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images for cover and dps

  1. 1. The shots I took for the frontcover and double page spread
  2. 2. I found that conventional front cover imagesshow the artist(s) looking directly at the camera. They are usually quite posed, with a front on shot, usually either a mid shot, or a close up. This convention is shown in music magazines such as Vibe, Mojo and Rolling Stone.
  3. 3. However, some music magazines such as NME use less conventional images for their front cover. For example, in one of their issues, a cover image of Alex Turner and Miles Kane shows a mid shot of them facing back-to-back. However, they are still both looking at the camera. Another of NME’s issues, shows Lily Allen, again looking at the camera, but from a high angle shot. These front covers show that although some conventions need to befollowed, it is also effective to be creative when it comes to shots for a front cover.
  4. 4. I found that it is conventional for double page spread images to be long shots of theartist(s), showing their whole body, as shown by theissue of RWD magazine, that includes a double page spread for the Black Eyed Peas. The double page spread image is also more casual that the cover image. This is shown by a double page spread of Pink. She is laughing, which shows she is being casual. Another double page spread shows The Teenagers. The image of them is them laying on a bed. This is very casual and would not be used for a front cover image.
  5. 5. My images…
  6. 6. This long, two-shot of the boys shows the car behind them, and was taken to show them beingcasual, whilst also being posed. Neither of the boys are looking at the camera. If I were to use this image, it could only be for the double page spreadbecause it is very unconventional for artist’s on thefront cover to not be looking directly at the camera. In fact, this is a VERY important convention for ALL magazines, including music magazines.
  7. 7. The next image shows Andy (left) looking at the camera, and Liam (right) looking downward. Again, this image is quite casual, and because Liam is not looking at the camera, I could not use this image for my front cover, however I could use it for my double page spread.
  8. 8. The next 4 images show long, two-shots of the boys, both leaning on the car. This shows thatthey are very laid back and ‘cool’ which is oftena connotation with Urban music artists. Both of the boys are looking at the camera in theseshots, so I could use one of these images for my front cover, or for my double page spread.
  9. 9. The next two images show very similar shots. They are the same location, same angle, same lighting, both long shots and both the boys are looking at the camera. Except in the first, Liam (right) is slightly smiling, and so is Andy (right). Butin the second, Andy (left) is smiling more, and Liam isn’t smiling at all. Both images would work well. They are both posed quite casually, and the use ofdifferent levels looks effective. However, I think that the image of them both slightly smiling looks best. They are supposed to be a double-act, and therefore they should be similar. On the NME cover, with Alex Turner and Miles Kane, they both had the same facial expression. Therefore, I willdiscard the second image from the possible images to use.
  10. 10. The next image shows a mid, two-shot of the boys. They both have fairly serious facial expressions, and are posing in a similar way. Icould use this image for my front cover, because both boys are looking at the camera, howeverpart of Liam’s (right) head has been cut off. And this is not conventional for front cover images. However, I could use this image for the double page spread, because double page spread images are more casual. This technique of‘cutting-off’ part of the image was shown in the double page spread of Pink.
  11. 11. The next image shows a close up of Andythrough the rear-view mirror. I thought that this was an interesting and creative shot. As shown my NME, it is okay to be creative and differentwhen it comes to magazine images. I think that my target audience will find this image fun and artistic shot. I could use this image on my double page spread.
  12. 12. As you can see, I took images in a variety oflocations, using a several different camera shots.I did this so that my images would be asconventional as possible, and also so that I had avariety of choices when it came to choosing myfinal images.All of these images show a very casualbackground. I may use the background, or edit itout, I havent decided yet. I will make thisdecision when I decide which images to use.I will choose the images that I feel are mostconventional, and will appeal to my targetaudience the most.