Making the Grade Goal Setting Tips for Mentors


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This activity list is from Mentoring Resource Center's Making the Grade: A Guide to Incorporating Academic Achievement Into Mentoring Programs and Relationships available to download

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Making the Grade Goal Setting Tips for Mentors

  1. 1. Making the GradeH A N D O U T Top 10 List (Why Goals Are Worth Having) 1. They help you be who you want to be. You can have all the dreams in the world, but if you don’t act on them, how will you get where you want to go? When you “The larger the know how to set a goal and go for it, you chart a path of action that takes you step goal, the greater by step toward the future you want. my feeling of 2. They stretch your comfort zone. Goals involve a few risks (the healthy kind). In triumph.” pursuit of a goal, you may find yourself talking to new people, trying out for a — Jessica, 15 team, performing on stage, making a speech, or doing something else that draws people’s attention. Pushing yourself past your normal comfort zone is a great way to grow. 3. They boost your confidence. When you set a goal and reach it, you prove to “I know having goals yourself and others that you’ve got what it takes to get things done. Goals not makes my parents only make you stronger—they help you feel good about yourself, too. proud of me. They see how hard I work 4. They give your life purpose. Goals show you—and the world—what you value. They to reach my goals also give you a sense of direction. When you’re going after your goals, you’re less and how responsible likely to spend your days feeling bored or wasting your time. I am. As a result, they trust me more.” 5. They help you rely on yourself. You don’t have to let other people decide your life for you. You can take charge of your life by setting goals and making a plan to — Eric, 15 reach them. Once you get into the goal-setting habit, you’ll notice that you feel a lot more independent. (And the people around you will notice your new independence, too!) 6. They encourage you to trust your decisions. You’re at a point in your life where you’re making more decisions at home and at school. Sometimes, it’s really “There’s no greater easy to go along with the crowd or be swayed by what other people want you feeling than setting a to do. But when you keep your goals in mind, your choices will become goal and accomplish- clearer. You’ll learn to trust your decisions, because they’re right for you. ing it. When you do, you’ve got something 7. They help you turn the impossible into the possible. Goal setting breaks down that will last the rest seemingly out-of-reach dreams into small, manageable, and practical steps. of your life.” You can turn “someday” dreams into real-life accomplishments. — Pettus, 18 8. They prove that you can make a difference. Are your goals about changing your own life? Are they about changing the lives of others and improving the world? Whether you want to make a difference in your own life or someone else’s, goal setting helps you achieve what you set out to do—one step at a time. 9. They improve your outlook on life. Goals help you move forward—a positive direction to be going. (Much better than sitting still or getting nowhere at all.) This momentum is a real energizer. You’ll feel more positive, guaranteed. 10. They lead to feelings of satisfaction. Studies have shown that people who set and reach goals perform at higher levels, are more satisfied with themselves, and achieve more. In fact, if you look at the goal setters you know or admire (friends, family members, teachers, business owners, community leaders, athletes, celebrities), you’ll probably see people who are proud of their success and eager to keep aiming for more in life. Excerpted from What Do You Really Want? How to Set a Goal and Go for It! A Guide for Teens by Beverly K. Bachel, © 2001. Used with permission of Free Spirit Publishing Inc., Minneapolis, MN; 1-866-703-7322; All rights reserved.68