Mappable - UXDi Fall 2013 - Project 3


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Design document for Mappable as part of coursework for UXDi Fall 2013.

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Mappable - UXDi Fall 2013 - Project 3

  1. 1. Mappable GA Fall 2013 UXDi Sarah Papp Thursday, October 10, 13
  2. 2. Introducing Mappable Mappable is a web-based interactive application and service that allows users to customize 3D elevation maps and purchase 3D printings of their creations. It is set to launch by the end of the 2013 and will use Shapeways to fulfill orders. Business Goals • Launch a fun, usable web application and store • Provide customers with unique artifacts that tie back to geographic areas of personal significance Thursday, October 10, 13
  3. 3. Mappable Key Screens Location Selection Home Customization Cart Thursday, October 10, 13
  4. 4. GA Fall 2013 UXDi Planning Thursday, October 10, 13
  5. 5. Key Partners Shapeways (3D printing service) Open Cart (e-commerce platform) Private 3D Printer or Printer Service Key Activities 3D Printing Service Software Development Value Proposition Highly customized 3D maps Customer Relationships Co-create and Self-service (customers will be able to operate the web application to create a 3D model and then a spec will be automatically submitted to the printing service) Key Resources Web-based 3D map/asset creation application 3D Printers Channels Mappable Website Shapeways Store Front Physical Delivery Service Customer Segments Map Enthusiasts 3D Printing Enthusiasts Hobbyists Marathon Runners Cycling Enthusiasts Souvenir Hunters Cost Structure 3D Printing Service Physical Distribution of Products Web and Data Hosting Costs Software/Application Development Revenue Stream Customized asset sales Pricing is a fixed rate based on material and size of printing Overview Product Statement/Elevator Pitch Mappable is a web-based interactive application and service that allows users to customize 3D elevation maps for use as displays or as part of craft projects or jewelry. It is set to launch by the end of the 2013 and will use Shapeways to print and deliver user-customized 3D maps. Launch and Future Growth Upon launch, Mappable will take advantage of Shapeways’ vendor storefront, using the e-commerce platform provided therein as well as order fulfillment and shipping services. Customers will be able to visit the Mappable website, generate a 3D map ready for printing and then be transported to Shapeways to complete their order. Customers will also be able to find out and access Mappable products through Shapeways, but the customization app will live on the Mappable site. When Mappable has outgrown Shapeways, then an e-commerce platform (likely Opencart) will be implemented and an alternate 3D printer solution will possibly also be adopted. Mappable Business Model Canvas Thursday, October 10, 13
  6. 6. Paypal Opencart MagentoGo Spree Zencart OSCommerce Overview Offers versatile cart functionality that can go inside of existing site or ecommerce platform. Open source MagentoGo is the scaled down version of one of the industries favorite platforms. It grows with the user, but it is very scaled down. Ruby on Rails based, Spree offers stability and customization, but needs a Ruby developer to implement Open sourced solution, PHP and MySQL compatible. Open Source Commerce is compatible with any web server with PHP or MySQL installed Pricing Transaction percentage and monthly fee ranging from $0 - $30. Free software; Transaction percentage $15 per month Transaction percentage Free software; Transaction Percentage Free software; Transaction Percentage Payment Gateway Accepts payments in 24 currencies and 190 countries, and accept all major credit cards. Partnered with major payment companies such as PayPal 17 payment gateways, including PayPal,, Sage Major credit cards Partnered with major payment companies such as PayPal Partnered with major payment companies such as PayPal Site Customization The cart can be integrated into an existing website, so no need to effect existing architecture. Customizable Limited customization, lots of templates to choose from but really designed for store owners to grab and go Very customizable Fairly customizable, lots of options and templates Very customizable Ease of Use Easy Some learning curve, but relatively easy for a non- developer to implement Fairly easy Needs a Ruby developer to implement Of the open sourced options, has the smallest learning curve. Some learning curve, but there is a fairly active community Customer Support Available Community-based Slow, but professional Community and paid Forum, community based Forum, community based E-commerce Platform Analysis Thursday, October 10, 13
  7. 7. Mappable Society for Printable Geography Terrainator TinyMtn Terrafab Nervous System Overview / Product Offering Mappable offers highly customized 3D printed maps. Users can select geographic area, scale, colors, material, shape, and framing in addition to overlay images. SFPG offers jewelry, mirrors, puzzles, iPhone cases, and other special projects mainly in the shape of countries with some room for more customization. Terrainator provides completely customized 3D files based on a fairly comprehensive set of elevation data TinyMtn is a store on Shapeways that offers 3D maps of select geographic regions, mainly mountains in the Pacific Northwest. Terrafab offers customizable models of Norway and the surrounding areas. Nervous System doesn’t offer maps, but they do sell customized 3D jewelry. Printing Solution Shapeways Sculpteo and Shapeways Shapeways Shapeways Shapeways Shapeways Pricing Dependent entirely on customized options. Fixed pricing for country products and customized for their new line of iPhone cases, items start at $8 for inventory items and go up from there Dependent entirely on customized options. Flat rate Flat rate with additional fees for more expensive materials Flat rate and dependent on customized options Customizable Maps / Products Entirely customizable Menu selection (i.e. can choose country, material, size from a menu) and just launched Entirely customizable, but no frills (no framing, overlays or colors options) No Geographic area and materials only 2 different customizable lines, offer limited customization (i.e. change shape or direction, but little can be done to content) User Interface WIP Very slow customization module powered by Sculpteo, offers fun geography facts during wait time, fairly intuitive Uses home-grown customization module that seems to only work in Chrome, generally poor resolution Shapeways Home-grown (not powered by 3D printer service), relatively fast and responsive, offer intro/explanation Designed by Nervous using JS and Web GL, relatively fast, somewhat difficult to design desired end product Materials Color requires sandstone or ceramic, other than that, no restraints Metals, Glass, Plastics, Resin Select from Shapeways’ available materials Resins and plastics Sandstone Metals, plastics, resin, felt, Website www.printablegeography. com/ http:// shops/TinyMtn http:// Competitive Analysis Thursday, October 10, 13
  8. 8. Opportunity Analysis Customized 3D Printed Maps Clean UI More Customization Options Color Size Images Shape Easy Stable Fast While there are a few other players in the customized 3D printed map space, there is definitely room for improvement in the overall experience design (even the more successful of the bunch) that Mappable can use to its advantage. Specifically, the web sites of Terrainator, Terrafab, Society for Printable Geography, and even Nervous System have problematic navigation, issues with their customization modules, and sometimes browser display problems. The customization aspect is also a place where Mappable can differentiate itself from the group as currently the main focus seems to be on customized location with no ability to select colors, shape, size, etc. Thursday, October 10, 13
  9. 9. Mappable User Research Research Areas • Who are the potential customers? “I love 3D printing!” - Technology lovers “I’m a map person.” - Map lovers “Wow--I would actually buy that.” - DIY folks • What will customers do with their maps? Display Use for crafts, jewelry • How do people find new products that mainly provide delight and nothing else? Word of mouth, websites (Fab., ThinkGeek, Amazon, etc.), social media • MVP may require customer to customize map on the Mappable website and then purchase on Shapeways. Will moving the customer to a different site to purchase affect their willingness to complete the transaction? “Not for the right product.” “If it’s to a site I know and trust, then I’ll be happy. I don’t like giving my credit card information to random websites.” Method Online Survey: 3 responses Online Forum Questions: 1 question with 8 responses In Person Interviews: 11 Opportunity Mappable’s immediate niche lies within the technology and map enthusiast arena with some overlap between the two. There’s definitely room for growth into souvenirs and crafts, but more research combined with trial and error will need to be done in order to reach those people better. Thursday, October 10, 13
  10. 10. Background Josh is a PhD candidate in physics at Stanford and often engages in activities focused around hiking, biking, and spending time with his friends. He lives in Mountain View with a few close roommates who are also grad students at Stanford and he mainly gets around on his bike. As an urban cyclist, he is fascinated by maps, especially terrain maps. He moved to Mountain View from Seattle, WA and bought his first local map on arrival, but has purchased many maps since, including maps of his hometown. He uses maps for navigation and decorating his apartment. He definitely misses home and loves anything that reminds him of Seattle, so he has a display map of Washington on his wall. He thinks it looks pretty good and is thinking about other ways he can integrate maps into the decor. He doesn’t shop a lot, but likes to find cool new stuff for the apartment and give cool gifts to his friends. Josh | Map Lover Key Characteristics • 31 • Single • Some Grad School • Annual Income: $26,000 Habits • Bikes a lot • Frequently looks up terrain maps for bike routes • Not a big shopper Motivations • Tie to home • Likes to have cool things in the apartment • Needs unique gifts to give to his friends Not a lot of time for shopping Mappable User Personas Thursday, October 10, 13
  11. 11. Mappable User Personas Background Roger is an established career in software development. After working for several companies over the course of his career, he’s now working as a consultant to a few smaller organizations. When not working, he spends time with his wife of 21 years and their two teenage kids, often at the family home in Berkeley relaxing, at the beach, or out at education oriented venues like museums. He loves following new technological developments and is extremely interested in 3D printing and where it could go. He considers himself an amateur geologist/naturalist/ ecologist and finds imagery of Earth’s features fascinating. He loves finding new ways to relate to his family and share things he loves with them. Roger | Avid Tech Adopter Key Characteristics • 57 • Married • BS Psychology • Annual Income: $230,000 Habits • Works 40 - 50 hours per week • Stays abreast of technology goings on • Spends a lot of time online, focusing on tech news and hot science topics Motivations • Learning more about new technologies • Bonding with his family • Nurturing his love of geology and environmental sciences Thursday, October 10, 13
  12. 12. Background Gene works as a server in an upscale restaurant and lives with her longterm boyfriend in San Francisco. In the last couple of years, she’s taken up marathon running and rock climbing. The time she spends training and doing runs really means a lot to her and she loves taking and sharing pictures of the entire process from early training sessions to the finish line. She also loves getting her friends involved in her activities. She plans hikes around the hills and mountains nearby as well and delights in documenting each activity. Photo sharing and commemorating the good times are big things with Gene. She is also an avid traveler, taking lots of vacation photos and snagging souvenirs from her holiday spots. Gene | Sentimental Marathoner Key Characteristics • 26 • Single • Some College • Annual Income: $62,000 Habits • Works a lot • Trains for marathons and very active • Spends a lot of time online, mostly on Facebook and Instagram catching up with friends and sharing photos or shopping Motivations • Keeping in touch with friends • Sharing Memories • Commemorating milestones such as marathons or great vacations Mappable User Personas Thursday, October 10, 13
  13. 13. Mappable Collaborative Design (In Lieu of Card Sort) Top 5 Findings 1. Shape Customization Tool May Need Relocation in Flow Specifically, should the shape option be placed in the geographic location selection screen? Pro: Gives users a taste of customization options to come and something fun to play with right away Pro: Differentiates experience immediately from competitors Con: Users might want to change shape on the customization page when they chose other customization options Conclusions: A/B Prototype Test 2. Addition of Separate Screen for Billing and Shipping Information Needed Pro: Less cluttered Check Out screen and adopts popular checkout flow Con: One more screen for users to get through before purchase Conclusion: Added screen 3. Addition of “Apply Saved Spec” Button to Customization Screen Pro: Users can easily apply saved customization options to current projects Conclusion: Added button 4. Reconsider “Spec” terminology Conclusion: Use testing to determine if there is a better term for saved settings from past projects (and something that easily fits on a button. 5. Consideration of Guest Check Out Pro: Generally accepted as good practice to allow this Con: Projects would not be saved, thereby preventing folks who don’t sign up from a fairly powerful feature Note: Amazon requires account login to checkout as well as others in the 3D printing arena Conclusion: After presenting at halfway standup, it was made clear that a guest checkout option was strongly suggested, so guest checkout is what happened. Thursday, October 10, 13
  14. 14. Mappable Design Hypothesis Method I analyzed several websites (5 formally and many more informally) for companies in the same or similar markets a well as conducted interviews of potential customers. Opportunity Mappable could use the relatively poor experience design of others companies making similar products to its advantage. Integrating more customization options and a more streamlined purchase experience would set Mappable apart. Findings Competitive analysis provided a lot of design inspiration on what would work and what could be improved on. Thursday, October 10, 13
  15. 15. Mappable Conceptual Iteration Some pre-digital sketches were done to work out the flow and key screen elements. Thursday, October 10, 13
  16. 16. Mappable Prototype Design Iteration The iteration process focused on making the product and flow as simple, fast, and easy to understand as possible. Many iterations were needed as feedback and ideas emerged through user testing. Home Page Version 2 Thursday, October 10, 13
  17. 17. Mappable Prototype Design Iteration Continued The iteration process focused on making the product and flow as simple, fast, and easy to understand as possible. Many iterations were needed. Home Page Version 1 Thursday, October 10, 13
  18. 18. Mappable Prototype Design Iteration Continued The iteration process focused on making the product and flow as simple, fast, and easy to understand as possible. Many iterations were needed. Gallery Feature Thursday, October 10, 13
  19. 19. Mappable User Testing Method I tested various versions of my prototype with 7 people. I prompted scenarios and think-aloud feedback. Feedback Highlights “The checkout process seems to take a really long time.” “Guest checkout is a must have.” “What does ‘spec’ mean?” “What does Mappable do again?” Findings User testing proved invaluable in adding or removing features. Key screens affected were the Cart, Customization page, Home page, and Gallery feature. I ended up removing the Gallery and making additions and design changes to the other pages. Thursday, October 10, 13
  20. 20. GA Fall 2013 UXDi Design Specification Thursday, October 10, 13
  21. 21. Starts on “Home” Mappable Customer Journey Create Map Select Geographic Area Customize Shape Size Color Images Material View Preview Select “Buy Now” Shopping Cart Checkout Thursday, October 10, 13
  22. 22. Mappable User Roles New Shopper Visits the site, but does not have an account. Can customize and purchase maps, but cannot save anything for later (orders or specs). Registered Shopper Has signed up for an account and can use the save features for specs and orders in addition to the customization tools. Thursday, October 10, 13
  23. 23. Geographic Location Selection Customize Your Map Home Mappable Concept Model Size ShapeColor Material Image Purchase Save Account Log In Thursday, October 10, 13
  24. 24. Mappable Site Map Home About How it Works Log In Gallery Location Selection Customization Cart Check Out Confirmation Account Sign Up Thursday, October 10, 13
  25. 25. Mappable User Flows: Purchase Starts on “Home” Select Geographic Area Customize Higher Res Save Specification and/or Shopping Cart Checkout Confirm Thursday, October 10, 13
  26. 26. Starts on “Home” Mappable User Flows: Account Creation Login Account Setup Confirm Thursday, October 10, 13
  27. 27. Starts on “Home” Mappable User Flows: Save Custom Specification Select Geographic Area Transform 2D to 3D Image Lower Res Customize Higher Res + Save Specification + Account Thursday, October 10, 13
  28. 28. Mappable Key Screens - Annotated Home A B C D E A - The About section gives some background about Mappable and the founder. B - The Account section requires users to log in and provides information on past orders, saved orders, and saved specs as well as personal information such as shipping and payment information. C - The Cart section. D - How It Works simply explains the Mappable process. E - Create Your 3D Map propels the user into the map creation process. Thursday, October 10, 13
  29. 29. Mappable Key Screens - Annotated Location Selection A - A lower resolution render of the current selected area. B - User-selected geographic area. C - Zoom function on map. D - Location search: users can enter cities, landmarks, or lat/long coordinates. A B C D Thursday, October 10, 13
  30. 30. Mappable Key Screens - Annotated Customization A - Customization menu allows users to select print out shape, size, elevation scale, overlay, material, and color if applicable. B - 2D views of the model that also allow C - High resolution model. D - Spec options - users can apply saved specs and save the current spec to their accounts. E - Allows users to remove their customizations and start from the initial model. A B C D E Thursday, October 10, 13
  31. 31. Mappable Key Screens - Annotated Cart A - Allows users to save their maps to their accounts for later although login is required. B - Users can create another map to add to their order. C - What’s e-commerce without the checkout button? D - Users can remove items from the cart. E - Users can edit quantity as well. A B C D E Thursday, October 10, 13