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Images for my contents page

  1. 1. Images for my contents page
  2. 2. I found that it was conventional for an image of an artist whom is featured in the magazine, to be on the contents page. Magazines that use this convention include Q, Vibe and NME. Therefore I felt that I should also use this convention. The images on a contents page can vary in style. Some are very casual, such as artists performing, and some are posed images where the artist is looking at the camera. So I had a lot of options when it came to taking my images. However, I felt that because my magazine is an Urban musicmagazine, that it should use magazines such as Vibe for inspiration. Vibe uses more posed images forthe contents page. However, because of the lack of resources (locations, props, costume, etc.) that I had, the images are also very casual.
  3. 3. My images…
  4. 4. My first image shows a long shot of the artist ona fence. The background is very casual, and so is the way the artist is posing. She has a serious facial expression, and is looking straight at the camera. This makes this image very conventional.
  5. 5. The next image shows a high angle shot of the same image. The artist is posing in the sameway, and is still looking up at the camera. This is similar to the shot of Lily Allen in NME. This isalso an extreme long shot, which is quite similar to an image used in a Q contents page. A longshot is used, which shows the whole body of all of the artists, but it also shows some of the landscape.
  6. 6. The next 4 images show the artist standing ontwo big stone pipes. This is very casual. The next2 images show the artist side-on. The first showsthe artist looking up rather than at the camera. I feel that this image looks effective. However, Ifeel that it is more conventional when the artist looks at the camera. Which is what the artist does in the second image.
  7. 7. The next 2 images shows the artist facing front- on. However, in the first, the artist is looking at the floor rather than at the camera. I feel thatbecause these images are taken in a casual way, that looking at the floor follows this style, however I feel that the second image is moreconventional because the artist is looking at the camera.
  8. 8. All of the images are casual. The artist is wearingcasual clothes that are significant to the genre ofthe music magazine. She is in very casuallocations, and appears very laid back, similar tohow Liam and Andy were portrayed in theirimages.This suits the style of music magazine, and willappeal to my target audience.