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What, Why and How of Blogging in the Classroom

Published in: Education, Technology
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  1. 1. Blogging what, why and how?
  2. 2. What?
  3. 5. Online
  4. 7. Discussion
  5. 9. Why?
  6. 10. Blog Types Information Centre Student Centred Teacher Led Collaborative (wiki)
  7. 11. Information Centre Centralised content Paperless Marking books
  8. 12. Teacher led Teacher guided discussion Pause and reflect Multimodal Assessment
  9. 13. Student led Reflect, redraft Multimodal Personal Learning Network Assessment
  10. 14. E-Safety Registered users only Limited comments Terms of Service Moderation
  11. 15. What next? (must be 13 or over Blogger bar links to other blogs)