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Product work log

  1. 1. Product Work LogName_SarahLeifed______________________________________ Date _April 19, 2012_____Product _Learning to rock climb, creating a scrapbook_________________________________Date/Time: Activity:10/8/11 I met my facilitator, Erin Turner. We talked about how I4:00- 4:45 would execute my project, got all for my forms signed, and45 mins took pictures. Commentary: After meeting with Erin, I am really excited to begin. She was really nice and seemed like she was thrilled to be my facilitator. I also had Erin read over the start of my research paper. She said it was good, but I needed to check some of my information on lead climbing.Date/Time: Activity10/10/11 I drove to Escalade and had a meeting with Andy, Escalade’s2:00- 3:00 owner.1 hr Commentary: Andy made me feel extremely welcome at the meeting, which helped my nerves a great deal. We designed a curriculum and workout schedule that would be incorporated into the adult class. Andy told me that due to the nature of the project, I can take the class for free. Because the adult class is Tuesday and Thursday night at eight o’ clock, I am slightly concerned about arriving on time. I also briefly met the class’s teacher, Mike Donisi. He seemed really excited as well.
  2. 2. Date/Time: Activity:10/18/11 I went to my first class. Mike focused on teaching basics of8:00- 9:05 climbing, ranking system, and fundamental exercises.65 mins. Commentary: Tonight was extremely fun. It was a little overwhelming at first as I was the only girl in the class and everyone came with prior experience. I was shocked when he gave us the night’s workout which consisted of 20 pushups, thirty crunches, and thirty pull-ups. I will most definitely be sore. Mike had me attempt to campus and do a bouldering lap. Both of these will take some practice. (Note: Wear long pants next time!)Date/Time: Activity10/20/11 Adult Climbing Class8:00- 9:3090 mins. Commentary: Tonight repeated the same activities we did on the first night. Climbing was still just as challenging as it was during the first class. While doing a bouldering lap, I fell and managed to miss the bouldering pad. Painful, yet nothing injured beyond repair. I am starting to worry that rock climbing may not be for me.Date/Time: Activity10/25/11 Adult Climbing Class8:00- 9:001 hr Commentary: Tonight we got to practice top-roping for the first time. I think I enjoyed this more than I have the bouldering. The thrill of being up so high was exhilarating.
  3. 3. Date/Time: Activity10/27/11 Adult Climbing Class8:00- 9: 1575 mins Commentary: Mike taught me how to belay someone while we were top- roping tonight. It was a lot more difficult than I expected, and I will definitely have some blisters tomorrow. I had fun doing it though. The climbing tonight seemed to be a bit easier. (Note: Buy chalk and a chalk bag.)Date/Time: Activity11/3/11 Adult Climbing Class8:00-9:1070 mins Commentary: We did the same routine tonight; however, we stayed on the bouldering wall. It was crowded, so it was more difficult to find a space to practice. I really did not learn anything new, just worked on improving skill.Date/Time: Activity11/8/11 Adult Climbing Class8:00- 9:001 hr Commentary: Tonight we did both top-roping and bouldering. In the warm-up I campused a level! Even though I know this is not much, I am really excited over this accomplishment. Mike said to start coming early or on the weekends to practice bouldering. He wants me to focus primarily on mastering the upside down section.
  4. 4. Date/Time: Activity11/10/11 Adult Climbing Class8:00- 9:3090 mins Commentary: Class tonight was particularly fun. Mike decided that we could work on dynos. Dynos are dynamic moves, in which the climber must jump to the next hold, completely leaving the wall. Everyone else had done these before, but it was a first for me. Although I struggled with the move at first, it became easier the more I practiced.Date/Time: Activity11/12/11 Went to Escalade to practice12:00-2:002 hrs Commentary I spent this Saturday practicing the upside down section of the bouldering wall (Mike’s suggestion.) It was hard and I showed little improvement over the two hours of work.Date/Time: Activity11/17/11 Adult Climbing Class8:00- 9:1575 mins Commentary: The class voted and only wanted to do bouldering tonight much to my dismay. It was probably a good thing, as I still have a hard time with it. I began working on a particular problem in the corner. It is ranked a 1, which is a level up from what I am used to.
  5. 5. Date/Time: Activity11/22/11 Adult Climbing Class8:00- 9:001 hr Commentary: While top-roping, I found a route that I really liked. It was extremely hard to master because a section of it was on a projection. I spent a significant amount of time on this problem, and I could tell my belayer was slightly frustrated. When I finally mastered it, I felt great. I am really excited to work on the bouldering problem I mentioned in the previous entry now.Date/Time: Activity11/29/11 Adult Climbing Class8:00- 9:3595 mins Commentary: Mike had us spend the entire night learning how to rappel. For this, we all stood on this giant platform in the middle of the room and took turns practicing lowering ourselves down. There was a minor mishap with the rope (due to Mike’s poor setup), but once that was fixed I got to go. Rappelling required a great deal of upper body strength. I had to support both ends of the rope in order to keep from falling.Date/Time: Activity12/6/11 Adult Climbing Class8:00-9:001 hr Commentary: Mike had us spend a great deal of time bouldering again. I am beginning to think it is his favorite thing to do. I did get an opportunity to almost master my bouldering problem. I was so close to the top, but I fell when I went for the last hold. As frustrating as this was, I am determined to master it.
  6. 6. Date/Time: Activity12/10/11 I met with Erin to share with her everything I have done so12:00- 1:00 far.1 hr Commentary: Erin contacted me, wanting to meet over lunch, so that I could update her on the status of my project. Our meeting ended up being really important. She gave me advice about how to master the bouldering problem, and we went over all the major things I have learned.Date/Time: Activity12/13/11 Adult Climbing Class8:00-9:1575 min Commentary: No!!!!!! There is an upcoming competition, and they have rearranged all the holds in the facility. The problem I have been so focused on solving no longer exists. This really ruined the class for me tonight. Mike let us break apart and choose what we wanted to do. I, of course, spent the majority of the night top-roping, too sad to even look at the bouldering wall.Date/Time: Activity12/15/11 Adult Climbing Class8:00- 9:001 hr Commentary: Mike gave us an assignment that they normally do in his power series class, called ladders. We were to start at the most difficult level we could do (in my case a very simple two) and work our way down. Repeat this as many times as we could. I am slow; therefore, this was quite the challenge. I liked having to try to rush through the problems because it really tested my abilities.
  7. 7. Date/Time: Activity12/20/11 Adult Climbing Class8:00-9:001 hr Commentary: As of tonight I have officially campused five levels! I am so incredibly excited. I cannot believe how much stronger I have gotten through this experience. I had a great time, and I am really sad that the next class will be my last.Date/Time: Activity12/22/11 Adult Climbing Class8:00-9:1575 mins Commentary: This class was unfortunately my last class. I have had such a great time with this that the 15 classes I received seemed to just fly by. I plan on coming back over the summer as often as possible. I really have enjoyed this and will really miss everyone.Date/Time:2/26/12 Activity2:30-4:45 Shopping for supplies195 mins Commentary: I went to Michael’s with my sister today in order to purchase everything I would need to make my final scrapbook. This project just keeps getting more expensive.Date/Time: Activity3/10/12 Work on scrapbook7:00- 11:004 hrs Commentary: I began to work on my scrapbook. I lack creativity, so this is going to be more challenging than I expected.
  8. 8. Date/Time: Activity4/8/12 Met with Erin3:30- 4:1545 mins Commentary: I had my final meeting with Erin today. We talked about everything I had learned and I gave her my evaluation form. She said that even though we had a hard time getting together for an all day climb before my project was due, she would be happy to take me out as soon as possible. I will probably take her up on that because I already miss climbing.Date/Time:4/15/12 Activity7:30- 9:30 Work on scrapbook180 mins Commentary: I completed my scrapbook today. It was a lot more work than I had anticipated.Total: 34 hrs 35 mins