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About Adtegrity.Pdf

  1. 1. Who is Founded in 1999. Located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. One of the last independent online advertising networks. Outstanding network quality from both the publisher (website owner) and advertiser perspective. A strong commitment to providing the highest level of customer service and support before, during and after the sale.
  2. 2. Great advertising deserves great content. In television, great advertising is dependent on popular, highly viewed content to draw viewers. Things work the same way on the web, advertising works best on popular top quality content. The problem is great content can exist anywhere on the web. How do you ensure your advertising gets the content it needs? Simple. Better Network Quality = Better Results. • seeks out and identifies top quality content • Stringent content and ad implementation requirements • Extensive publisher review process eliminates network fraud • Ongoing performance and publisher content monitoring • Ad placement and technical assistance for publishers And that’s just the beginning.
  3. 3. How can help you? Let us put our 10+ years of advertising expertise to work for you. As an advertising partner, you’ll enjoy the benefits of our state of the art toolkit including: • Massive reach – Over 10 Billion impressions monthly • Quality publishers - direct, network and remnant • Daily hands on optimization • Behavioral re-targeted ad placements • Channel targeted ad placements • Day part targeting – target day, night or certain hours • Geo Targeting – IP country driven targeting • And more…
  4. 4. Ad sizes we offer. offers a full complement of IAB ( standard ad sizes to make sure that your campaign has the greatest reach possible. Standard ad size placement is a key to campaign success. A LeaderBoard (728x90) should be placed at the top of the content in the header of the page whenever possible. Skyscrapers (120x600) and Wide Skyscrapers (160x600) may be placed on either side of the content, in sidebars and under menus. Medium Rectangles (300x250) can be placed anywhere within content. Full Banners (468x60) can be placed at the top, bottom or within the content of the page. Popups and Popunders can be fixed or variable size and appear either below or above the current page.
  5. 5. Pricing options for your campaign. offers a variety of pricing options designed to help you meet your advertising campaign goals. Let our expert staff assist you in choosing the model that best meets your needs. CPM Cost Per Mille (per 1000 impressions) Pay for the impression every time your ad displays. The cost of one impression is 1/1000 of the CPM pricing. Think of it as “paying for eyeballs”. Perfect for branding. Dynamic CPM Dynamic Cost Per Mille (per 1000 impressions) Set a ceiling price and let our state of the art campaign optimization vary your pricing based on publisher performance and traffic quality. In fact, our system attempts to bid as low as possible to generate the highest ROI for you. CPC Cost Per Click Pay only when a user clicks on your advertisement. CPA Cost Per Action Pay when a user takes the desired action (called a conversion) as a direct result of seeing your advertisement. The conversion criteria can be just about anything.
  6. 6. Network breakdown by channel. Our extensive selection of content channels lets you target your ads as specifically or as broad as you like. Ask your representative for a complete channel listing. News/Information Publishers Lifestyle Publishers Entertainment Music Newspapers News Sites Search Technology Gaming Women's Interest Names, Numbers, Mapping Diet, Fitness, Health Men's Interest Social Networking/Dating
  7. 7. Sites we work with. Plus 1000’s of others!!
  8. 8. What our customers are saying. quot; has always been an extremely effective partner for us. Mate1 is a performance based company with a very strict bottom line and as such, we require the utmost attention “It’s a pleasure to do business paid to our campaigns. Using the YieldManager with They take system and with careful attention paid to our the time to learn about your campaigns by a capable team of account marketing objectives, they managers, we were able to do huge volumes of listen, they learn, they act and business and keep our acquisition rates at an they respond !” affordable level consistently for over 2 years. I would certainly recommend working with this Anne Stephens company.quot; Vice President of Marketing Charles Wasserman Account Manager “ is one of my favorite networks. Their team is exceptionally quick to respond knowledgably and always a pleasure to work with. They have “As a CPA network that deals with one-off affiliates and networks proven themselves over and over again in being able alike, Adtegrity has quickly become one of our top partners, best to deliver high quality results for many of our performers, and favorite affiliates. The quality of traffic that they clients. ” send to our offers is always of the highest standard, and their Brian Stern sense of professionalism and constant policing on our offers is Glispa Media never in doubt.” Randy Blower Affiliate Manager