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What every foreigner should know about Georgia

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Georgia What do you think every foreigner should know about your country?
  2. 2. Where is Georgia? Georgia is bordered by the Black Sea on the west coast, Russia to the north, Azerbaijan to the south-east, Turkey to the south-west, and Armenia due south.
  3. 3. Nationalities and Population • Population- 4,700,000 • Georgians make up 83% of the countries population, Russians, Ar menians, Azeris, Turkish , Greeks, Abkazians, Oss etians, and others make up the remainder of the population
  4. 4. Capital- Tbilisi • Georgian Mothersymbolizes that guests of Georgia are met with wine and enemies are met with a sword • There are many beautiful statues, churches, and other sites to see in Georgia’s capital
  5. 5. President • Giorgi Margvelashvilirecently elected in November 2013
  6. 6. Weather • Diverse Climatemountains, valleys, sea, desert • Temperate
  7. 7. Famous Sites • Batumi- Black Sea, Alphabet Tower, Dolphinarium, Oper a House, Botanical Gardens • Akhalsikhe- Rabati, Vardzia (cave city) • KutaisiGelati, Motsameta, Bagrati, Sataplia Cave • Chiatura- Katski’s Pillar, Katski’s Monastery, Mgvimevi Nun Monastery, Cablecar City • Gori • Mtsketa-Sveti Tsoveli, Nun Monastery, Jvari Monasteri • Kazbegi- Gergeti • Svaneti- Towers • Kahketi- David Gareji Monastery, Ikalto, Alaverdi • Signagi- Bodbe • Bakuriani, Gudauri- Ski Resorts • Many more
  8. 8. Where we live… • Chiaturapopulation ~20,000 (including all surrounding villages) • Known for Katski’s Pillar, Katski’s Monastery, Mgvimevi Nun Monastery, City of cable cars, Manganese mining
  9. 9. Black Sea • Fishing • Transportation of oil, Manganese, marble • Vacation spot
  10. 10. Religion • Georgia is approximately 83.9% Orthodox Christian • Patriarch Ilia II • Smallest country with the most churches in the world
  11. 11. Dance • Folk dance and songsfrom different regions • Main: Kartuli (Georgian) • Adjaruli, Khevsuruli, Rac huli, Mtiuluri, Davluri, Abkhazuri, Samaia, Osul i, Imeruli, and many others
  12. 12. Food • Khinkali (meat dumpling), Khachapuri (Cheese bread- prepared differently depending on the region), Kubdari (meat cheese bread), Lobiani, Mtsvadi, Satsivi, Tkmali, Adjika (spicy tomato sauce) Lobio, Ghomi (rice flour), Chadi (corn bread),Churchkela, wine
  13. 13. Come visit us! Georgia has a reputation for being one of the most hospitable places in the world!