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Magazine advert evaluation


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Magazine advert evaluation

  1. 1. Magazine advert research notes and evaluation of existing magazine adverts<br />
  2. 2. Key features of a magazine advertisement:<br />The key features of magazine listed below are very important in order to promote the CD or DVD. Magazine adverts are usually easily recognisable to the particular band/artist. <br />Band/artist name/logo<br />Album/Digipak name<br />Image (cover art from album/digipak, original image of the artist or band/ an completely unrelated image)<br />Release date <br />Band/artist web address <br />Where its available to buy (e.g. HMV)<br />Record company<br />Review quotes <br />Featured tracks (e.g. Includes Golden Touch and Somewhere Else)<br />
  3. 3. How is the music DVD digipak/album sold to the audience; what language and imagery is used and how do the record companies persuade fans to by the product?<br />The advertisement will usually have a “featuring” or “includes” the band/artists biggest hits or number 1 singles. Putting these big hits on the advert engages the audience attention towards wanting this album/digipak<br />Magazine adverts are very bold and to the point, they don’t contain ‘waffle’ , so the language used is informative and basic. <br />The imagery used is normally the album/digipak itself, this is for the simple reason the consumer will know what they are looking for when they go to buy the product<br />
  4. 4. DVD digipak cover art<br />Digipak special features<br />Release date<br />Band website<br />Available at...<br />I think this a really good DVD digipak advertisement. It contains the digipak cover art, the release date which is in the centre of the page, and the DVD special features. <br />
  5. 5. The band’s name/logo<br />Release date ‘OUT NOW’ and format ‘CD/LP’<br />Review quotes from newspapers<br />Featured tracks<br />Tour date<br />Record company logo and web address<br />Band website<br />I think this is a great example of a CD album advertisement it contains all of the key features and is very informative. The band logo in big bold lettering covers nearly half of the advertisement which catches the magazine readers attention. <br />
  6. 6. Band name<br />Album cover art<br />Release date ‘OUT NOW’<br />Band website<br />Includes...<br />Record company logo and website<br />Available at...<br />The album art is the main event in this advertisement, the wording has been kept to a minimum. A striking image or the album art has been used in order to catch the readers attention.<br />