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NDF 2013 Dunedin Flat Names Project


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NDF 2013 Dunedin Flat Names Project

  1. 1. Dunedin #FlatNames Project Sarah Gallagher | @sarahlibrarina | @DnFlatNames
  2. 2. “We all come from some place, and we all live in some place. Our identity and our very sense of authenticity, it seems, are inextricably bound up with places we claim as 'ours’.” Gentry, Kynan. “Place, Heritage and Identity” in Heartlands : New Zealand historians write about where history happened. 2006 Auckland pp13-26.
  3. 3. Source: Personal collection
  4. 4. 1960s SMERSH HQ Source: Used with permission
  5. 5. moes 477 MOES
  6. 6. community imagined
  7. 7. Thank you Special thanks to MCH for funding to help fund the writing of a book about this project. @DNFlatNames Please share your story