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  1. 1. Synopsis
  2. 2. SYNOPSISHow to write a film synopsis
  3. 3. A synopsis:Is a brief summary of the plot of anovel, motion picture or play.
  4. 4. Why do we have to produce a synopsis?A synopsis is used when a producer wants topitch a film to makers / financiers or film studiosThe main function of a synopsis is to provide thereader with information concerning the keyevents within the film / book
  5. 5. When writing a synopsis:Before you can consider writing a synopsis you must be able to answer these questions about your production: What are the main events that happen in your sequence? Who are the main characters? What are their roles within the production? What conventions of the genre will be evident? Who will be the target audience
  6. 6. Your synopsis must contain:Your name, complete contact information(address, phone and email),The title of the project,The genre: Identify your genre or sub-genre with onlyone tag (for example, drama, romanticcomedy, science fiction or animation)The target market; be as specific as possible inidentifying your target audience--forexample, teens, family or WWII veterans.All this must go in the upper left-hand corner of yourpage..
  7. 7. Tag / loglineSummarize the premise of your film in onesentence that contains 25 words or fewer; thisis known as a "logline." It can be something assimple as "An extraterrestrial gets left behind byhis peers and must fend for himself in suburbia,"or something clever that marries the elements oftwo prior films (for example, "Forrest GumpMeets The Terminator").Write it as "Logline: An extraterrestrial gets leftbehind by his peers and must fend for himself insuburbia."
  8. 8. How your synopsis should lookPart one will be an over view of the film:Identify the main character and the core conflict that will drive the story. You need to divulge the major plot points that transpire in the first act of your film. Your first few lines should include any necessary foreshadowing of whats to come. Type the names of major characters, when first introduced in the plot, in uppercase
  9. 9. Part two and threePart two will contain information that happens in the middle of your film Escalate the suspense and risks in the next few lines, which represents Act 2. List only the key scenes and turning points that influence the lead characters actions.Part three will wrap up you film and include the ending Escalate the suspense and risks again in your final lines, which represents the resolve of all the problems introduced in the beginning of your synopsis. It is critical that you divulge the ending of your script in this third paragraph.
  10. 10. And finallyMention any notable contest awards or additionalinformation you think might sell the merits of thescreenplayin a fourth paragraph. If yourscreenplay is adapted from an existingwork, such as a stage play or novel, include thathere. If you do not have any of these elements toadd, there is no need for a fourth paragraph.