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Integrating Information Literacy


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A workshop I facilitated at my school's January professional development day.

Published in: Education
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Integrating Information Literacy

  1. 1. teaching research sarah ludwig hamden hall p.d. day january 3rd, 2012
  2. 2. how our students do research● wikipedia ○ how it works ○ the history ○ the discussion page ○ flags● how google works ○ pagerank● yahoo answers & similar● copy & paste?
  3. 3. what is the value ofinformation literacy instruction?
  4. 4. information literacy is the ability to:● recognize a need for information● identify & locate appropriate information sources● know how to gain access to those sources● evaluate the quality of the information offered by those sources● organize the information● use the information effectively (source: hancock)
  5. 5. do our students possess these skills?
  6. 6. what do you think is the value ofstudents gaining information literacy skills?
  7. 7. some great sites (with mostly primarysources)● ○ the wayback machine● library of congress● national archive● internet public library● national science digital library● ○ kids infobits● new york public library● smithsonian [and for kids]
  8. 8. what are some challenges you face inintroducing information literary skills into your curriculum?
  9. 9. your information literacy menu● the pros & cons of wikipedia● presearch/essential questions● the battle of the sources● in your own words● mla citation● research helpers ○ evernote ○ diigo ○ noodle tools ○ dropbox ○
  10. 10. what are the next steps forintegrating information literacy into your curriculum?
  11. 11. thank you so much!