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About harlequin productions


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This is an educational brief only - a real senario is required. Harliquin Productions has nothing to do with this 'educational brief'

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About harlequin productions

  1. 1. About Harlequin productionsTV commercials production, corporate films/video production, TV media buying/planning, TVproduction, viral adverts, website video, casting, editing, filming, animation... Innovative andcreative, Harlequin can provide ideas, scripts, storyboards and produce your project fromscript to screen at competitive prices.We produce big budget TV commercials as well as low cost adverts. We always try to makean ad memorable, making sure your TV advertising actually works for you and brings results.We have a proven track record in DRTV (direct response) ads. A commercial for ColumbusDirect more than tripled their sales, also improving their branding. In our commercials, videoand TV, including comedy and drama documentaries, you will find, great writing, casting,directing and performances that stay with you. Keeping ourselves small and our overheadslow, we can produce outstanding work for budgets that bigger companies cant match. Advertisement briefWe have a vacancy for a freelance advert producerAs part of the interview process we require you to produce an advert. As we produce advertsfor many different clients and topics you can decide on the product you wish to advertise.You can either re-make an existing advert for a product or come up with a brand new productto advertise.Rules and regulationsProduction: Your advert should be between 45 and 85 seconds long It will need to be creative and fast paced You will need to show the product and the product logo in the advert Your advert must have a specific target audience (this will determine the channel it will be shown on and between what programmes)Music:Your advert must contain Speech Music Ambient sound SFX thYour deadline for this production is Friday 18 May when all submissions will be viewedThis brief is for educational purposes only when a real scenario is required