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Cover letter chaos


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Cover letter chaos

  1. 1.  No longer one style  Solicited, unsolicited, broadcast  Format – 3 paragraph vs. list Boringis out! Customization is a MUST OVER 85% OF EMPLOYERS SURVEYED SAY THE COVER LETTER IS IMPORTANT OR VERY IMPORTANT!
  2. 2. COVER LETTERS  Should be personalized  Look professional Target your skills
  4. 4. Dear Mr. Tucker (kid is networked or informed enough to directly addressthe hiring manager, nice)Application for director (hiring manager gets what this letter is about)I am writing to apply to be the new Director of the National Railway Museum.I am only 6 but I think I can do this job. (Acknowledge surface limitation, butimmediately discount it, and boldly assert competence and confidence)I have an electrick train track. I am good on my train track. I can control 2trains at once. (Demonstrable and relevant skills. Indicates passion for thework as well. Two trains at once in not easy)[PHOTO]I have been on lots of trains including Eurostar and some trains in France.(Interest and expertise in the field) I have visited the museum before.(Familiarity with the business) I loved watching the trains go round on theturntable. (Humanizes and connects at an emotional level)On the other side is a picture of me.Hopefully I can come and meet you for an interview. (Asks for the interview)
  5. 5. I am writing inregard to theposition of________ at_________.
  6. 6.  Dear Dave, I call you that because I feel I’ve known you for years. Dear Mr. Todd: I would like to aply for the position of editoral asistent Dear Mr. Todd: My mother told me I should … Dear Mr. Todd: You don’t know me, but … Dr. Mr. Todd: Your company appears to be violating the Equal Opportunities Amendment and to help you rectify the situation, I would like to…
  7. 7. “Please acceptthis resume inresponse to the “With over 10 years of profit-driven project______ position management experience, Iadvertised on the feel I would be an ideal candidate for the ______Minnesota Works position advertised on thejob bank…” Minnesota Works job bank.”
  8. 8. Whiz of a Sales Executive: I was born knowing about selling the sizzle, not the steak. An executive risktaker, I drive business to the next level. Application of enthusiastic confidence generates new customers and competitively positions products. I consistently overcome obstacles and generate product loyaltywhile increasing company’s profits and global market recognition
  9. 9. How have I evolved over the course of my career?What specific and general contributions have I made toeach employer I’ve worked for, as well as my field as awhole?What vision do I hold for my career and field?What are my brand attributes (adjectives to describeaccomplishments, skills, etc.)?What are my professional goals?
  10. 10.  My experiences in office administration and client services have equipped me with a multitude of skills including office management, business operations, and exemplary customer service. I am confident that my application of these and my many other skills would be an asset to your company.
  11. 11.  Integrity. Innovation. Initiative. If you have these qualities in mind for the position of _____ then I suggest we meet to discuss the numerous qualifications I would bring to your organization. With my demonstrated track record of successfully directing pharmacy operations and introducing initiatives that directly impacted the bottom line, I am confident that I would be an excellent fit for the position at _________.
  12. 12. Don’t rehash your resume! Don’t bad mouth your former employer!
  13. 13. DON’T BE AFRAID TO SAY: “I am an excellent candidate for this position and I look forward to meeting with you to discuss how I can contribute to your company” State your interest in the job! “Sarah is a very valuable asset to the work force center. She is knowledgeable, energetic and is a great teacher. She works well with all types of people assisting them to secure a job in this tight market.” WorkForce Center Client
  14. 14. ALWAYS END BY: Thanking them for their time and stating your next move “I will call you on May 3rd” or “I will contact you next week” or “You can expect to hear from me by May 3rd”  Shows you will take charge and take the lead  If you say you will, you better!
  15. 15. COVER LETTER OOPS… “Thank you for your consideration. I hope to hear from you shorty!”
  16. 16. 1. Visual impact mistakes 7. Interest creation mistakes2. Style mistakes 8. Personalization mistakes3. Mismatch mistakes 9. Pre-delivery mistakes4. Research mistakes 10. Post-delivery mistakes5. Grammatical mistakes 11. Employer response6. Detail mistakes mistakes 12. Just plain dumb mistakes
  17. 17. July 8th, 2012Mr. John SmithAlco, Inc.217 West StreetJohnson, VA 24132Dear Mr. Smith:Enclosed find a copy of my resume. Please consider me for the position ofwelder that was advertised in the Roanoke Times and World News.I believe I am qualified for your position. I have six years of welding experiencein an industrial setting. Furthermore, I am a very dependable worker as shownby the fact that I have only missed two days of work in the last five years.Finally, I am available to work any shift at any of your three plants.I look forward to hearing from you. I can best be reached after 3:00 p.m.onweekdays and anytime on weekends.Sincerely,Andrew S. Jones
  18. 18.  Check your spelling and grammar  Hiring is NOT the same as highering or hiering  Fast paced is NOT the same as: face paced or fast paste  The abbreviation for Assistant is ASST not… Be sure you have addressed it to the right person  No: Sir or Madam  Be specific – do some research
  19. 19.  Have letter proofread  More eyes the better!  You will read over your mistakes Be sure you are referencing the right position/company  Sending a letter to 3M that says Douglas Machines… oops! Sign it  Actual signature  Electronically – different font Send it  In person, mail, email, fax