2013 isae social campaign example2


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Social media campaign example from the Indiana Society of Association Executives (ISAE) 2013 Annual Convention.

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2013 isae social campaign example2

  1. 1. Social Media Campaign #ISAE2013 Overview Results Goals, metrics, influencers, content and tactics
  2. 2. #ISAE2013 Social Media Campaign Overview
  3. 3. Overview #ISAE2013 Social Media Campaign The Indiana Society of Association Executives (ISAE) holds an Annual Convention & Golf Outing each July. The two-day event offers multiple professional development and networking opportunities to 150+ association professionals along with those who provide products or services to the industry. The main objective each year is to increase overall awareness of the convention, increase event attendance and attract new members to the association. For the 2013 convention, a social media campaign was established to run from March-July as part of an overall event marketing strategy. The social media campaign outlined separate goals, metrics to track, targeted influencers to reach, content to share and tactics. In 2013, Visit Bloomington and ISAE welcomed a record setting 175 attendees, the most out-of-town convention attendees in the association’s history. In addition to the record attendance, overall engagement was up as well as increased traffic to all social channels and website.
  4. 4. Goals, metrics, influencers, content and tactics #ISAE2013 Social Media Campaign
  5. 5. GOALS • Increase traffic to the event website by 15% through social posts • Increase engagement from attendees during the event to more than 50% social participation • Increase growth of all social media channels by 10% • Build awareness around the convention and ISAE’s brand by promoting the event hashtag #ISAE2013 • Increase registrations by 10% from 2012 #ISAE2013 Social Media Campaign
  6. 6. METRICS Acquisition • Social referrals • Site visits for event and registration page • Track shortened links posted through social • Use website analytics to show referrals from social to event site Engagement • Track likes, shares and retweets • Track hashtag and mentions before and during event • Track growth in all social channels throughout campaign Reach • Track Impressions • Track total reach through Facebook and Twitter #ISAE2013 Social Media Campaign
  7. 7. TARGET INFLUENCERS • Session speakers • Large associations/CEOs and marketing professionals • Event sponsors (company profiles) • Bloomington representatives (officials and/or CVB reps) • Bloomington businesses #ISAE2013 Social Media Campaign
  8. 8. CONTENT • Speaker videos, podcasts and session preview clips • Photos/images • Prezi Presentation • Blogs and other articles from speakers, attendees and staff #ISAE2013 Social Media Campaign
  9. 9. TACTICS • Develop fresh content to share on social including registration calls to action (CTAs) -blog articles, podcasts and/or teaser clips from event speakers around session topics (tag speakers) -Infographics, other videos and photos -Prezi presentation • Partner with Visit Bloomington and host locations to share #ISAE2013 content -Uptown Café -Nick’s English Hut -FarmBloomington -Oliver Winery and Upland Brewing Co. • Locate top ISAE influencers (speakers, suppliers, city official and/or sponsors) to spread awareness and promote hashtag • Set up a social media booth and offer a registration giveaway on social and at networking event prior to event -Social follow: follow or like ISAE for a chance to win a free registration -Facebook post: like and share a comment for chance to win free registration -Twitter post: retweet or share post with hashtag for chance to win free registration • Offer an on-site social booth at convention with “social experts” consulting and promoting ISAE social channels • Promote #ISAE2013 hashtag in other communications -Emails -Print materials -On-site signage • Promote use of social through the event app specifically encouraging use of #ISAE2013 at event #ISAE2013 Social Media Campaign
  10. 10. TIMELINE Social Media Activity Target Date LinkedIn, Twitter Call for speakers- reach out to influencers as potential speakers December ‘12 Facebook Event logo reveal- change out in cover photo Early March Facebook, Twitter Convention website preview and registration opens Early March Supplier LinkedIn Group & Facebook Sponsorship solicitation [CTA] 3/5 Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Save the date and hashtag posts begin [CTA] Late March Facebook, Twitter Early-registration (registration goes live) posts begin [CTA] Late March YouTube, Twitter, Facebook What attendees from last year had to say video posts Early –Mid April Facebook, Twitter Convention walkthrough Prezi posts and hashtag push April-July Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & YouTube Guest blogs/podcasts/videos from speaker collected and scheduled for social [CTA] May-July Facebook & Twitter Facebook promoted post- free giveaway promotion at 5:05 event begins May- Early June Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Speaker blog shares via social [CTA] May-July YouTube Speaker short video session teasers uploaded/promoted [CTA] Early June Facebook, Twitter 5:05 Networking Event on-site social booth- giveaway June 15 Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Announcement of giveaway- photos and tagging of winners June 15 Facebook & Twitter Social media booth (on-site) promotion begins [CTA] Early June Facebook, Twitter Last chance registration and app download push [CTA] Early July Social sign with event hashtag created and ordered for on-site Early June On-site social “champions” confirmed- marketing committee attendees Early July On-site social booth staffed- Visit Bloomington Interns/social experts Early July On-site social monitoring and live posting July 16-18 Post-convention reporting- metrics tracked for reporting July 21-23 Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Post-convention summary- from social (blog) July 21-23 #ISAE2013 Social Media Campaign
  12. 12. YouTube Videos Video Shares Session teaser videos were created and promoted through social using #ISAE2013. Speakers were solicited to create the videos and publish on their channels as well as ISAE’s.
  13. 13. Blogs Blog Shares Blogs written by speakers were published and shared through social to promote individual sessions. Post Event Social Recap Post event write-ups with quotes from attendees were shared as well as a post event recap based on tweets alone.
  14. 14. Social Posts Twitter Mentions, Tags & Facebook Posts Multiple posts were scheduled around the event including: registration giveaways, app downloads, speaker highlights, blog/video shares, and more. Multiple posts from ISAE tagged top influencers and questions were asked on Facebook to increase engagement. CTAs were placed to increase registrations from social specifically. LinkedIn Posts Event related blogs, speaker videos and major announcements were published to the LinkedIn page.
  15. 15. Prezi and Photos Prezi Share A prezi convention walkthrough was shared through all channels and also promoted #ISAE2013 Photos Photos were shared to promote the event in addition to the multiple photos shared during and even after the event by attendees.
  16. 16. Giveaways Twitter & Facebook Giveaways Registration giveaways were promoted at an onsite networking event the month before convention. A social media table was equipped with computers and iPads to encourage social sharing for the free registration giveaway.
  17. 17. Promoting Social Email Promotion Emails were sent promoting the use of social at the event and included a list of speakers/sponsors to follow. #ISAE2013 was also included in every event email communication Event App Promotion Social posts were scheduled promoting the download and use of social through the event app itself.
  18. 18. Promoting Social On-site Event Signage We utilized a social media sign to promote the use of #ISAE2013 and encouraged attendees to “join the conversation.” On-site Event Social Media Booth We promoted a social media booth during the convention expo and promoted through push notifications via the app and social posts.
  19. 19. Results #ISAE2013 Social Media Campaign View the results here.
  20. 20. Sarah Rosenberger 317.513.7231 sarah.e.rosenberger@gmail.com Sarahrosenberger.com @SarahIndygal Social Media Campaign #ISAE2013 CONTACT