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Friends for Youth Overview Evalutation Example


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This handout is connected to the Mentoring Program Evaluation & Goals webinar from Monday, May 16, 2011, as part of the free monthly webinar series from Friends for Youth's Mentoring Institute.

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Friends for Youth Overview Evalutation Example

  1. 1. Friends for Youth Transforming lives through the power of mentoring .Youth-in-Need “My mentor Friends for Youth participants are: Lisa doesn’t * mostly middle-school age Societal Cost scream at me * mainly low income and two-thirds are below the poverty level California spends or hit me. She helps me with * often from single parent homes $234,000 per year for stuff, and she teaches me things. * sometimes have a parent who is each youth in a Juvenile I’ve stopped hurting people. I’ve incarcerated Justice Facility. stopped beating up people.” * all at-risk of not reaching their full Mentee Pedro potential and may be susceptible to: For each youth who Substance Abuse avoids dropping out ofThe very foundation of mentoring Violence & Gang Involvement school for a life of drugsis that if a caring, concerned adult is Academic Failure and crime, the countryinvolved in the life of a young person, These youth have little adult support, saves between $2.6 tothe youth will be more likely to and now schools are cutting back $5.3 million.become a successful adult. after-school programs.Measurable Impact of Our Program Friends for Youth puts Junior  Friend  Outcome  Evalua3on   significant emphasis on Percentage  Improvement  A0er  1  Year  in  the  Friends  for  Youth  Program   program evaluation and its impact on our youth. 100   Ten years of statistical anaylsis confirm the 90   positive impact of our program. 80   70   “In conclusion, the Friends for Youth program is 60   functioning at an extremely high degree of efficiency 50   and has shown a positive n   ts               t   s well io r es on se ling ice ity ul ip e m cyHow Mentoring ceHelps ty  S sp i ve   Pr o en s   c  E ffo Gr ad ba A Ab u  St ea er v  A cA v w/   Ad ns h o Es f-­‐ te es ilie n as helping to address negative influences that Su dm o d   n i i ew lege laA  Sel  R id   de pr oi sta vo un  N ol t   Re se se could otherwise cause vo ca Im Av ub A m y  a  C ea eaA  A /  S m Tr ss en cr cr problems in [mentees] se ta in id   Co u ar In In ea in vo Do sc r  P immediate lives and cr a A Di Ke In M Be possibly into adulthood.” William Lapp, Ph.D. “My mentor Mike came to conferences and spoke to my teachers about my potential and about how smart and promising I am. It was nice to have someone tell them that I am a smart kid.” Mentee Diego
  2. 2. Why Friends for Youth?For 32 years Friends for Youth has Key program elements include: Research shows mentored youthprovided one-to-one volunteer ==> Focus on the unique needs get along better with their par-mentors to the at-risk youth in of youth at-risk ents, and their parents in turn helpSan Mateo and Santa Clara ==> Duration & Consistency--90% youth do better in school.Counties serving over 1,800 of matches last one year or moreyouth. ==> Quality over Quantity* Each Friendship meets 3 hours a ==> Support & Supervision-- “Programs like yours are reallyweek for a 1-year period. ongoing support and activities important. This is a main influence* Life skills workshops, academic throughout the match period on Keoni - one of the reasons he’ssupport, activities, recreational, ==> Evaluation and Monitoring-- not involved with gangs and service opportunities statistical outcome evaluations These kinds of programs are reallyare provided. confirm program effectiveness. essential.” Mentee ParentHow Mentoring HelpsEducational Achievement Reduce Substance Abuse Improve Self-EsteemAcademic success is a predictor of Mentoring helps at-risk youth Mentored youth clearly show in-future economic and life success. avoid drugs, alcohol, teen creased resiliency and self-esteem,Mentored youth have better pregnancy, legal involvement get along better with parents, andattendance and higher grades. and violence. start to believe in a positive future.What Makes a FriendshipMentees (Junior Friends) are a Mentors (Senior Friends) are The Friendship Match is madeculturally diverse group, ages caring adults from throughout the after careful consideration of8-17, but most are of middle- community. They can be of any the needs of the youth, mutualschool age. They are referred by age, profession, or background interests, and home locations.counselors, teachers, probation and the primary qualifications areofficers, or other youth-serving caring and commitment. Mentorsprofessionals. Our mentees are are recuited through work places,considered “at-risk” - meaning websites, volunteer centers and onyouth who are most likely from word-of-mouth. After an initial 75 youth arelistlow income or single-parent Information Session and in-home our wa iting r -homes who show signs of interview, mentors are thoroughly for a mento the high estemotional or behavioral issues screened with a complete levels ever!and who lack the skills to navigate background check. Mentors alsotheir life successfully. participate in a full day of training. Jackie: “When I got intohigh school I was having a Youth in our wait listhard time and considered participate in activities to keep youth close todropping out... the program while they wait for their mentor. ...and now Be a mentor! Or learn more at... ... but Robbi helped me through the tough spots and in my senior year I was 1741 BroadwayJackie & Robbi then... the class Vice President!” Redwood City, CA 94063 650-368-4444