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Dancing With The Hospital Program Book


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Caritas Holy Family Hospital Dancing with the Hospital Program Book created by Sarah Kyriazis at New Market Media and Christina Andrianopoulos at The Omega Group

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Dancing With The Hospital Program Book

  1. 1. Bill Burt, Sports Editor Eagle-Tribune Executive Sports RECEPTION Editor Bill Burt has been synony- Cocktails & Hors D’oeuvres mous with the local and Boston sports scene for the past 24 years. WELCOME Susan Desment, Women’s Auxiliary President Catherine Philbin, Director of Development Christina Andrianopoulos, TV/Radio Personality GREETINGS FROM KRYSTAL BALLROOM DANCE STUDIO Talk show host of WCRN’s Debbie Ulbrich, Owner AM 830 Dining Out Me- troWest, DiningOutMetro. THE JIVE com and City Vibes Metro, on Danced by Professional Junior Dancers Charter TV3, has hosted Christopher Ulbrich and Jordyn Tetler Dancing with the City, and Dancing with the City 2 as CELEBRITY SHOWCASE I well as has participated as a Celebrity Dancer perform- FOX TROT COMPETITION ing the Salsa for “Salsa for Individual and Group Celebrity Dance Performances Worcester Stars”. DANCE SHOWCASE QUICK STEP Michael and Debbie Ulbrich Robert Crowley LeBlanc, ESQ INTERMISSION Mayor William Manzi, Mayor of Methuen General Dancing Jane O’Donnell, Owner/director of Center for CELEBRITY SHOWCASE II the Performing Arts in Andover, Massachusetts CHA CHA COMPETITION Individual and Group Celebrity Dance Performances DANCE SHOWCASE SAMBA Ellen Sawyer, Chair Debbie Ulbrich and Devin Ulbrich Susan Desmit, President Catherine Philbin, Director of Development AWARD CEREMONY Lisa Breen RAFFLE Pat Couture Rita Breeda Lemelin EVERYBODY DANCE! Heather Linehan Lauren Marion Alice O’Riley
  2. 2. MARY ABDOO, DIRECTOR OF ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES/COMMUNICATIONS Mary has been a long time employee of Holy Family and is a great advocate of the hospital. So much so that she offered to be one of the celebrity con- testants. This was a special offer considering that she hasn’t danced in over five years...unless you consider dancing in ones living room dancing? She is thrilled to be part of this exciting fund raising event and looks forward to giving everyone a run for their money. When she is not taking dance les- sons, Mary loves to watch her son perform in his band, bikes, does Yoga and studies holistic medicine...she also loves dogs...and people too! Professional Dance Partner: Mick Durkin JON ANDINO, GRILL COOK HOLY FAMILY CAFETERIA Jon has been cooking for Holy Family Hospital for over 5-years and loves it. He prides himself by knowing he adds a little bit of love in everything he cooks. Also, he is a bit of a celebrity even prior to offering his services to be the celebrity dancer. It is his voice on the famous menu telephone line at Holy Family. Jon has had no formal dance experience prior to the dance lessons for this event, other than dance show downs he has with his cat. He lives in Methuen with his beautiful wife Jen and their newest addition to their family soon to join them, a baby girl they are naming Bailey. Professional Dance Partner: Kim Lemire DR. CHUCK KELLEY, CHIEF OF ANESTHESIOLOGY Dr. Kelley and his lovely wife Kathy came to work at Holy Family over 34 years ago. Since then they are proud to say that their greatest accomplish- ment has been raising four daughters and two sons. They are thrilled to be able to volunteer their services by dancing in the Dancing with the Hospi- tal fund raising event. But both quip...”it’s easier raising six children than learning ball room dancing!” Professional Dance Partner: Kim Lemire GARY LEE, DIRECTOR OF CLINICAL SERVICES AND PROGRAM DIRECTOR OF CARDIOLOGY Other than dancing with his wife or his daughter at her elementary school father/daughter dances, Gary has no formal dance experience. He prom- ises that he is giving his all to be a competitive dancer in Holy Family’s Dance event and has a few surprises up his sleeve with his own brand of Fox-Cha that promises to be the winning dance. When he is not inter- breeding dance steps, Gary loves spending his time with his family in Danville, NH, traveling and golfing. Professional Dance Partner: Annie Berube
  3. 3. GAIL PALERMO, ONCOLOGY OFFICE MANAGER Gail has worked as an Office Manager at Holy Family’s Oncology Clinic for more than 6 years. She has no formal dance experience but is a proud title holder of the 2000 Aruba”Shake your Booty” contest where the grand prize was a bottle of rum. She is proud to be a dance contestant for the Holy Fam- ily dance event and hopes as a potential winner her prize is a bit better than the rum…Gail lives in Haverall with her two beautiful daughters. Professional Dance Partner: Carlton Stallings BARBARA SAGER Barbara Sager is married to CEO Tom Sager and was excited to be partici- pating in this great fund raising event. Last year she retired from a 20 year career in consulting and software development. She also served as Senior Vice President for Picis Inc., a software firm with corporate offices in Wake- field, MA. Though she has no formal dance experience, she believes she is very qualified since she and Tom love to dance. Living under one roof with a fellow dance contestant is difficult to keep her routine secret. But she has set her goal and that is to beat her husband on October 3. When she is not dancing at events with Tom, Barbara enjoys gardening, walking, golf and skiing. Professional Dance Partner: Michael Ulbrich THOMAS K. SAGER, CEO President of Caritas Holy Family Hospital since January 2007, Tom Sager has more than 30 years of leadership experience across non-profit and for- profit environments. His ability to develop effective management teams and deliver financial results has been the hallmark of his distinguished career in hospital administration, serving in both acute and long-term care/sub- acute care at individual sites and managed facility networks. Tom is thrilled to be asked to compete as a celebrity dancer for this worthy event. He owes his strong dance foundation to his favorite partner his wife Barbara, who is also competing against him. He wishes every other contestant lots of luck especially his wife, but has set his goal to win tonight. Professional Dance Partner: Debbie Ulbrich DR. DON ROSS, CHIEF OF PATHOLOGY Dr. Ross has served as Chief of Pathology for 12 years at Holy Family. Prior to taking up medicine Dr. Ross was known around Boston as “Disco Don” tripping the light fantastic at all the trendy clubs. In those days it was not unusual to see that it was Don trying to squeeze that final dance to Donna Summers’ “Last Dance” as management turned on the lights to the club... yelling, “go home!” He is thrilled to be able to use his long years of actual disco dance experience to good use as a celebrity dancer to this event. Lead- ing a more quiet life these days, Dr. Ross lives in Andover, takes an occasion- al spin on the local dance floors, or is playing tennis or skiing in the winter. Professional Dance Partner: Annie Berube
  4. 4. We would like to recognize HOLLAND FLOWER SHOPPES BRADFORD & NORTH ANDOVER LES FLEURS ANDOVER for their generous “presentation bouquets” to be pre- sented to our dancers Toscano & Ardito, PC.,CPAs Specializing in Business, Financial & Tax Planning CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WOMEN’S AUXILIARY & HOLY FAMILY HOSPITAL CANCER CARE RIGHT HERE AT HOME FROM OUR FAMILY TO YOURS GOOD LUCK TO THE CONTESTANTS! -MAYOR BILL MANZI
  5. 5. CONGRATULATIONS to the Caritas Holy Family Hospital’s Women’s Auxiliary for such a successful event to benefit the WILLIAM L. LANE CANCER CENTER DiPiano Godson LLC 98 North Washington Street Suite 305 Boston, Massachusetts (617) 720-5585 DiPiano Godson LLP practices primarily in the areas of Divorce and Family Law, Litigation, including Probate Litigation, Personal Injury, Contract Disputes, and General Litigation Matters, Criminal Defense, and Guardianship Matters.
  6. 6. “Philanthropy, charity, giving voluntarily, call ir what you like, but it is truly a jewel of American tradition.” -John F. Kennedy Video Production DID YOU KNOW? Cardinal Cushing in 1947, three years before the hospital opened, came to LAPRIORE VIDEOGRAPHY a group of women in the Merrimack Valley. He asked them to help raise money to build a new hospital. They began by opening a gift shop in St. Claire’s House which eventually moved to the hospital. 1000 women strong worked tirelessly for the Cardinal and had one of the first Christmas fairs in Worcester, MA the country. In 1988 the hospital needed to replace aging oncology equipment and the Women’s Auxiliary stepped up once again. The hospital needed $8 million. The Women’s Auxiliary went to the Board of Trustees and pledged $1 mil- The flowers for this event lion. The trustees went forward and the new William L. Lane Management were donated by Center was opened in 1992. Lisa Breen The Women’s Auxiliary is committed to providing the best cancer care in the of Merrimack Valley and have recently pledged $500,000 over five years to pay John Breen Memorial Funeral Home Andover & Lawrence for the Trilogy Sterotactic System. In their usual spirit of beating the chal- lenge the Auxiliary will present the Foundation with a check of $100,000 at the annual meeting in October.
  7. 7. How did it begin? Prior to Holy Family’s current incarnation, the first Catholic hospital was called Bon Secours Hospital. The seed that blossomed into Bon Secours Hospital was planted back in April, 1946. One of the founders was Editor Louis A. Wefers, (uncle of President Susan Desmit), who wrote an article in the Knights of Columbus “Crusader” Why not a Catholic Hospital? This article ignited enthusiasm among the clergy, doctors, laymen and the administration staffs of Greater Lawrence hospitals. Men and women of many faiths took up the work of bringing the seed to fruition. Incorporation papers were drawn up, a site selected and a building committee was formed to help raise $600,000 to realizing a Catholic Hospital for the Merrimack Valley. Well over a million dollars was raised, a record for giving to this type of project, resulting with ground breaking on Mount St. Joseph in August, 1948 and ribbon cutting two years later officiated by Archbishop Richard J. Cushing and Bon Secours received its first pa- tients.