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  1. 1. PRE-PAID LEGAL SERVICES, INC. and subsidiaries
  2. 2. The Company What Do The Experts Have To Say?Founder, and Chairman of the Board Mr. “One of the 100 Best Small & Mrs. Harland C. Stonecipher Companies in America.” - Forbes Magazine, November 2010- Founded in 1972 in Ada, OK- Publicly Traded Since 1976 Annual Gross Revenue in Millions 500- Better Business Bureau Accredited 17 Years of Record Breaking Growth! 450- Protecting Over 1.5 Million Families 400 350 Nearly $500 Million in 09 300 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009
  3. 3. The Need 100 "With the average attorney chargingmore than $200/hr, the promise of equal 75 justice under law is a lie for many Americans." 102 50 Million Have you ever.... 25 37 - signed a contract? Million - been taken advantage of? 0 - purchased or rented a home? Hospitalizations in 2007 Court Filings in 2007 - received a traffic ticket? You are more than twice as likely - wondered about your rights? to be in court than in the hospital! Can Afford an 2.3 Million Requests For Attorney Top Get Public 10% Legal Services in 2009 Bottom Our Members Top 5 Requests Aid 10% 1- Real Estate, Landlord/Tenant Issues and Foreclosure 2- Consumer Finance ? Middle Class 80% 3- Family Law 4- Collections 5- Estate Planning
  4. 4. The Product Preventive Legal Services Phone consultation is available to you and your covered family members on an unlimited number of matters. When your Provider Attorney feels its in your best interest, a letter will be written or a phone call will be made on an unlimited number of personal issues. An unlimited number of personal contracts and documents up to 10 pages in length will be reviewed as part of your membership. Standard Will preparation and yearly updates are included for the member. Your spouse may have their Will prepared for no additional fee if requested within 60 days.If you were my attorney, how much would you charge per month for these services?
  5. 5. The ProductMotor Vehicle Trial Defense IRS Audit 25% Discount Legal Shield Coverage for civil lawMoving traffic ticket suits or job-related 50 hours with a tax Your Provider Law 24-hr access to legal assistance criminal charges attorney Firm will render consultation for the assistance at the following situations: Representation for 1st year - 75 hours 1 hr consultation once preferred rate for legalcertain motor vehicle (17.5 pretrial/57.5 trial) notified services not - If you are detained related criminal specifically covered by a police officer charges 2nd year - 140 hours 2.5 hrs if not settled by the benefits of the (23 pretrial/117 trial) within 30 days membership. - If you are injured Up to 2.5 hour for in an accident 3rd year - 205 hours help with drivers (28.5 pretrial/176.5 trial) 46.5 hrs if case goes Even pre-existing license assistance to trial matters can be - If authorities and/or personal 4th year - 270 hours covered under this attempt to remove injury/property (34 pretrial/236 trial) Coverage begins with portion of the plan! your child from your damage collection tax returns due April custodyassistance of $2,000 5th year - 335 hours 15th of the year you or less (39.5 pretrial/295.5 trial) enroll - If you are served with a warrant
  6. 6. Identity Theft ShieldA NEW VICTIM The Silent Crime EVERY 3 SECONDS "Its Not If But When."Financial Social Security Character/Criminal Drivers License Medical Includes: IDentity Theft - Detailed Credit Report SHIELD TM - Continuous Monitoring - Full Identity Restoration - Safeguard for Minors Under 18 with the Pre-Paid Legal Plan ($1 more per month per family)
  7. 7. Peace of Mind With the Pre-Paid Legal Life Events Legal Plan and theIdentity Theft Shield you receive all of these benefits for only $35.95 a mo.(Thats less than the price of a bottle of water a day.)Who is covered?1- The Member2- The Members Spouse3- Never Married Dependent Children Under 21 Living at Home4- Dependent Children Under Age 18 For Whom The Member is Legal Guardian5- Full Time College Students up to Age 23 Never Married, Dependent Children6- Physically or Mentally Challenged Children Isnt your family worth$1.19 a day? Living at Home
  8. 8. Our Business is SimpleNo time? Let our tools do the work! How do you get paid? sh Simple ow ten lis DVD/CD Recorded Call giv Magazine ite e Online Presentation inv What you get: -A trainer to mentor you -Business kit w/ training CDs -Marketing tools -A marketing website -Live weekly training calls -Easy to follow system -Low start up cost -Huge tax advantages
  9. 9. How You Get Paid All you have to do is collect:Fast Start Bonuses $35.95 1st Months fee Membership Advances + $10.00 One Time Enrollment Team Personal $45.95 Personal Team30.00 170.00 Executive Director 252.35 44.9425.00 140.00 Director 207.41 34.57 3 Manager Legs20.00 115.00 Manager 172.84 34.57 3 Senior Associate Legs15.00 95.00 Senior Associate 138.27 34.57 3 Members and 1 Associate, or 5 Members Associate 34.57 + 69.13 = 80.00 New Associates will receive $34.57 immediately, the balance, 103.70 $69.13 will be paid upon Fast Start Qualification. How to Fast Start Qualify: Enroll 3members and 1 Associate or 5 members within first 45 days. Fast Start Bonuses paid to FSQ recruiter when new associate Fast Start Qualifies. Get Paid Daily! Up to $500 Car Bonus All Expense Paid Vacations +Lifetime Residuals
  10. 10. 5 Year Game Plan"Rich people build networks, everyone else looks for work." - Robert KiyosakiYRS JOB PPL 1 1 5 2 1 25 3 1 125 4 1 625 5 1 3125Total 1 3905 If 1 out of 20 enroll 1 member a month 195 members What if they enrolled X $45 ED Override 2 a month? = $8,775 / month x 12 = $105,300 / year
  11. 11. Perfect Timing100% Growth of USA vs. Europe Growth of HMOs 60% • It took 10 Years for HMO’s to
75% reach 2% market penetration 45% •After that, it took just seven
50% more years to reach 52%
 30% market penetration25% 15% 0% Less than 3% of Approximately 80% North Americans Have Of Europeans Have 0% A Pre-Paid Legal Legal Coverage 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 Services Membership History shows that when an industry hits a 2% market penetration, critical mass can be achieved. Are you ready "To Us, It Sounds Like to get started Healthcare Coverage Before It Turned Into A Trillion TODAY? Dollar Industry" - Andrew Lanyi Oppenheimer Analyst