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  1. 1. E*TRADE FINANCIAL<br />Sarah Hinsberg<br />NMDL Assignment 10<br />
  2. 2. COMPANY OVERVIEW<br />First time investors can invest with Ease and Control<br />Integrated Account Management<br />Stock, Fund, & ETF Screeners<br />Conditional Orders<br />Real time Quotes & Charting<br />Constant Innovation<br />Applications<br />Everything easily accessible to the stock broker<br />Industry leading in Service and Support<br />Low Pricing<br />New customers get to trade for 60 days FREE<br />Low Stock Options<br />Has everything you need to become a smart investor<br />Independent analysis research<br />On-demand trading and investing education<br />24/7 access<br />Online advisors for diversifying <br />E*TRADE gives YOU the power to take control of your money.E*TRADE Securities and E*TRADE Bank offer innovative, easy-to-use solutions, low commissions and high yields, and help when you need it.<br />
  3. 3. CURRENT FOCUS<br />Web site<br />Detailed explanations & overview<br />Trading Tools<br />Step by Step guidance videos<br />News Releases and recent news<br />Easy access to give feedback<br />TV & Viral<br />The E*TRADE baby--YouTube, TV(Super Bowl), Twitter, BabyMail<br />Facebook<br />Integrates with advertising (TV, Viral, Online)<br />Focuses on new features of the company<br />Gives quick links to overview of company<br />
  4. 4. CHALLENGES & GOALS<br />Competition<br />Ameritrade-Straightforward, affordable pricing<br />Surrounded around being the most affordable<br />Charles Schwab-First Rules of Investing? Investors rule.<br />All about customer service<br />Challenges<br />Pricing-with economic woes and Schwab ‘slashing’ prices, there needs to be a reason to go to only E*TRADE<br />Being known for what the company does as a whole<br />Goals<br />Not be just known as the company with the talking baby<br />Be known as the best company out there for investing and organizing investments because new people are taking over retirees positions and we want them to join with us<br />Modify search capabilities through SEO and Mobile Integration<br />
  5. 5. CAMPAIGN STRATEGY<br />E*TRADE has done a great job creating a name for themselves in the past few years. The E*TRADE baby alone has created a buzz and content for this company to succeed. I want to veer away from the baby now. E*Trade is the most well-known online stock trading because of their viral and TV advertising but are they the best? YES. E*TRADE has it all and that is what I want to implement through the new campaign. E*Trade can help you through any time. The economy is not looking up any time soon but E*TRADE is available to help you through everything. With the baby boomers looking to retire in the near future we want to get the new younger people that will be taking over on our E*TRADE team.<br /> The baby has caught the eye of many generations but E*Trade should now focus on the younger generation.<br />Entry level professionals straight out of college<br />Young families looking for a safe and easy way to invest<br />Single or married professionals that want a quick and easy way to manage money<br />Focus on how easy it is to invest and how good it is for future<br />Benefits in retirement is becoming scarce<br />How easily accessible it is and easy to manage<br />
  6. 6. SOCIAL MEDIA<br />Facebook<br />Keep current Facebook Fan Page but create sweepstakes or set pricing lower for fans this will bring in a more broad fan base<br />Advertise on Facebook by having polls or quick questions that lead directly to the Fan Page or Site(These advertisements should go directly to the Target Market)<br />Twitter<br />Link ONE Twitter link to the main Web Site<br />YouTube<br />Expand on current channel to include more tutorials, and the new outlook of E*TRADE (How E*TRADE will help you through your life)<br />Promote all these sites to give ‘special’ discounts, gifts, or clues to better investment. Integrate these all together on the main Web site in view of a random consumer that may be browsing the site for investment ideas.<br />
  7. 7. BLOGGING & SEO<br />Important part of this campaign is to set up and easily accessible blog including:<br />Customer to customer feedback and troubleshooting<br />Stock and Investment talk <br />SEO<br />Apps<br />AdWords<br />
  8. 8. INTEGRATION<br />Create ONE integrated focus<br />Focus all social media, TV, Viral, towards increasing investors<br />“We can help you through it all”<br />E*TRADE is the easiest way for you to invest and once you lead possible consumers to the all inclusive web site they will easily make their decision.<br />
  9. 9. EVALUATING SUCCESS<br />Insights throughout the sites where we create pages<br />Pay-per-click (AdWords & Facebook Ads)<br />General increase in users and what age group they happen to be in <br />
  10. 10. BUDGET & TIMELINE<br />Budget<br />Includes TV, E*TRADE already has this budgeted because of their current ads and we are not proposing anymore airtime<br />We also think that some advertising Target Market<br />Sporting teams<br />College campuses<br />Online programming<br />All other budget goes to creation of apps, AdWords, and online advertising on social media Web sites<br />Timeline<br />We suggest a pulsing of advertising<br />Peak times would be when advertising is most paid attention to starting with the Super Bowl because E*TRADE is looked at for good advertisements<br />Peak advertising would include TV airtime, and online programming<br />The more mild advertising would be during times that there is an increase in job availability or when students are graduating<br />This mild approach would be on social media and networking sites<br />The smallest times of advertising would still include AdWords and promoting apps and the easy accessibility<br />