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History of Modern Dance


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Published in: Education
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History of Modern Dance

  2. 2. CHARACTERISTICS OF MODERN DANCE Movement driven by emotion Low center of gravity Dancers embrace the ground
  3. 3. LINEAGE
  4. 4. EXPRESSIONIST DANCE “Ausdrucktanz” Europe, late 1800’s - early 1900’s Movement as expression
  5. 5. FRANÇOIS DELSARTE Musician and teacher Developed “Delsarte” acting style • Focus on human interaction, gesture as expression • Known worldwide by 1890’s Inspired dancers: • Isadora Duncan, Ruth St. Denis, Ted Shawn
  6. 6. EMILE JAQUES -DALCROZE Musician, composer Developed eurythmics Founded school in 1910 • Taught the Dalcroze Method
  7. 7. RUDOLF VAN LABAN Dance artist, theorist Created Labanotation Established schools throughout Europe
  8. 8. MARY WIGMAN  Student of Dalcroze and Laban  Challenged tradition  Dark pieces  Expansion and contraction  The Witch: Mary_Wigman_Witch_Dance.ogv
  9. 9. FREE DANCE America, late 1890’s – early 1900’s Spread to Hungary, Russia, Eastern Europe Rebellion against ballet
  10. 10. LOIE FULLER Child actress, burlesque dancer Developed her own naturalmovement and improvisation The first modern dancer Innovative lightingand costume design
  11. 11. ISADORA DUNCAN  Created her own philosophy of dance • Natural movement as connection between emotion and movement  Greek and Freedom influences  Performed to mix reviews
  12. 12. RUTH ST. DENIS & TED SHAWN  Ruth- studied Delsarte’s method  Eastern influences  Opened Denishawn School • Taught Martha Grhama, Doris Humphrey, Charles Wiedman  Established Jacob’s Pillow
  13. 13. MODERN DANCE 1923: Graham leaves Denishawn to work as a solo artist 1928: Humphrey and Weidman set up their own school 1933: Shawn founds all male dance group
  14. 14. MARTHA GRAHAM  “Picasso” of dance  Student of Denishawn  The Martha Graham Center of Contemporary Dance  Contraction and release  Long career
  15. 15. DORIS HUMPHREY & CHARLES WIEDMAN Students of Denishawn Humphrey-Weidman Company “Fall and recovery” Unique American style
  16. 16. MERCE CUNNINGHAM Student of Martha Graham Merce Cunningham Dance Company • Used Yì Jīng to choreograph • Non-representative danceLegacy Plan
  17. 17. ALVIN AILEY African American Modern Dance Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater “A ballet bottom,” and a “modern top”
  18. 18. REACTION 1927: Newspapers begin regularly assigning dance critics Universities and colleges accepted modern dance Audiences often felt confused, but mesmerized
  19. 19. INFLUENCE Post-modern dance Contemporary Improvisation, ContactImprovisation