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What gives an online tutor the X factor


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Examination of what criteria give online tutors the x factor in terms of facilitating online learning in synchronous spaces. This presentation was delivered through the Open University H818 online conference on Networked Professionals.

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What gives an online tutor the X factor

  1. 1. What gives a tutor the X Factor: Examining the criteria for successful online learning facilitation Dr Sarah-Louise Quinnell H818 Student
  2. 2. Outline O Introduction O Methodology in a minute O It’s all about performance O What does this mean for learning technologists? O Future plans O Question time
  3. 3. Introduction As a learning technologist / skills developer I have supported both face-to-face, online and blended learning. During this time I have begun to notice some differences in how students rate their tutors performances in the different genres of learning. I wanted to understand how and why online students viewed tutors differently and what criteria were important to them, basically: What give s an onlin e tuto r the X facto r?
  4. 4. Methodology in a Minute Marketing Vocational 2 Courses. • 4 Groups of students – 2 groups took the courses online, 2 groups took the courses face-to-face. • After each class students asked to rank their tutors out of 5 – where 1 is poor and 5 is excellent. • At the end of each course students were asked to questionnaires complete designed to understand their ratings. •
  5. 5. It’s all about the performance O Personality / Personalisation O Tell me a story – entertain me with your content O Its not enough to just connect O I need to be able to view you any time anywhere O Technology Support – If it doesn’t work it’s your fault O BYOD is king
  6. 6. What does this mean for learning technologists? O Acknowledge differences between face-to-face & online facilitation O Set & manage student expectations early on O Hand’s on to support students and staff blogposts/wordle/
  7. 7. Future Plans Theo retic ally: Publish paper in the Journal of Marketing and Higher Education Prac tical ly: Use the findings in my new job – Learning & Manager Development Macmillan Education Mactrac Group m8-what-measurement-of-the-future-looks-like/
  8. 8. Any Questions