy to “toot your own horn”
    15. 15. SOLUTIONS: Allowing others to get you down Sometimes what you remove from your life can add to your life
    16. 16. SOLUTIONS:Letting yourself have a bad attitude
    17. 17. SOLUTIONS:Looking at problems, not solutions
    18. 18. I’m not suggesting… I am suggesting…