Angaza Design Document UXDi Fall 2013 - Papp + Bachler


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Final class project for General Assembly Fall 2013 UXDi

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Angaza Design Document UXDi Fall 2013 - Papp + Bachler

  1. 1. Dashboard Redesign Sarah Papp | Chris Bachler UX Design Immersive, Fall 2013 General Assembly, San Francisco Wednesday, October 30, 13
  2. 2. Project Overview Background Solar powered lights that also charge your cell phone Off-grid worlds and emerging markets Pay As You Go (PAYG) Energy Hub Distributors Track revenue, support, and customer activity Page Wednesday, October 30, 13 2
  3. 3. Overview The Problem Adding new accounts and groups Documenting support issues Page Wednesday, October 30, 13 3
  4. 4. Project Overview The Solution Empower users Create and edit groups Generate account numbers Improve revenue tracking and customer activity Improve and guide customer support Page Wednesday, October 30, 13 4
  5. 5. Key Screens Dashboard Payment Activity Group Detail Page Account Detail Page Wednesday, October 30, 13 Page 5
  6. 6. Prototype Link: Page Wednesday, October 30, 13 6
  7. 7. Planning Wednesday, October 30, 13
  8. 8. Business Model Canvas Key Partners Sunny Money East African School Leadership Other Distributors Key Activities Creating and editing groups and accounts Creating and tracking support cases (either payment or general support oriented) Contacting Customers Tracking revenue and sales Value Proposition Customer Relationships Functional and intuitive dashboard Self-service - users will use the for sales distributors and support/ dashboard to generate accounts, create groups, and provide operations teams customer care Customer Segments Angaza operations personnel Third part distributors Key Resources Engineering team (building and implementing dashboard software) Operations and sales teams (guiding design of dashboard) Account Data Channels Dashboard site Angaza communications Cost Structure Revenue Stream Server space and time spent on using and developing dashboard Direct revenue for Angaza takes advantage of their Pay As You Go (PAYG) technology. The dashboard contributes to productivity, so ease of use is critical. Wednesday, October 30, 13
  9. 9. Competitive Analysis Current Dashboard CRM Solutions (Salesforce, Sugar, Access, Act!) Customer Support Software Solutions (Citrix Help Desk, Salesforce, Zen Desk) Recent Activity Can sort by date, otherwise, no feed or recent activity display Displayed in feed or in static list on open/home screen; links to recently viewed or edited pages/objects Displayed on Note Function Entirely by hand, location not logical, different users have same edit permissions On all object pages (i.e. a sales opportunities, accounts, campaigns, etc.), users can add in notes Big yes, users enter notes that have timestamps and their name automatically inserted History Display Sort by date; account detail page breaks into different categories in long list of entries Activity trackable, changes with dates and who made them also listed in object pages Activity tracked within case with date and user name tagged Search / Filters No search, limited filters Global search, tends to need correct spelling Search is available Create New Object Not possible, CTO does everything in the backend Users can do this Users can do this Upload Content (i.e. email, files, documents) Not possible, even from the backend Big yes--can upload to multiple locations and use global search to locate Can upload email and files to support case Wednesday, October 30, 13
  10. 10. User Research Method Top 5 Findings Opportunity Interviewed internal Angaza users and 3 non-Angaza personnel with related experience 1. CTO manually creates groups and account numbers 2. Key functions (notes and search) are buried within interface 3. Support will need to be handled entirely by distributors in the future 4. Distributors mainly care about revenue reporting and support 5. Angaza team cares about overall system in addition to support and revenue reporting function Bringing functionalities like search and notes forward while enabling users to create groups and generate accounts from within the dashboard are critical, but beefing up support capabilities and revenue data is key as well. Wednesday, October 30, 13
  11. 11. Opportunity Analysis Adding a core set of features to the dashboard will make it more usable and will allow Angaza to scale their business model with less frustrations. Core features include: Create Groups Edit Groups Generate Accounts Easily find open support cases Streamlined and easily found notes for accounts, groups, and support cases Wednesday, October 30, 13
  12. 12. Personas Jamie | Angaza Operations Team Lead Background Jamie has built a career in business operations in emerging markets and has worked in the alternative energy space for six years. She has been tasked with overseeing a robust and growing network of third party distributors for Angaza Design’s product line, which means she spends a lot of her time in the dashboard. Other job responsibilities include administering the supply chain for Angaza’s products, building up distributor relationships and expansion, as well as reporting financial information to the Angaza board and investors. She works long hours five days a week making sure the business runs smoothly and depends heavily on data collected inside the dashboard to make decisions and recommendations to her team and higher ups on business strategy. Getty Images Key Characteristics • 41 • Single • MBA • Tech Savvy Wednesday, October 30, 13 Technology Habits • Expert in Excel and other MS Office Suite • Uses the dashboard all day, five days a week for customer support and reporting • Constantly checking email • Uses smart phone Motivations • Provide great support to distributors • Access information within system quickly • Would like to make processes as simple as possible as more distributors come on board
  13. 13. Personas Alec | Angaza Distributor Background Alec is quick to gauge an opportunity and uses this to his advantage--he works as a third party distributor for several different manufacturers. He prides himself on working with both his customers and the makers of the gadgets he sells in order to provide great goods to people near his home base of Masanda, Kenya. He and his wife have three children, who all go to school and use the SoLite to study at night. He is extremely busy and likes using technology to make his business run better but doesn’t have a lot of time to learn knew systems or software. Getty Images Key Characteristics • 29 • Married • High School • Limited Experience with Technology Wednesday, October 30, 13 Technology Profile • Has an old IBM Thinkpad that he uses a few times a week for email • Is an expert at Mine Sweep • Fairly responsive to emails • Uses late model mobile phone Motivations • Revenue tracking • Maximizing sales and time spent making sales • Does not want to learn a complicated system or do anything that gets in the way of making more sales
  14. 14. Design Hypothesis Method We analyzed the current dashboard as well as popular CRM and support desk solutions. We also did some user research, all to gauge our core feature set and focus areas. Findings Our analysis and research pointed us to add a specific feature set that would provide the maximum amount of function for the minimum amount of bandwidth in order to accommodate a range of internet connectivity and technology usage. Opportunity A dashboard that allows users to create and edit groups, generate account numbers, as well as easily access revenue, customer data, support cases would prove to be a huge step in company growth. Wednesday, October 30, 13
  15. 15. Conceptual Iteration Sketching played a large role from the beginning of our ideation phase. These are just a few of those sketches. Wednesday, October 30, 13
  16. 16. Collaborative Design Top 5 Findings 1. Revenue needs to be more prominently displayed on dashboard home. Revenue is a main driver for the distributors to log in and use the dashboard to see how much money they will be receiving from sales. 2. Don’t add features to interface just to have them. If it takes the distributor and Angaza less time to complete the task over the phone, best to leave that feature out in this version at least. For example, unit ordering is done outside of the dashboard and should stay outside for now. 3. Account detail page should not have tabs. Hiding account information away in tabs isn’t strictly necessary to keep the page looking clean and having that information on a single page is very convenient. 4. Suggested support list placement should slide in and then possibly disappear as needed. 5. Leader board functionality needs to be applied to accounts and groups so that problems can be spotted easily. Wednesday, October 30, 13
  17. 17. Prototype Design Iteration Dashboard Home Note the tabbed layout, large map of Africa, and data callouts. Wednesday, October 30, 13
  18. 18. Prototype Design Iteration Account Detail Page Note the tabbed layout. Wednesday, October 30, 13
  19. 19. User Testing Top 5 Findings 1. Dashboard needs cleanup. Make sure sample data isn’t all the same and aligned correctly. Make sure each color means only one thing. Method We tested two near-target users--one with a sales and distribution background and another one with experience with a product and market very similar to Angaza. We also tested eight non-target users, people without sales or distribution experience or knowledge of the solar energy market. 2. For the open case listing on the dashboard, make it clear what the next steps are. Make relevant data available as well. 3. Account detail page needs some reorganization, especially the support section. Reconsider the work flow and the placement of corresponding page elements. 4. Map on dashboard might not be pulling its weight. Play around with the size and consider outright removal. 5. Account detail page needs more account data such as average payment size and default history. Wednesday, October 30, 13
  20. 20. Prototype Design Iteration - Continued Payment Activity Replaced separate payments, calls, and messages pages. Wednesday, October 30, 13
  21. 21. Prototype Design Iteration - Continued Account Detail Single view that includes statistics, history, and open cases. Wednesday, October 30, 13
  22. 22. Design Specification Wednesday, October 30, 13
  23. 23. User Roles Distributor Uses the site to facilitate sales, track payments, and generate revenue data. Needs to be able to create and edit groups and accounts as well as access relevant data. Also needs to be able to easily support customers. Wednesday, October 30, 13 Angaza Operations Team Member Uses the site to administer customer support and monitor system performance. Needs to be able to track and diagnose problems as well as access data on groups and accounts.
  24. 24. Sales/Distributor Journey Contacts School/ Sales Lead If lead is interested in SoLite, distributor schedules visit. Logs In to Angaza Pay as You Go (PAYG) Dashboard Creates New Group Enters Group Information Generates Account Numbers Delivers Account Numbers to Head Teacher / Sales POC Accounts Activate Automatically when Payments are Received Head teacher/ sales POC promotes product Key Customers opt to purchase Virtual, Outside of Dashboard Actions in Real World Actions in Dashboard Wednesday, October 30, 13 Customers make initial payment using Mobile Money, activating their account Units are ordered based on activated accounts Receives Units, already assigned to accounts, and delivers them to sales contact Tracks Payments and Revenue through Dashboard Sales contact distributes units Customers use SoLite and make regular payments via Mobile Money
  25. 25. Operations/Customer Support Journey Logs In to Angaza Pay as You Go (PAYG) Dashboard Views Recent Activity Feed Key Actions in Real World Actions in Dashboard Wednesday, October 30, 13 Selects Account that Needs Attention Views Account Detail Page Reviews Recent Account Activity Calls User to Resolve Support Issue Issue is Resolved Marks Case as Resolved
  26. 26. Concept Model Accounts Generate Dashboard Groups Create Support Cases Wednesday, October 30, 13 Quickview Revenue Payment Activity Edit
  27. 27. Login Site Map Dashboard Accounts Groups Generate Account Numbers Account Detail Account Overview Account History Account Ongoing Support Wednesday, October 30, 13 Group Detail Create Group New Group Form Payment Activity Search
  28. 28. Task Flow: Create Group and Generate Accounts Dashboard Groups Create Group and Add Accounts Wednesday, October 30, 13
  29. 29. Task Flow: Find Problem Accounts and Groups Dashboard Account View Group View Sort by Worst to Best Payment Activity Wednesday, October 30, 13 Sort by Worst to Best
  30. 30. Task Flow: Find Account and Resolve Support Case Dashboard Account Detail Wednesday, October 30, 13 New Case Resolve Case
  31. 31. Annotated Key Screens Dashboard A - Outstanding support issues with actionable ones in bold and issues waiting for customer action not bolded. B - Global search. C - Quick look at group performance based on revenue. D - Quick look at account. performance based on number of activations, unlocked, and support cases. E - Payment Activity addition to top navigation. E B A C D Wednesday, October 30, 13
  32. 32. Annotated Key Screens Account Detail A - Account information. B - Payment progress, how far along the customer is in paying off their device. C - Average payment amount. D - Missed payment information. E - Open issues, use this box to track ongoing issues, edit and close them. F - Account history, included resolved cases, past payments, calls, and messages. G - Suggested next steps depending on the type of issue selected. A E B C D F G Wednesday, October 30, 13
  33. 33. Annotated Key Screens Payment Activity A - Sortable data categories. B - Choose between Account and Group view. Wednesday, October 30, 13 A B
  34. 34. Annotated Key Screens Create Group A - Basic group information, name, number of units and account numbers needed, as well as geographic info. B - Add additional product, a feature they will need as they build out their product line. C - Add point of contact in case there are multiple people involved with the group. D - Pricing information, distributor can set custom pricing for groups. E - Notes. F - Add Group button saves the group. A B C D E Wednesday, October 30, 13 F
  35. 35. Thank You Sarah Papp | | (415) 350-1448 Chris Bachler | | (650) 208-8097 Page 35 Wednesday, October 30, 13