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NonProfit Content Marketing Strategy Workshop for ESCHouston Nov 2013


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NonProfit Content Marketing Strategy Workshop for ESCHouston Nov 2013

  1. 1. Develop a Strategy for Your NonProfit’s Web Content! Sarah M Worthy | | @sarahmworthy
  2. 2. What is Content Marketing? Think of it as the conversations between the people who support your .Org 2
  3. 3. Content Marketing Also: 1. Is always Harder than you think 2. is more Time Intensive than you’re board realizes 3. requires a full time expert for best success 4. is a long term, sustainability-focused strategy 5. is the new foundation for fully integrated digital marketing frameworks. 3
  4. 4. Early Adopters respond better to inbound marketing... ...late adopters respond better to outbound marketing Pull and Push Your Content
  5. 5. Why Web Content Marketing Matters Content Marketing ROI Whitepaper by Kapost and Eloqua Sustainable - “Per Dollar, Content Marketing Produces 3X More Leads”
  6. 6. Why Web Content Marketing Matters Content Marketing ROI Whitepaper by Kapost and Eloqua Content Marketing ROI Increases Over Time
  7. 7. Potential Donor searches the web your digital content Content Marketing Helps Your .Org Grow
  8. 8. What’s Your Biggest Challenge? 8
  9. 9. Our Agenda This morning: First: intro to content marketing with goal setting exercise second: integrate your donor personas into your content strategy third: using the web and social media to come up with engaging content fourth: draft your strategic web content marketing plan Sarah M Worthy | |@sarahmworthy |
  10. 10. About Sarah @sarahmworthy | | 10
  11. 11. 1) Set Measure-able Goals Strategy 2) Identify Your Audience 4) Publish Content 3) develop your implementation plan Strategy shows you where to focus your resources, you’re not supposed to be talking across all channels.. find your niche.
  12. 12. Goals
  13. 13. What do you want them to do? Provokes Thought Motivates Action Sparks Emotion Each Piece of Content Should Have 1 Main Goal
  14. 14. Develop SMART Goals
  15. 15. Top 2013 NPO Communications Goals
  16. 16. Goal #1 - Acquire New Donors... SMART Goal #1 = Acquire at least 5% more first time donors through our website this month over last month.
  17. 17. Acquire New Donors
  18. 18. Goal #2 - Engage Your Community SMART Goal #2 = Have at least 50 event registrations for our annual event from first time donors, and 10% more registrations overall compared to last year.
  19. 19. Engage Your Community
  20. 20. Goal #3 - Retain Current Members SMART Goal #3 = Increase annual membership renewals by 5% over last year’s renewal numbers.
  21. 21. Entertain Members
  22. 22. Goal #1 ______________________________ Goal #2 ______________________________ Goal #3 ______________________________ Group Exercise - Write Down Your Top Goals
  23. 23. Identify Your Audience
  24. 24. Develop Donor Personas Desire to Give Capacity to Give Your Target Audience Desire to Give to Your Cause Identify Your Ideal Donors, Volunteers, and Board Members
  25. 25. Mapping Your Donor’s Journey This Content Mapping Process is Part of a Free Persona Template:
  26. 26. Describe Your Ideal Constituent and Supporter Questions to Help You Develop Donor Personas Who would donate to my cause? Who’s attending our events? Who has given to us before? Who’s reading our email newsletters? Who wouldn’t donate to my cause? Who’s visiting our website? Where do my constituents live/work? What questions are donors asking us the most? Who’s donating to similar causes? how much do donors typically give? (one time and recurring)
  27. 27. Look to Social for Demographic Insights
  28. 28. Measure to identify -> Preferences -> Wants -> Needs A/B Test
  29. 29. Trait #1 ______________________________ Trait #2 ______________________________ Trait #3 ______________________________ Group Exercise - Who’s Your Ideal Donor?
  30. 30. Your Plan
  31. 31. Focus on What’s Most Relevant What Your NPO Cares About What Your Donor Cares About Engagement requires Relevance
  32. 32. Identify Content Gaps
  33. 33. Copy my spreadsheet Template: Set-Up an Editorial Calendar
  34. 34. Daily Weekly Be Consistent Monthly
  35. 35. Logo in different sizes Be Prepared Staff Photos and Bios
  36. 36. Use Infographics to Create Visual Impact Reports
  37. 37. use Google news and alerts for automation
  38. 38. December Example Week #1 theme: last minute gift giving ideasdonations as gifts Week #2 Theme: new year’s resolutions and where to party this new year’s eve locally Week #3 update email, blog, facebook with .org holiday closures Week #4: Closed for Christmas & New Year’s Homework - Develop Your 2014 Plan
  39. 39. Publish Content
  40. 40. Some Popular NPO Content Types
  41. 41. Homepage is the “Menu” of Options Responsive Content Design “Liquify” your Donation Form Internal Pages offer substance
  42. 42. Writing for a Responsive Web Concise, brief Top-Level Pages Internal Pages overviews Long-Form, In-Depth Coverage
  43. 43. Personalize Each Donor’s Experience with Your .Org
  44. 44. Newsletters
  45. 45. Facebook
  46. 46. Content Curation vs Repurposed Content Content Curators photo source Repurposed Content
  47. 47. Repurpose
  48. 48. Curation
  49. 49. Curators Share Only the BEST Read Beth Kanter on Curation: Download a Free Book Online:
  50. 50. Create an Experience
  51. 51. Show Them They Belong
  52. 52. Show Them Their Impact
  53. 53. Website Gaps: ______________________________ Social Media Gaps: ______________________________ Other Gaps: (mobile, email...) ______________________________ Group Exercise - Identify Web Content Gaps Your .Org Needs to Publish in 2014
  54. 54.
  55. 55. Open Source CMS 30 Second Evaluation over 61 million sites are built on WordPress, primarily a publishing platform If you’re technical, Drupal can do just about anything, challenging for non-technical people to customize and manage Specifically built for nonprofits, out of the box functionality, “new kid” on the open source block. Great for largely content-focused websites, limited customizations and extended functionality.
  56. 56. My #Fave NPTech Resources
  57. 57. Questions?
  58. 58. Thank You! @SarahMWorthy