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C:\Documents And Settings\Sarah Powney\My Documents\Media Studies\Music Magazine Double Page Spread Drafts


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C:\Documents And Settings\Sarah Powney\My Documents\Media Studies\Music Magazine Double Page Spread Drafts

  1. 1. Music Magazine Double Page Spread Drafts<br />Sarah Powney<br />
  2. 2. First Draft<br />I began by writing the interview for my DPS. I think the layout is clear and easy to read and the different colours for the questions and answers is effective. I am going to ‘justify’ the columns which aligns the text to both the left and right margins, adding extra spaces where necessary. This will create a clean look and make the columns more separated. In addition, I will need to add something in the top right hand corner to fill the blank space.<br />
  3. 3. Second Draft<br />I justified the columns which I think makes the interview look neater and clearer to read. I have inserted a triangle saying exclusive interview in the corner which fills the blank space and explains what is on the page if you are just flicking through. I have also added a page number and date at the bottom to make the page look more conventional. In addition I have changed the colour of the pull quotes which I think now stand out. I am not completely satisfied however with the white background as it looks quite plain additionally I am going to add an introduction to the top of the interview.<br />
  4. 4. ThirdDraft<br />I have added a treble clef to help break up the plain white background. This also relates to the music theme incorporating the topic discussed in the interview. I have made the title smaller to fit in an introduction and put it in a red box to make it stand out from the background. However, I might change the colour of the text to add variation. In addition, I have put an ‘album cover’ at the bottom that I created using four of the photos I took in the original photo shoot. I have added acknowledgements up the side which again is a conventional feature in a magazine. <br />
  5. 5. Final Draft<br />This is my final draft of my double page spread. I have made a few minor changes including adding an outline of the title in black, changing the colour of the text in the red box and adding a red bar across the bottom. I think these changes have improved the overall look of the DPS and made it look more effective.<br />